25 comments on “MFF: Rachel Peters for Jaz Cerezo

  1. May ticket na rin ako… weeeee!!!!

    sa totoo lang parang di parin ako kumbinsido na mananalo si rachel base kay gurmeet.. unless mag ala gabriela isler siya. di ako makapaniwala kay gabriela na nananalo siguro based on yamamay yung kasi maganda naman talaga ang katawan niya… pero nong nanalo na si Gabriela ang ganda ganda na niya.. pero nong sa final night.. mukha siyang tranny na kinulang sa hormones

  2. Fabbie and Dandan, bili na kayo ng ticket!

    Si Dawn may ticket na! 👏👏 Tabihan niyo na! 😘😘😘😘

  3. For me, i think Elizabeth was sent to the wrong pageant. She’s very elegant and soft-spoken – not really the type of winner Nawat is looking for. Just look at Ariska, the winner last year. She’s not exactly classy. Medyo promotor pa nga ng away at very attention-seeking. I love Clenci and has been a fan of her since BBP. I do wish she was sent to Ms international or even ms intercontinental. The Japanese would appreciate her beautifully selected clothes and soft-spoken demeanour much more than Nawat. I think Katarina should’ve been sent to Grand. Palaban si Katjaand Hindi sya papatalo May Peru during the interview. Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk.

    Para Kay Rachel naman, I’m really loving her look these days. Her smile has changed – is it because they. Hanged her veneers? Her teeth are less noticeable now! At least nakinig ang KF sa hinaing ng sambayanan. Rachel has the goods…I’ve noticed her since Ms World 2014. She will make us proud!

    • @ Bee : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      So, by that reasoning, Mariel should go instead to MIntercon?

      Is Mariel the same calibre as Hammond, McGarry, and Janson? 🙂

    • Si Nawat ang pumili kay Liz sa tingin ko.
      Hindi nya pipiliin si Katja, di nya kaya personality nun.
      Malamang alam na nya personality ni Katja based sa AsNTM.

    • Agree ako kay Ariska, I can sense her ” pabida and papansin demeanor”, there’s something off in her attitude. As for Clenci, she wasn’t among my list of favorites, but now I’m liking what I see, Peru is my winner in MGI, though’.

    • Yearly naman lahat ng placement ng BPCI sa kanilang mga winners ang fans never agreed… keso wrong dapat si MUP ang dapat nasa MSP at MIP ang dapat nasa MUP ka kaya naman MGP ang dapat na MUP

    • Nag iimprove na ang KF sa selection ng mga candidates… Rachel (MU), Karen(ME), Elizabeth(Grand International), Cynthia (EcoInternational). Mga batang may laban! Anyare A&Q? Bawi2 din! Controversial Mariel, Diva Katarina… Although panalo din naman sila kay Laura Lehmann at WinWyn. Jonas ayusin mo pag pili mo ng contestants parang nabaliktad tuloy this year. Hahaha.

      • But Cynthia would be a better rep sa MW sana. Laura was just so-so lang. Nilampaso na yan nina MJ, Parul and Kris Tiffany nung 2014. Nka chamba lang na nakasalinsa winning circle si Bianca G.

      • Are you happy with the interview of Liz? In my opinion, she was overshadowed by Peru and Laos.

      • Ryan – Yes very happy. She’s bery articulate and she expresses herself well. Beauty and brains talaga. Overflowing ang charisma, charm and intellect.

      • Ms Clenci to me did well in her interview… she came up with sincere answers and she was very natural and articulate.. Peru I guess was refering to her when she said that her bet to win is in the room. But Peru was equally eloquent as well.. i wont mind her winning the golden crown.

      • But if you watch her interview with the other girls, she was running out of words and kept on saying the same things. I’m starting to worry about her chances.

    • While I agree that most of the major titleholders this year are well spoken, Nelda is an exception. And she happens to be from KF. She’s a contender though, based on other merits.

      • Its ok. Just wait in the final q and a gurls. We will bring home the crowns and other crowns except sa interbational di bagay ang crown na tinatali, juwsko ang laki ng mukha tapos tatalian? Hahahahhaha… Kat wyn cynthia earth and the UNIVERSE ang maiiwi pa natin, dami.

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