29 comments on “A Meaningful Birthday Celebration for Rachel Peters

  1. My girl is pumping it up! Im lovin all of her photos recently gearing up for MU.
    Go and get that crown

    • What happened to Nicole cordoves? Mukha syang kagagaling palang namanlengke sa divisoria. Justkolored

  2. Rachel is so beautiful inside and out. Tatak KF, matalino at elegante.
    Rachel is MU 2017

  3. it’s so refreshing to see Rachel doing this kind of activities/events rather than seeing her with her boyfie or being camsur’s 1st lady. CHAROT!

    Seriously, all beauty queens should do this – give back. 🙂

  4. A vibrant and a radiant smile shows her outer beauty and what a way to celebrate her birthday with some of the kids in Tondo ! Keep it up Rachel ! The Universe is waiting for you in Vegas. Good luck 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Back in town si Anna.

      Just in time for pre arrival for MU.

      This is her second time. Parang Yung kupitbahay na kasabay ni Pia na 3beses bumalik sa Pinas for training except this one Hindi nagtago at itinago.

  5. Gusto ko si RAchel kasi sabi niya ang main slogan nya is to promote individuality. That you should embrace who you are and what you like and show the word you as an individual. Kaya mahahalata mi sa kanya na di siya nagmi makeup masyado at isa pa pag individuality ang sinusulong mo, you loose a quantity ot patriotism which is a good thingh kasi khit may Philippines sash si Rachel, hindi nAman pgka filipina ang jina judge sa kanya sa intl stage kundi ang pagiging Rachel Peters nya. Di niya kailangan mging fAke para masunod ang mga Pinoy fans o ma pleAse ang mga ito. Just be yourself!

  6. I just realized, she looks more gorgeous than Gabriela Isler. And based on credentials, Gabriela pales in comparison to Rachel… The caliber of our reps are getting higher and higher.

  7. Napaka Ganda talaga ng aking Queen. At napaka talino at bait pa. Love it PAK

    Ngayon I claim na nating ang miss universe PAK

  8. Looks like Rachel comes alive when interacting with people and the crowd. Excellent, she’ll need that kind of vibrancy during panel interviews and finals night.

  9. This is the best she has looked . Really Rachel please say no to heavy handed styling . You are at your prettiest with minimal make up and with that big smile. Win or lose at MU being yourself is enough .

    • We rather should suggest a much more careful selection of colors rather than minimal make-up.
      Pageantry always requires a heavy coverage due to the lights in the preliminary and coronation night which will be aired and the contestants need to look their best on activities even if they hadn’t have enough sleep.

  10. This is the Rachel we want to see in social media. Nor just about her outer beauty but about her inner glow as seen in the smiles of those in the social margins she interact with.

    It is about time her handlers build and communicate the Rachel Peters brand. And I believe it is not just through photo-ops but has to be along a solid image of tenacity to help those who have less in life through what she knows best— entrepreneurial skills. With her stature in life, I’m sure she has been involved in some livelihood programs somewhere. It is now time to communicate these to showcase the more interesting facets to her persona.

    Why? From my own perception, the post-Trump MU winners exhibited a common personal brand— strong will. Back-stories that reverberated with their names help shape their personal brands:

    • Pia Wurtzbach- her dogged determination to get the Miss Universe crown took her to compete 3 times in the national pageant, sacrificing her budding showbiz career that was her source of income as a family breadwinner.
    • Iris Miterranae- after flunking the entrance exams, her resolute desire to get to Medical School simply took her to buy the necessary books, immersed herself in a serious self-study, re-took the exams, and got what she wanted.

    Obviously, from the back-stories meshing wonderfully well with their packaging, the judges saw what their personal brand represents: an unyielding spirit. One was much hyped about, being a showbiz personality; the other was low-key but resonated very well with the discerning judges.

    A number of finalists in the recent MU contest had personal brands but around back-stories that projected the message of strong resolve to weather adversity. Miss Haiti, the 1st Runner-Up, coped up with the terrible trauma that the devastating earthquake have brought to her and her family. Miss Peru psyched herself up to recuperate quickly from the near-crippling car acci-dent so that she can represent her country in the MU contest. Miss Thailand faced head-on the challenges of living in poverty. Miss Canada overcame the bashings on her body size.

    In the context of the direction the branding of MU is heading towards, I believe that there is a greater likelihood of a win if a candidate presents a personal brand that communicates determination and tenacity. If the recent Miss USA is any indication, this year’s MU search will have for the preliminaries smaller weight (40%) for swimsuits and evening gowns and greater weight (60%) for interview. In other words, limiting the candidate’s brand essence only to “beautiful face”, “beautiful body”, “excellent walk”, and “regal bearing”, may not even bring her beyond the preliminaries.

    • Predictive text erratum: “personal brands built around back-stories”, not “personal brands but around back-stories”

      • Scorg , u have to remember , the judges do not have a clue abt the candidates as they see them only on stage for a second or 2.
        They are not like us who tend to over-analyze candidates.
        Rachel should aspire to be someone beautiful to look at and listen to … instead of trying to achieve a good back story . That will come handy once she wins the crown.

      • Paulina Vega won without any backstory. Beauty of face pa rin in Miss U and swertehan sa preference of judges.

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