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  1. Ms Clenci is such a fashionista. her ootd is always on point. Thats how u prepare for a pageant! Good luck!

  2. Happy bday gorgeous girls, I wish u all the best. Loving my Queen Rachel. Pak na pak. Iba ka talaga. Beauty and Brain.

  3. Rachel’s pic with the crown on her head proves to everyone that she’s among the top contenders. She may not be the fairest, but her banging body, wit, personality and sash factor might give us our fourth crown! I’m hoping for the best for all of our 2017 queens. Enough of the negativity thrown on all sides. Let’s support them because at the end of the day, the moment they compete, they are no longer called by their first name, but they are called Miss Philippines. They represent us,our country. That’s all. Peace. ❤️

  4. Surprisingly, ang ganda nun live interview ni Dazzling Dea Rizkita sa MGI. Kahit di ganun ka Ganda accent niya, it was full of conviction. I’m still rooting for Clenci, tho. I hope next time Liz can avoid using too many am and ah in her sentences. Perhaps the online fight between Indonesian and Pinoy fans got the best of her. Pero Laban lang, Liz! She’s among the most watched participants because she’s so effortlessly elegant and gorgeous! Her wardrobe’s always on point pa! Galingan mo Liz! Bring home the golden crown!

    • Liz obviously didn’t prepare for her interview. Her thoughts are all over the place and she kept on repeating the same words.

      • I was a tad disappointed by how Liz performed during her interview. She could’ve taken advantage of her wonderful Australian accent but oh well, I agree with you. Her answers lacked depth and full of Ahs and Ams which seemed scattered. Perhaps as her fans we were just expecting too much from a Pinay queen, much more from her because during BBP she was among those who surprised us by how eloquent she was during Q&A. Maybe the ongoing online war got into her. But the battle isn’t over yet. I hope she brushes this off, gather her self, recoup and bring her A game. I still believe in her. But it will be a tough fight. In all fairness, Peru is her closest rival for the crown. India is also mesmerizingly gorgeous despite not having a great body and Indonesia may not be at par with Ariska’s beauty but Dea came prepared. Her Pasarela was on point and her live interview went well– her training from Aces and Queens came through. Anyway, I’m praying that Liz will bounce back and make us proud. Laban Lang!

  5. happy birthday, ladies!!

    ha, i thought this photo looked familiar (at least in concept)

  6. I personally don’t like Rachel but I think she’ll be in Top 3 or might even win this.

  7. One of the few photos where I find them naturally beautiful. Look at the bone structure. Keep it up.

    World Peace.

    • @bong700 : Good morning/afternoon/evening.

      Hahaha. I do not know kung re-rate-up or -down ako. Nonetheless, thank you for the VERVE you share to us all.

      • Tse ka rin, cherette lang hihihi 🙂
        Excited ako kay Clenci, nasa Top 3 cya sa radar ko hihihi.
        Nasa kay nawat na lang yan kung ibigay ang crown, OMG talaga.
        C Rachel cgurado ako sa Top 9 cya dahil palaban ang katawan nya sa swimsuit at depende na sa gown at lakad nya para pasok sa top 6 at depende na rin sa sagot nya para pasok sa Top 3 at depende narin sa sagot nya at sa judges kung ibibigay ang crown sa kanya hihihi 🙂

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