13 comments on “Sirene Sutton: From the lens of Raphael Yu

  1. JEDAVER PANCHO OPINGO from Midsayap, North Cotabato was crowned Miss Progress International 2017 held in Puglia, Italy on October 20, 2017.

    • Ang balita dyan, siya yung pinaringgan ni Jonas Baklush in one of his interviews na maganda siyang prospect na tinanggihan kasi masama ang ugali at masyadong mataas ang tingin sa sarili.

      • Karla, if that is true, then Sirene deserves her non placement in the recent BbP. Ika nga, beauty can bring you to the top, but Attitude will make you stay there.

        Yes this is a beauty pageant, but then Attitude matters big time. You will be a role model if you win after all.

        As for Sirene, Rodgil is a mentor. He gives second chances, if indeed you were of inattitude before (I hope not), It’s not yet late, come to KF and they will bring you where your rightful place is. And I think you deserve a good crown.

  2. I want her to compete but not at the same as Catriona!! I want her to win the top plum!! Notvinternational but Universe!!

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