40 comments on “First Photos: Laura in Sanya, Win-Wyn in Sta. Cruz, Bolivia

  1. I am glad that we sent Laura. She’s not my favorite but I will cheer for her… I think she has a chance of reaching the top 15 ek ek then ligwak ang beks unless Lolo Arnold has a deal with Lola J… hihihi

  2. Sa Totoo lang walang gana ang mga pinoy sa Miss World after nang natsugi si catriona last year Pangarap nalang sa isip ang Miss World. Let us see Baka ma surprise ako na manalo si Laura.

  3. Jusko haggard na haggard agad si Laura, and she really doesn’t stand out side by side with the other reps, ang common and uninteresting ng face nya. Weak Chin pa.

  4. I believe in Laura…she may look pale and dry in pics, pero I saw her during the ADMU-DLSU game just recently…she’s looking good! Yes she’s super thin – but “Barbie” thin sya…and she’s glowing..she’s still my Ms. WORLD.

  5. Laura Lehman is Valerie Weighmann 2.0 natuyot ang beauty. I’m distracted with her mouth although she has superb skin and doll like complexion. MW is between China and Indonesia kaya I’m not so excited sa finals. Wynwyn on the other hand might bring home the crown! Fingers crossed

  6. Winawarla si Albert Kurniawan ng gusto ng mga kababayan nya for posting photos of Laura eh haller – trabaho ng tao dito mag muk up. Patola din to si Albert na banas na banas na sa kanila nag nag off na sya ng option for comments sa IG nya.

    josko Indonesia mga patay gutom.

    Anyway speaking of gutom – nasosobrahan lang talaga ako sa pagka payat ni Laura at putla. ok sige yung putla gets ko baka ayaw talaga nila sya ipa tan pero susme ang collar bones nagpupumiglas! Pero give ko naman credit sa skin. As in ang clear – walang pores parang walking photoshop.

    antay nalang ako ng results ng MW.

    • Tama nga ang HISTORY BOOKS. Galing sa Indonesia mga ninuno nateng Pilipino . Di lang ichura pareho pati ugali pala. Kasin agresibo naren ng Pinoy fans ang Indogs. Remember LEO ALMODAL was bashed because of lending gowns to foreigners

      • Nope. This has long been disproven. Mitochondrial DNA analysis reveals that the Philippines was populated from the North, via the Taiwanese Austronesian migrations. And, that, from the Philippines, people moved towards Micronesia and Polynesia.

        The 3-wave migration theory isn’t supported by facts (heck, even Otley-Beyer’s split between “Malays” and “Indonesians” are arbitrary at best) and just remains a theory.

      • Baklah, ang mga ninuno natin ay galing mula sa hangin ng australia at papua new guinea kaya kayumanggi ang kinalabasan hihihi 😄
        Eh malalandi ang offspring kaya nakipagkangkangan sa Chinese, Japanese, Americans, Spaniards, German at iba pa kaya multiracial generation na ngayon😗
        Kaya ganyan ang ugali ng pinoy dimo alam ano ang gusto at magulo kaya sarap tadyakan🤗hihihi

      • @Pautwas

        The Philippine islands was populated from many different waves of migrations starting from both land brides of the North and South. And then, mass migrations happened again from almost all directions during the maritime era of South East Asia.

    • hihihi Lai yan at least he’s getting a taste of his own “kababayan’s kababawan” hihihi.

  7. Winwyn is lovely she will do well Im sure… anong nangyari dun sa isa lalong namutla at nanghina sa byahe hihihihi eh mas mahaba pa nag byahe ni Winwyn eh pero fresh pa rin sya at youthful. Yung isa parang lantang gulay lalong nawala ng latuy.

  8. Laura will place but my guts says that either indonesia or china will bring home the crown. Knowing indonesia and the close-rel bet liliana and julia, who knows that they will have their first major crown. Papalabasin na sya mananalo at sa indonesia nya gustong koronahan ang succesor nya. Pero alam na natin na kasado na ang hosting ng indonesia next yr. Magaling din ang china mangluto, tatahi tahimik ang candidata pero ayun sya mag uuwi ng corona dahil sya ang host delegate this year. So who is the better cook? I say its indonesia. Kung walang halong politiko tong MW, im placing my bet on russia. Yun lang. Ciao.

    • Uu naman kaya nga si Pia nanalo rin kasi kasado (your word) na that time na sa Pinas gaganapin ang MU diba? Oh ano masasabi mo ngayon?

      • Bes bakit iddrag mo dito si pia? The 65th edition of MU was made possible thru the efforts of pia. Around july of 2016, inumpisahang iconvience ang pinas to host. It was on nov nadeclare officially na sa pinas gaganapin ang MU dahil it took time na maghanap ng sponsors. Eh ang MW2018? Usapan naman talaga na sa indonesia gaganapin kahit di pa natatapos ang 2017 edition. WIn or loose sa indonesia pa rin gaganapin ang MW2018. Mark my words. MW2018 will be hosted by Indonesia once again! Since you have the luxury of time to bash at mang okray sa mga kandidata ng pinas na di mo bet, pwede ka naman sigurong mag research ano kahit mga 5 mins lang para naman maliwanagan ka at magkaroon ng konting positivity sa buhay po.

      • Does that mean din po ba na si Angelia nanalo sa ME kasi kasado na that time na sa Pinas gaganapin ang ME? Oh ano pong masasabi mo ngayon po?
        (Just playing with ur words. Hahaha. besides i have nothing against angelia. I love all our queens, i support them all. Pero dragging someone just because you dont like her or her camp does not mean you have the right to bash them po.)

      • Kaya pala ilang beses bumalik dito si Pia noong reign niya para maghanap ng sponsors dahil “kasado” na ang pag-host ng Pinas. Jusme.

        Bitter suits you, Jeremi. I hope you wear it for the rest of your life. 🙂

      • Oh bakit ka nag rereact ng ganyan binabalik ko lang naman sayo ang theory mo na mananalo si Indonesia dahil sa Indonesia gaganapin ang next edition ng ng MW. Hays typical pinoy mentality mahilig mgsabi ng kung ano ano laban sa iba pero pag sa kanila may masabi nagiging confrontational at di matanggap. Remember the Golden rule Mae

      • Pautwas,
        Mag research ka hija ha? All those crown switching and brouhaha were all staged and gimmicks. Exactly, Pia was used to convinced sponsors to hold MU in the Philippines and luckily they succeed. Truth always hurts.

      • Mas typical sa pinoy mentality ang crab mentality bes, kahit na inuwi na yung corona, dahil lang ayaw mo sa kanya o sa camp nya eh you always have something negative to say about her, bashing her at pang ookray. Pero kung bet na bet mo unh kandidata na naguwi ng korona perfect na agad kahit may flaw naman. Flaws makes us beautiful. Remember also this Golden Rule po Jeremi.

      • Jeremi aka Norma Rae, it’s ‘ Eye for an Eye ‘ u r talking abt , not the Golden Rule.
        God, even Thomas was humble enough to acknowledge Pia’s Well-deserved win .She was the star of the show from beginning to end . If u didn’t see that , u would need a new set of visual system … eyes? —-> nerves? —-> brain ? … wherever the problem lies. Hihihi

  9. Ganda ni wyn wyn! Ganda ng miss vietnam and venezuela mg Mess Wolrd Cooking Show!!

  10. UPDATE!!!!
    Kasado na raw ang B2B ng Indones sa MGI.
    Source: Tao ng GB site.


    yan lang ang pinagpilian nila!!!

    • Kung ganyan pala ang update ng GB eh pauwiin na lahat ng kandidata at hayaan na lang si miss indog miss tae at miss chinchunsu ang maglaban laban 😂😂

  11. Ola Senyorita Marquez 🙂
    Ni hao ma Laura 🙂

    Eto, ano to jijiiji..Congratulations Miss Progress International is Philippines 🙂


      After a deep analysis of the extensive list of events dedicated to beauty, we observed that none of them, besides having the usual characteristics of a “light” event suitable for audiences of all ages, as a beauty contest can be considered , was enriched with social contents and, above all, had an international relevance.

      It was therefore decided to realize a format in which women around the world could be given the role of Ambassador of Progress in full compliance with each one’s culture, traditions and religion.

      MISS PROGRESS INTERNATIONAL Women for Progress is thus the evolution of the classic beauty contest in which is the only appearance of a girl that is awarded.
      The same name of the event refers to the concept of progress which must be rooted to values which are important and essential and, for this reason, each contestant is required to develop a description of her ideas and projects, with reference to one the four fields listed below:

      – Integration of cultures
      – Environment
      – Health
      – Human Rights

      Each project is evaluated in its feasibility and contents by a jury who chooses, for each of the previously listed fields a winner idea; the project’s author is the awarded and her idea is brought to the attention of the world.
      During the world final, many public appointments and guided tours among the most distinctive locations are organised in the hosting area.
      MISS PROGRESS INTERNATIONAL has the aim of spreading important social contents in a “light” form, which is ultimate for catching the attention of the entire planet. Women from all over the world are put under the spotlight at last, extolling much more than their mere outward appearance.

      The first four editions of the competition were held in Italy, the land which is universally recognized as the cradle of civilization and the unique casket of architectural beauty; however, since the format is easily adaptable also to aims and missions of foreign institutions and private companies that wish to promote themselves in an original and effective way, The Organizing Committee will consider applications from other countries wishing to host the event whose slogan is BEAUTIES WITH A GOAL.

    • Taray ni Ate! Performance level… ginawang arnis yung itak… and the gowns are flawless… including yung tinalak fabric ginawang gown.. ganda… andaming sinabi nung kay Pinas translation.. ano daw?! Type ata ni host si girl… maka beso wagas. Hahaha Congrats!

  12. Winwyn has a charm all her own, she will do fine.

    And Laura, let’s be honest here, is not standing out. The still pics speak for themselves. She has a real nice complexion, but her face is blank.

  13. And now we gradually transition as MGI winds up in a few days and MW and RH commence…

    Can hardly wait for MI, too. 🙂

    • Shout out kay Laura sana gumawa sya ng 30sec video showcasing her Dance Costume. Kasi sayang naman ang effort ng designer kung wala man lang syang pavideo.Kasi dabah wala namang National Costume parade ang MW unlike MGI at MUO at MIO at SUPRA

    • Kaloka, mukhang multong binabad sa suka ang rep. natin. Ang hili nilang kumuha ng ganitong rep. sa MWP. Talo na nga tayo ke VW, inulit pa nila. Sorry, di ko mapigil.

  14. Not impressive at all. When you travel for so long and when you arrive in ur destination like a zombie because of sleep deprivation your natural face will emerge and viola how much make up you put you will look like a mummy.

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