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  1. I’m a little nervous for Clenci
    She is not as articulate as I thought she was.And I think she is a little coy . A lot of us mistook her shyness for poise and grace.
    And what abt her beauty ? Video above shows it’s not there.
    I just hope she ups her game on prelim and finals night . It could make A difference.

  2. Ms. Marquez, fret not about the height issue. I think foreigners do not expect Filipinos to be tall, and there is nothing wrong being short. We keep insisting on basketball, yet we are always encouraged to try the Latino favorite, football, which is not height-biased like the former. For instance, Argentine pride Diego Maradona is not really tall. And again, I wish to remind all that the following were among the shortest in their respective campaigns : Gloria Diaz, Maureen Wroblovich (I apologize if I misspelled again), Cynthia Bona (quite recently also featured in this blog), Mariano Perez Flormata Jr., and June Macasaet.

    • What about Pia Wurtzbach? She was the shortest among the top 15 during her time and she was able to win the crown. Pia and Wyn almost have the same height, 5’6 according to Reina HispanoAmericana for Wyn and according to Jonas Gaffud Pia stands 5’7. Laura is taller than them at 5’8 but 2 inches is not big of a deal as well. You will only notice the difference of the height of the ladies once there’s already at least 3 inches or more difference.

    • For those worrying about our Wyn’s 5’6″ height, consider these latest world statistics. The average women’s height in the USA is 5′ 4″. The tallest women in the world are from Netherlands, Estonia and Czech Republic, but their average women’s height is 5′ 5″. The world’s lowest average women’s height is registered by Guatemala, a Latin American country, at 4′ 9″. This is followed by Philippines, Bangladesh and Nepal– all registering an average of 4′ 11″. In other words, any height above 5′ 5″ is an outlier. If beauty contests favour candidates belonging to the outliers, Wyn’s height is way above the average of the countries with the world’s tallest. And certainly, her talents, intellect and persona are a cut above the rest– truly an outlier.

  3. I love her determination… She is really dedicating everything for this dream and I admire that in her… I have no worries about the language barrier because she is kind… And one can never go wrong with kindness. Her journey is so inspiring regardless of the possible outcomes.

    I wish you all the luck Teresita Marquez!
    Whatever happens, it would always be Wyn-wyn! 😀

  4. Wynwyn ‘s participation in Beauty pageants has completely changed my view of this girl . I used to think of her as a trying hard wannabe. Now she comes off as a very mature smart and classy woman . I can’t believe she came out if Alma Moreno’s v.

  5. Norman, I envy u
    You get to be next to the prettiest national and international beauty queens.
    Congrats on your success!!!!

  6. Maganda kung maganda ferrero rocher hindi siya ang mananalo ayon sa bolang crystal ng fearless predictions. Ok na basta runner up

    • Wag kang bitter. You don’t have someone’s fate in your hands. If you don’t like her to win, just STFU according to Rachel Peters. They are in their respective places to win, not to be a runner up.

  7. I dont get Norman’s line of questioning. There is something off but Winwyn seems to be a real smart and intelligent girl.

    • Forever anti-Norman .
      He cannot do anything right by you , can he?
      Naughty Jesty Jeremi hihihi

  8. She’s actually very likeable when she speaks, which I haven’t seen much of.

    I don’t know about the question about when the other delegates are speaking about her behind her back, even she was surprised by that. I think the better question is how will she get along with the other ladies who only speak Spanish. Anyway, there will be several candidates who will speak basic English as she mentioned. She seems prepared for the obvious differences this pageant will offer.

    I think the bottom line for her will be to control what she can. She won’t learn language overnight and she will clearly not be the focal point of the chit chat. But she can enjoy every moment of her experience to her best and STAND OUT.

    People in Latin America are used to seeing stereotypes of Asians, especially store and restaurant keepers. They have a Latin diaspora. What they’re not used to seeing in a WORLD CLASS FILIPINA QUEEN — that’s Wyn Wyn’s job, not to be the best language instructor. Parang understand niya yan…

    Go WynWyn!

  9. Congratulations Momma N😊
    Gaganda na mga video mo😋
    Upgrade kung upgrade ang kailangan😗
    To my Queen Wyn2, the first filipina/Asian to win Reina Hispanoamericana Crown 😚
    Claim it🤗

      • Ayan nagsalita na c nawat baka 1 o 2 or 5 sa kanila ang maiiwan to joi nawat after coronation night …is it Clenci or Peru 😋baka c laos😋

      • etong si nawat masyadong epal…gusto nya may videos din sya at kasali lagi sa mga video segments ng mga girls…sya lang nakita kong owner na ganyan…yung iba like schugart, morley, schuck, at yung tga miss paris group ng MI almost always on the background lang lagi. Pag press conference lang visible. Itong c nawat pabida lagi…

      • She can really talk. I was a bit disappointed with Clenci in this segment. I thought she is that articulate

  10. In antay ko sa dulo marinig ang spiel : at ito si lhar santiago na lagi nangunguna sa showbiz chika..back to you Mel. Haha.

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