128 comments on “Maria Jose Lora of Peru wins Miss Grand International 2017

  1. I love Val Taguba but the green gown for the Finals was not his best work. I much prefer Benj’s prelim gown for Liz.

    But regardless of the gown, Liz did us all proud. Amazing performance, soooo proud of you.

  2. Congratulations, Miss Peru for winning the crown ! Not for anything else, but the last 2 women standing should have been Misses Peru and Philippines based on their over-all performances, preliminaries and over-all impact. I believe Liz should have been rated 2nd if not the winner. But it seems like Peru already had “it” in the bag prior to the finals. Again, you win some, you lose some !
    To Liz – we’re so proud of you, girl ! You just exuded unquestionable class, confidence, intelligence and beauty inside and out throughout your journey. Thank you for representing us in MGI 2017 edition. You may not have won the top plum, but with all honestly and sincerity, to us, Filipinos, you are a winner 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. ..did Liz get inside a tanning bed just before the finals? Her skin tone is so dark like Ilona the arianna wannabe..dark skin tone paired with emerald green proved a disaster..

    • Mga bakla, beki, bayot, agi, binabae!

      Hinay-hinay sa pag-comment. Heto na ngat hinayaan na tayo ni Norman mag kudaan dito huwag nang dumayo sa ibang page sa FB or foreign IG account para Lang ilabas Ang mga kuda. Diyos ko! Nakakahiya! Dito nalang o Kaya sa titasofpageantry sa IG na Lang

    • Sa FB meron naman Pageant Talk Overload Philippines ni Mareng Cyrus, huwag na magkalat sa ibang page.

      • Puwes gemma pakisabi kay mariel na umayos cya period.
        Karma yan pero maldita ang bruha kaya never nyang iaccept ang mali nya.
        Fake news 😄hahaha. …boomerang sa dilawan ang fake news hihihi ang kakapal ng mukha 😄
        Well, the rule of law is still there at malapit ng makulong ang mga kawatan, mapaglinlang/kunwari mga anghel eh gusto lng naman ibagsak c DU30 para di sila makulong sa mga kasalanan nila at protektahan ang mga illegal na gawain😶
        Big hello sa mga santa santita 🤗

      • @bong700

  4. Daming kuda ng mag veks dito… hihihi. Despite not winning, this is a good start for Philippine delegates. We cannot win every single thing but the fact that the girls are remaining hot still is a good sign. Eventually, we will start getting cold again and someone else will be the darling of the pageantry. Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia are on Philippines’ heels so competition is getting tougher.

  5. the body language of the candidate behind the hosts was quite telling..was her disappointed look due to an expectation that Philippines would win? and when Clenci was called as 2nd runner-up she clapped with approval perhaps because it meant Philippines will not be the titleholder?

    • the other delegates were kind of expecting clenci will win and not a latina…when she was called 2nd RU and peru and venezuela were the last two standing, they felt good

  6. I wonder then how Ms. Ibasco fared at last nite’s ME’s beauty of face & poise pre-judging where it’s a no-make up or less make up churva.. Lutang na lutang kaya ang kanyang mga eyebags?!

  7. I am amazed by how much negativity some of us are spewing in this forum. I guess some people are really the half-empty glass type instead of looking at it as half-full.

    It hasn’t even been more than 24 hours since Ms. Clenci’s remarkable achievement and here we are already beating our hearts out and caterwauling on:

    > how ugly the gown was
    > how facially not attractive Elizabeth was
    > how Nawat and the Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese fans are like this and like that.
    > that MGI is a third-rate pageant,
    > that Venezuela looked like a transgender, etc.

    A little humility please. We should remember the recent past decade when we were so thirsty for even a semi-finalist placement.

    Let us celebrate even for awhile the good placement achieved by Ms. Clenci . Recognize and be grateful to KF, Nawat and MGI – – and hope this first major pageant of the year will signal the good performance of the Philippines for the rest of the year.

    World Peace.

  8. Very trump era ang MGI. Sa MGI i never expected na mananalo na tayo this year. what i am expecting is that liz will give us a good fight. that she will blow us away in her performance especially the judges and the owner. That she will make us proud. Pero I honestly didnt like her gown. That dark green is really a bad choice for her. medyo natakpan ang beauty nya especially that thing on her neck is unnecessary. sana ung prelim gown nalang sinuot nya. the final hairstyle suits her also pero not winnable. kung nag bun sya pwede pa. and her IG profile pic un ang type ko. the white gown and hairstyle maipapangtapat mo pa kay Peru. Pero i agree that whatever she will look like in the finals ganun pa din ang resulta. si peru pa rin panalo. Nawatt highly favored Peru to win the crown. Pero kahit paborito. eh deserved din talaga ni peru. 1st runner up lang talaga ang laban natin. Pero sadly she end up 2nd. but not bad pa rin. a good start. so i think if bbp will send a representative again next year. Send someone with clear beautiful face. effortless strong stage presence. tall enough. intelligent and may emotions kapag sasagot sa Q&A. who will be that girl? any guess???

    • Wala naman emosyon yung nanalo eh. Mas may emosyon nga si Clenci. Si Ariska din wala rin emosyon yun at ikompara mo sa umaapaw na emosyon ni Cordoves! Ayusin mo observation mo!

      • baklah! i know right. ikaw ang umayos noh!!! i just stated kung ano dapat ang mayroon sa next na ipapadala natin lalo na kung ayaw sumuko ng bbp. so para sure ganon na nga ang dapat na ipadala nila. baka malay mo naman magbago ihip ng hangin kay nawatt.

  9. IMO, the placements were credible but it could have been more credible if Peru and the Philippines were the top 2. Liz’ answer was the best amongst the top 5, but I think Peru edged her in terms of over all performance.
    I wish Clenci had retained her hairstyle during the formal introduction event (wet look loose sleek back) and dropped the neckpiece which hid her impeccable neckline that compliments her gorgeous cheekbone. But either way, I think the result would still be the same. Congratulations Liz.. a good start! Bravo

    • yes i agree…her hair looks so heavy…doesn’t complement her face and over all look…a sleek back or a high bun would have been better…i didn’t expect much her to go all the way winning given the fact that MGI WANTS the typical latina beauty but I expected her to be 1st runner up

  10. Galing talaga ni Lizzie! Super-proud of you! She went up there despite all the odds (read: van incident).

    Mahirap talagang i-deny ang kagandahan, kaseksihan at katalinuhan ng ating diyosa Elizabeth Clenci 😚

    And to the “pageant expert” websites who failed to recognize this fact, better luck next time na lang with your “predictions” 😛

    • Booba ka talaga. Puro ka tanong di ka marunong mag google chrome at mag research. Taun taon yan ginagawa ni Nawat kasi ung korona na ipinalit na yun ay hindi tunay na ginto at iuuwi na yon ng mga outgoing queens sa kanilang bahay !!!

      • ay sori nman kc hindi ako nakapanuod ng past editionsng MGI…at bakit pa ko mag aaksaya ng oras para mag google pa ng dahilan kung bakit eh alam ko namang pag nagtanong ako dito eh may mga balahurang bakla na epal na katulad mo na magmamagaling na know it all ang lahat na sasagot sa aking katanungan. Alam kong palapatol ka at ubod ng epal kaya alam kong mangunguna kang sumagot

  11. since when is living in refugee camps a right punishment for criminals of war and violence? that’s not a punishment for me….oh well, MGI in it’s short existence always go for beauty and glamor over substance and intelligence…MGI is so MU wannabe, from the format to selecting of winners (just like the trump era of MU)

  12. I knew that Peru will win but I am happy that Classy Clenci put up a fight. The odds were just stacked against her. Next year I hope we can finally this title then drop the franchise. hihihi

  13. Nag assume po yung angelo reyes na pinanood ko ang MGI. Di ba pwedeng nabalitaan lang sa blog na ito ang resulta?

    Second, sa pagkakaalam hindi sa iyo ang blog na ito kaya pwede naman akong maghayag ng opinion.

    Lastly, you should drop a bomb on your head perhaps para mabawasan ang mga balasubas na mga commentors.



  14. Congratulations Ms. Grand Philippines 2017

    If you have to issue a law to punish criminals of war and violence, how would you punish these people and why?
    “They say a nation is judged not by the criminals and the crimes that they commit but how the nation punishes them, if I were to create a law, it would be in line with the ailment is to implement rehabilitation and mental rehabilitation because character is such a complex phenomenon that we cannot judge someone’s character based on the crimes that they commit, if we punish somebody just as equally as the crime that they have committed then what does that say about us? I would implement mental rehabilitation. Thank you!”

    Miss Grand Philippines 2017 and 2nd Runner-up Miss Grand International 2017

    Peace, a topic far more significant than any other and one that holds dearly to my heart. We all know the horrors of war and many that fight it are questioning why so few are willing to fight for peace. Today I stand here knowing that it is my responsibility to fight for peace and strive for peace in this world, through love, compassion, understanding and education. Tonight, I stand here will all this women behind me spreading the message of peace. I am here to remind you all, as a Philippine Peace Ambassador, that this is your responsibility too. This is our responsibility today, tomorrow and for the generations to come. Thank you!

    Stop the War Message, Miss Grand Philippines 2017 and 2nd Runner-up Miss Grand International 2017

  15. Peru is a businesswoman with her own modeling agency thus she could be an asset to Nawat… she has the money to buy the national franchise of Miss Grand and manage her own national pageant. In short, if Rachel Peters was sent to this pageant, she could have easily won Miss Grand International.

  16. I got disappointed with Nicole’s final answer last year as I thought she already had it in the bag. But Even if Nicole gave a different answer (choosing Clinton over Trump), she still would’ve lost. This year proves that what nawat wants, nawat gets. The org has a pre-determined winner and the finals is nothing but a show .

  17. First, Congrats to Ms Clenci.

    Second, BPCI should drop MGI in its 2018 edition. We are wasting time in this non-sense pageant starting from the title itself to its unrealiatic platform.



      • JAWSKUH nman fabian, nakawala lng sa loob c lola ebak reyes hihihi kaya ayan nagtrililing sa blog ni momma N🤗hihihi


  18. Congrtas, Liz! Though she’s my top 2 with Peru..

    With overall performance.. I’m rooting for Liz.. pero personally, mas lumamang si Maria sa fez.. ganda mga teh, aminin nio.

    Anyway. Pansin ko lang.. ang finals show ay parang Miss Universe + Miss Earth + Miss International + Bb Pilipinas in one show.

    Love her finals gown.. though medyo not sure ako nung umpisa because of the color.. pag zinoom in mo yung photos, grabe ang details!

    Si Indonesia.. nakakaloka.. unang buka pa lang ng bibig sa speech.. ” I would like to tell you a story…”

    Nicole cordoves be like.. “Beh.. nagamit ko na yan…..”


    • aNG Indonesia nangungunang makipagbangayan sating mga pinoy…ayaw aminin that we have the upper hand at pageants…pero mula sa pasarela, styling at kung paano sumagot mga candidates natin pilit nilang ginagaya…di nman maexecute ng tama…lol

      • Indonesia better stop her speech and not the war, and go back stage instead of going for back2back. Gaga walang respeto sa sarili nangopya ng speech ambruha!!! Kala nya kagaling galing nya nagmukha syang ewan kasi lahat ng past winners judges narinig na kay Nicole yun last year live sa vegas. Kakagigil!!!!

  19. Finally watched the show!

    FIRST OF ALL, CONGRATULATIONS MISS CLENCI!! You made us all proud! From the very start of the competition, palaban ka na. Your performance was consistent throughout! You did an amazing job representing our country! ❤

    Okay so, I had a feeling Peru was gonna take home the crown since prelims.. Knowing Nawat. obvious na bet Nya and mga Latinas Lol. BUT in all honesty, Peru performed well throughout the competition so I can't get mad at her win. She's gorgeous, statuesque, fit and speaks well. I don't think she underperformed. Deserving naman.

    I had imagined that the Top 2 was gonna be Philippines and Peru though. Clenci was outstanding throughout. She had the best speech and Q&A performance. Peru's answer was a little dark and twisted… But with MGI, they favour facial beauty over intelligence. This pageant right now reminds of MU during the Trump Era. So if Philippines just gets runner up placements in the future, I wouldn't be surprised.

    Also, I had preferred Clenci's styling sa prelim… I think it's her hair that threw me off a little. Would've rather seen her with the same prelim hairstyle OR a high bun!

    Anyways, Philippines has been in the top 5 for the past 4 years. I think that's amazing

  20. Can anyone enlighten me about the “van incident” of Nawat? It has been mentioned in this thread several times but I don’t have the slightest idea anong nangyari at bakit napaka-significant ng incident na ito kay Nawat at ang impact nito sa Pinoy fans. Salamat po.

    • I guess it was when they were throwing shade on ME for allegedly using them by tagging MGI on ME posts…

    • nawat and the reigning queen ariska together with the runners up were in a video throwing shade at Philippines and MISS EARTH…They keep on sayin mabuhay but in a sarcastic way…it’s really unprofessional. You can search the video on youtube

      • Oh, that’s why.

        If he is really confident with his pageant, why would he resort to that that? It says a lot about him then.

      • Ala sya!!! sya nga tong EPAL uh!!! naunahan ako sagutin ang inquiry!!!
        Nawat never mentioned “MISS EARTH” but he mentioned “PELEPENS” kaya ang labas sa philippines sya may insecurity.
        Pag mag katanungan kay Baklah mag-antay ng kasagutan!!!!

  21. Costa Rica won as Best in SS but failed to enter Top 10? Anyare? Ano ba talaga bases nila sa top 10? Tapos ang bilis ng mga results ,bitbit agad ni Nicole ang results

    • i agree. i think before finals palang may set of top 5 at winner na…it’s just like MW…finals night was just announcement of winners. wala nang competition na naganap. that’s why they don’t need computer monitors and official accounting firms to tabulate the scores…manual ang lahAT kc palamuti lang ang judges

  22. I love the pleasant beauties of both Peru and Venezuela
    That said , Clenci could have definitely justified a win .
    She was gorgeous last night . I just wish she had made her stand a little more forceful for the judges to appreciate it . For some reason , her voice last night was very soft.

    Obviously , Peru was the chosen one from the beginning. I mean , she could barely articulate her thoughts . But she seemed nice and down to earth so I’m ok with the result .

  23. Congrats to Elizabeth my love and kay Jessica Rodriguez look alike Ms. Peru. KF seems to be really hands on w their ladies. Bilib ako sa hampas ng balakang at kalkulado ang steps ng hagdan ni Liz. Mukhang dito nga na train yun neighbor. I noticed she has the same style of Maxine’s Pasarela at e.g
    Getting Nicole and Xian as hosts shows that Nawat thinks highly of Filipinos skills before the van incident.

      • Hi Fabian, I know trainors need to earn but this skills made our queens shine to international pageants and the neighbors are not exactly keen on acknowledging the benefit of the training to their placements

      • Jackiey2, I don’t know if I understood u right . My guess is… that these Indonesians do not feel obliged to acknowledge their trainers since they have to pay their way in … as opposed to Pinoy queens and wannabes who get the same for free.

      • Fabbie, diba nag-pay ka Rin naman ng fees mo nung student ka sa U.P. na nag-train sayo for what you are now pero ikinubli o ikinahiya mo ba yon? Same goes with those “trained in the Philippines”. Not to mention Yung mga Iranian at Korean students dito.

      • @Fabian .. yes The Filipino camps are training the foreign ladies. Nalalaman na nila yun sangkap o sige its great to share but Nung nanalo si neighbor. wala acknowledgement sa trainor ok nagbayad sila but remember quiambao. sinasabi niya that she was trained in South America Venezuela .Even Bianca Manalo was trained yet she acknowledged
        Hi Hi Tama si Gemma. tayo sinasabi natin how our alma mater molded us .

    • Yes, our neighbors have been trying to duplicate the Philippine beauty queens ‘ formula for success. The only difference is, we’ve been doing this for the past 6 decades since the 60’s . Pageantry is in our DNA, in our consciousness and culture of great appreciation for beauty. Kahit na kopyahin nila ang mga hokage moves natin , walang wala pa rin sila , praktisado na natin ang mga galawang nagpapanalo sa mga reyna natin na iba ang kalibre na palaban talaga at lumalamon ng kalaban sa competition. You can’t stop a bird from flying and spreading its wings because it is it’s nature to soar and touch the face of the sky. That how our beauty queens are like, they stand out, effortlessly.

  24. If the basis for the final judging is the final question and answer, Miss Clenci should be the winner. However madami sigurong considerations ang mga judges.
    Miss Peru deserves the title for her overall performance.
    Congratulations Miss Clenci you did your best for the Philippines!

    Anywaste, di ba obvious na ginagamit lang ni VAKLANG nawat ang Philippines at ngayon Venezuela dahil sa malaking influene ng dalawang country na to sa pageant worldz?!?

    Last year pinatakam ng vaklitang Nawat at nung lesbianang Teresa ang Philippines sa 1st runner-up placement. Look ano nangyari? Eh di dumoble sa likes sa social media at naging super popular pa lalo ang pageant ng lola niyo. So kahit hate na hate ni vaklitang Nawat ang Philippines, di niya pa rin mabitawan eto dahil sa mga fans. Wise ang unggoy na vakla. Vizness is Visness ang motto niya. Kaloka! Wapake kung bad publicity siya dun sa iskandalo niya sa van with miss “we did it indoneecha” botox queen. Basta pagusapan ang pageant niya wapake kahit negative ang publicity. Mga engot na pinoy kumakagat naman sa patibong nung vaklang nawat.

    At this year naman Venezuela ang target ni vaklang nawat. Simple lang ang answer kung bakit eh kahit bobita at di deserving sa 1st runner up placement yung mukhang transgender na tulya animal ng Venezuela, nagpapa pogi points si lola niyo kay Osmel. This year kasali na sa major crowns ang MGI with Supra sa Miss Venezuela 2017. Alam niya na malaki ang influence ng Venezuela sa Latin community pageant worldz. Gaya lang ng kay Nicole last year yan. Ang pinagkaiba lang eh matalino si Nicole at bobita yung Tulya kaya mas naging obvious ang “project hakot fans” ni Vaklang Nawat. Expect niyo na mas lalaki at bobongga pa ang MGI now na major crown na kay Osmel eto.

    Sa mga irirta at ayaw magpagamit kay Vaklang Nawat, isa lang ang solution diyan. IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE! unfollow at wag magcomment ng kahit ano sa kanila dahil tuwang tuwa pa nga sila kapag pinaguusapan sila. BPI sana totoo na drop na ang franchise sa paasang vekikang na Nawat na yan. Never papanalunin ni Nawat ang Philippines. Next year since di niya na tayo kailangan, expect na wala na sa top 5 ang philippines. Nego negosyo lang sa kaniya yan. Milyones na naman ang kinita ni Nawata at lesbianang Teresa.MGI/Life is good this year. Dagdag sa gold plated collection furnitures sa bahay niya sa bangkok. Charot! Kaloka! Bongga!

    • fearniture* I know, I know!! Kaloka!! Anywaste ulit, notice niyo ba na may pa-translator pa si Venezuela? Eh wala naman dating ganiyan. Talagang alagang alaga naman ni Nawat eh.

      OOT: Ang gwapo nung mga boyfriend nung Sinon, bongga si vakla. Iba nga naman ang naidudulot ng blue check mark at popularity sa social media. Sa kaso ni catwalk king eh, BOYS! Mygohhd. Haba ng hair kahit me alopecia si lola! Charurot! Pati b-list french actors naharbat niya! Believe na ako sa anghit powers niya! Pak! Ganowns! Bongga!!

      And finally NOT so OOT: MISS EARTH! Mygohhd!! Gumising kayo at di niyo pwede sundin ang request ng DOM Major sponsors niyo at panalunin si Midget Peru na malaking dede pero walang utak naman. Imagine ko na na i-cocompare at pagtatawanan kung gaano ka chaka kumpara sa winner ng grand yung pokpokita na karen rojas na yon sa bonggang Miss U caliber na winner ng grand from Peru din!! Dami na nga nagtatawanan na latin pageant fanz kay Peru of Miss Earth, eh kesyo kagaya na naman daw last year yan dun kay Ecuador. Basta malaki dede at gusto ng sponsor, kokoronahan. I hope gumising naman ang Miss Earth at itigil ang hokus pokus na kaganapan. I doubt na mag aayos ang ME na yan. Look kagabi! No make up prejudging eh si Miss Peru ang kapal ng foundation ni ateng!! Chaka kasi pag wala makeup. Kalat ang “arrival” photos niya sa latino oageant community social media na mukhang laspag na pokpokita. Anywaste, yun lungs! Babush mga vakla! See you next year sa BBP! Di na worth magdadadadada sa upcoming major pageants, dahil obvious naman at predicatable na masyado kung sino ang mga winner dito. Yun lungs agaynn!!! Mwah mwah choop choop! Astalabista! Sayonara! Bye Martha! Clean my nails na! Charoot😹😻😹😻😹

      • About your OOT Sinon,

        Dati Nang maraming hada Yan sa London pa lang nung nagtatrabaho siya dun. Pati yung porn producer na si Tim Kruger follower Niya.

        Kagat ang madla sa “magpakailanman” story Niya although Ang daming inconsistency kung nasundan mo siya sa FB since 2015.

  26. Gaya ng dati kapag talunan ang manok nila lahat ng maliliit na bagay ang siyang dahilan kung bakit hindi nasungkit ang inasam-asam na korona. Hindi siya katangkaran at bakit ganoon ang suot at ayos ng buhok niya. Sa totoo lang wala nang makitang rason kung bakit natalo, hindi lang siguro naramdaman ang mga hurado ang sagot niya. Malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw na maganda at may laman ang sinabi ng nagwagi. Sa susunod na lang malay natin masuwerte na.

  27. Si Baby Nica natameme, hindi pa rin nalagpasan ng KF trained candidate ang last placement ng A&Q last year. Anong masasabi ni Ateng?

  28. I think as early as preliminary competition may nanalo na…di pa halos tapos yung evening gown hawak na ng hosts ang names ng top 5…and same set of judges from the preliminaries ang umupo sa finals kaya walang bagong prspective sa judging. It should be a different set of judges. At naloka ako kay Costa Rica, best in swimsuit pero nung swimsuit round ligwak sya…I am rooting for Liz or South Sudan to win….Peru looks old for me and I don’t really like her answer. Anyways, congrats to Liz.


      • I know…but the judges who scored on that preliminary are the same judges who scored the top 20 swimsuit round in the finals. 2 lang ata na judge idinagdag…so kung 7 yung judges…yung 5 ron judge sa swimsuit preliminary. Ano yun nagbago sila bigla ng taste at ibinagsak scores ni Costa Rica sa swimsuit?

  29. lahat na ng runner – up placements nakuha na ng pinas sa MGI…from 4th runner up nung 2013, 3rd runner up nung 2015, 1st runner up nung 2016, 2nd runner up this year…cguro nman next year title na tayo…by d way, ayoko ng styling ni liz…yung hair nya is makaluma…so 90’s at pra syang member ng addams family…

    • I think Annalie Forbes was 3rd runner up in 2013, not 4th. We haven’t had a 4th runner-up.

      Congratulations Elizabeth Clenci!

    • Ayus ayusin mo ang research ateng!!!!
      Makapagcomment ka jan oraorada

  30. Mga napansin ko Lang,

    1- sobrang init ba sa auditorium at punas ng punas ng noo si Xian and Yung ibang kandidata flip ng flip ng buhok.

    2- di pa tapos Yung show may mga nag walk out na! Sino yon?

    3- may mga nagsaya nung tinawag as 2nd RU si Liz na nasa likod nila Nicole. Bitter bitches!

    4-Dea’s speech is templated from Nicole’s speech last year.

    5-liz gave a practical answer. Maria answer is like “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”

    Moving forward,

    Lam niyo na profile gusto ni angkol, US resident or passport holder. Hmmm! Pasalihin si Kelsey Merritt next year!

    Congrats to Liz! She gave her best!

    Welcome na lang sa new tenant ni Angkol!

    • korek…at bakit nga pala may nagpalakpakan sa likod nung tinawag si liz na 2nd runner up?

      • The way I see it parang nagulat sa tuwa yung candidates na parehong Latinas ang last 2 girls standing. Probably they saw Liz Clenci as a real threat to a Latina eventually winning after her incontestably superb answer to the final question. I guess the judges opted to choose the winner based on overall performance since day one. At any rate, Peru deserves the title din naman. And congratulations Liz for doing our country proud! 👏 👏 👏

      • On a side note, I think Liz is still consistently classy with her choice of gown for the finals. The beadwork is simply exquisite! Plus the dark emerald color and silhouette made her stand out during the top 10 evening gown competition in a sea of gold and silver sequined creations. It’s just that it was paired with the wrong hairstyle making the neckpiece seem thicker and thereby an illusion of Liz as significantly shorter. A high bun would have streamlined her neck so much more and make for a much better appreciation of the gown.

  31. CONGRATULATIONS, Elizabeth Clenci! MGI 2RU!

    I think the TOP 5 were placed in the right order this year. Peru was just superb! Venezuela had a weaker answer than Liz, but I guess both Peru and Vene were just more relaxed and charming from the EG portion up to the Q and A. Liz looked so tensed – liked her answer though.

    I think Nicole and Xian’s hosting was OK. Duh? Barangay pageant nga, di na biro i-host…pano pa pag nasa labas na ng bansa? I’ll give it to them 🙂 Bawasan lang nila ang chikahan sa background.

    Sana laging mauna ang Miss Grand kesa Miss U…magandang warm-up or panghimagas itong MG to the real thing…hahahaha!!!

  32. ” If I have to issue a law that punishes people that make the war and violence. I will take them to live in refugee camps so they can feel the pain, the suffering and the devastation, the families go through because of war and violence. I will take them from a certain amount of time to live in refugee camps, that will be my law for the people that create war and violence. Thank you so much!”

    The winning answer of Miss Grand International 2017.

    Peace indeed the most important topic of the world, Unfortunately it is not the most talked about. I am here today, to raise my voice on behalf of all those people that can’t be heard for child crying, wondering why their little brothers and sisters is not around anymore. For every parent that has gone through, the hardest thing a parent can go through bury their child. Why is it so difficult for humankind to live in peace? Tolerance, compassion, and respect should be the key foundations of how we lead our lives. President JFK once said ” our time in this world is limited, we must use wisely to transform what we wish to transform”. If I have the honor the be Miss Grand International, I will use my voice to spread the message of peace and strive to reach the all of the powerful minds in our world that instead of using their power to create, they use to destroy. If people can learn how to hate, we must teach them how to love. Thank you!

    Stop The War Message, Miss Grand Peru 2017 and Miss Grand International 2017


  34. Feeling ko never naten masungkit ang MGI CROWN? Why ? Kasi napaka MU TRUMP ERA ang pagpili nila ng winner! Remember never tau nanalo during TRUMP ERA at puro TOP 5 lang talaga for consecutive years. Ganyan din tayo malamang dito sa MGI.

  35. congratulations to the winners!!!

    and a special congratulations to miss clenci!
    i was hoping for a higher placement for you,
    as i can tell you gave it your all,
    but 2nd RU is something to be proud of

  36. The outfits & gowns she wore before the coronation night were much prettier & classier.
    She could have placed a little higher (1st runner up) if not for the styling.
    I don’t think the Philippines will win any crown this year. Baka hanggang runner up lang but it’s ok, we can’t win all the time.

    • i agree, her prelim gown was the perfect fit and color for her
      the finals gown is good as well, but the neck accessory is very distracting
      and heavy looking, it cut off her face from her body

      but i do not think this cost her the tittle or a higher placement, though

      • I think Liz “Classy” Clenci is still consistently on point with her choice of gown for the finals. The beadwork is simply exquisite! Plus the dark emerald color and silhouette made her stand out during the top 10 evening gown competition in a sea of gold and silver sequined creations. Unfortunately it was paired with the wrong hairstyle making the neckpiece seem thicker and thereby an illusion of Liz as significantly shorter. A high bun would have streamlined her neck so much more and make for a much better appreciation of the gown.

  37. Na-turn off siguro ang mga judges sa swimsuit performance ni Clenci na masyadong nga-nga nang nga-nga at napakalikot. At yung styling nya sa evening gown, parang pang-halloween na nag-match yung mga kandila sa stage. Sana yung prelim gown na lang ang isinuot nya.

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