60 comments on “Veiled and Unveiled: Miss Earth 2017 Beauty of Form and Figure Pre-Judging

  1. For me that is just fair! It is much easier to judge the girls body form and figure.
    They are not yet judging the beauty of face kaya no need to show their faces.
    The only thing which I don’t like is they are still wearing their sashes. This may still affect the judging process. I would prefer to have them with numbers like in BbP.
    Second, I do not like the presentation. Ang sikip ng stage, masyadong mababa at mabilis ang pagrampa ng mga kandidata.
    And lastly, the worst thing I do not like here is the audience. Anong ginagawa ng mga DOM sa harap?
    Jusko kung ganyan lang ang presentation sana ginawa na lang private. Nakakahiya parang baranggay level lang ang kalidad!

  2. Ano ‘to, may pa-screening uli or go-see? However you want to justify it, parading women in front of many ‘straight’ men wearing two piece with their faces covered is simply objectification and commodification of women. Karne ang binibenta mo sa ganitong paraan, hindi substance. Wala yang pinagkaiba sa mga binibentang karne na nakasabit sa mga palengke. This is completely absurd, irrelevant and anti-women. A step backwards from women empowerment advocacy. MEO and Lorraine Schuck must undergo gender sensitivity training para mahimasmasan ang mga ‘to.

    • Totally agree. The people running this pageant are so regressive. Gender sensitivity workshops ought to be ordered to update this organization’s sensibilities. And while they’re at it, throw in a lesson or two on refining their style and taste levels. They badly need it if Miss Earth would like to be considered a respectable grand slam pageant again.

  3. parang may discrimination effect naman yung rumampa ng nakatakip ang mukha. parang totoong bentahan ng laman tong ME na to. dapat total package ang jinajudge kasama mukha. so pag hindi kagandahan ang katawan o malaki ang frame, lesser chances of becoming an earth warrior? or not deserving of being an earth warrior ganun ba?

  4. This pageant is becoming cheesy and gimmicky instead of relevant and empowering women. Here’s the tip for you MissEarth, make the pageant shorter and use the extra funds to improve production instead….

    • Can’t blame ME for trying to be different.
      Cheesy? I guess anything is … for a 🐀 like u

  5. Ano ba talaga ang gusto mangyari ng Miss Earth. Akala ko ba ang kalinisan sa kalikasan ang mahalaga kaysa sa anyo ng mukha at hugis ng katawan ng tao. Sa tingin ko mas pagtuunan dapat ng pansin ang problema sa mga sa kalikasan at hindi ang kalinisan ang mukha at katawan ang bigyan ng pansin. Sabi ni Mother Earth tama na at sobra na.

    • Tumahimik ka. Dami mong satsat. Beauty contest pa din to. Sideline lang yang advocacy na yan.

    • Honey , ME is still a beauty contest . Like MW, it’s a beauty with a purpose .
      Let’s face it , beauty commands attention . Not that we need it but it helps if the campaign person is pleasing to the eye.

  6. I guess MGI is taking over where MU has left off (i.e. Trump era) and despite conscious effort to evolve the pageantry business into something beyond facial/physical beauty as initiated by IMG Universe, I believe that there is still a market for the old glitz & glamourous beauty pageants that most of us grew up with..

    • For the record, MU is still glitz and glamour. All they did is start adding a focus on accomplishments of the delegates instead of just physical beauty. Given the recent sexual harassment scandal in Hollywood, it seems just right to do away with pageants for the sore purpose of physically objectifying women without any substance. MGI will never get close to MU stature. hihihi. Second rate trying hard copy cat… hihihi

    • sa pilit na kagagaya ng MGI sa MU nawalan na ng sariling personality ang pageant na yan…tends to be boring it has nothing exciting to offer…plus di nman magaganda tlga majority ng delegates nila…not top caliber

  7. Congrats to Miss Earth for one of a kind beauty pageant …unique entertaining and ‘
    The reason why ME seems boring is because it’s our own
    And the only reason why MGI is interesting is because a Miss Philippines is there to the end . Try an MGI night without a Miss Philippines in the semi-final round and let me know how many stay on the show.

  8. I kinda agree with some of the comments here. I think that this event should be a closed door event only with the judges. It’s kinda becoming a “meat market” where the people stare lustily of the women’s body alone. There are other ways of making this event more meaningful. Make this a closed door event. Sponsors, media partners, ME Org and judges should be the ones taking part in this part of the competition. Paging Lola Norms, please tell the Lola Lorraine please. hihihi

    • closed door event nman tlga to for the longest of time…yung mga fans lang nanngungulit sa ME na i broadcast to for transparency’s sake…hence pinagbigyan ng MEOrg

  9. Pangit ung concept of having veils..pangit ung production, pangit ung venue, pangit ng stage, pangit ung lighting, pangit Lahat..hay Loraine ..walang mega production know how..kulang sa packaging, branding, Lahat..I pity the delegates..

    • ay teh hindi yan show that’s really meant for show stopping scenes and great production..this is PRELIMINARY JUDGING that is really meant to be private and closed door…the reason of an fb live is that people as asking for it. For the sake of transparency daw kaya MEO gave in hence the live broadcast. The venue, stage, and lighting was okay. I was there. I saw the whole thing. Ang dami mong reklamo.

  10. For the past few weeks, i am one of those Filipinos who rallied behind Miss Earth. I have been defending ME relentlessly against bashers, promoting ME on different platforms because as a Filipino, i want ME to soar higher and prove to the world that indeed, ME is an alpha pageant–a world class pageant. Pero tangina naman, ayusin niyo live streaming niyo! Last night was really a frustrating scene especially when people from around the world can barely watch the show with its embarassingly slow internet connection! Viewers started dwindling because they cant stand streaming the show. In a short span of time that i painfully tried watching the show, na bother ako bakit puro DOM and nasa front row??? Even if they were legit sponsors, it wouldve been pleasant to look at if mga past beauty queens or women sociallites ang nasa harap! Nagmukha tuloy cheap!!! Pati ang stage and production, i was really intensely disappointed. I get it that ME focuses more on their relevant advocay PERO if they want more followers and greater fanbase, ME should really improve their game! Compare ME to MGI production and you’ll clearly see na naiwan tayo! Ano ba!!!! ME galingan niyo naman!!!! I hope bumawi kayo sa coronation night! Wag niyo antayin mag si pull outan national directors niyo! Ang gaganda pa naman ng delegates even without make up compared to MGI na halos handpicked lang so please upgrade naman kayo! Otherwise matutulad kayo sa Miss Asia Pacific which used to be a prestigious pageant until it died into oblivion and is resuscitated today. Hay Miss Earth, gisiiiing! Ravaaaaaaan!

    • Was really disappointed about Miss Earth’s production last night. Even Vietnamese fans who love Miss Earth were complaining saying that Philippines’s internet suck as a third world country. Nakakahiya talaga. Sayang. Hope they improve their production big time. Pag makikita mo events ni MGI from gala dinner to press presentation very glossy at sosyal tingnan habang yung kagabi, nakakahiya talaga.

    • Weeee hindi nga baka naman mga disappointed lang eh mga baklang hindi open sa new ideas..please dont speak on behalf of all the people on earth and in behalf of all the National Directors. What are u talking about? Whatever filipino gaya like you are saying, Miss Earth will continue to attract more and more countries to participate and that is a sign of success and growth. Contrary to your statement, Miss Earth is continously growing every year. Just because you dont see it in the mold of Miss Universe does not its bad. At sino ka ba para magsalita na akala mo lahat ng tao sa mundo eh pareho ng sentiments ng sayo. Ilusyonadang bakla!

      • Jeremy,you are welcome to comment but do not be blinded by the truth! Ikaw ang ilusyunadang bakla. Did u even watch the form and figure show via ME’s FB live? The streaming was horrifyingly slow. Puro angry emoticons, overwhelmingly disappointed ang mga comments! Those people aren’t bashers, they are like me, ME fan pero disappointed sa production. Now, bilang nag generalize ka that Numeriano was speaking in behalf of Pinoy gays even if he was just merely stating his disappointment, Kung walang mag ppoint out sa shortcomings ng ME, panu pa yan mag iimprove???? Hindi lahat ng bakla kagaya mo na puro hatred pinaiiral sa mundo, u can barely differentiate criticism from bashing. Yung mga bakla masayahin kaya nga bet makasama lagi kasi gays are fun loving people. Hindi ka ba pinalaki ng magulang mo ng maayos at galit ka sa mundo? Be fair in your comments. Sinong Pinoy ba ang ayaw makitang maging globally competitive at recognized ang ME?! Kung yung pagpansin ng pagkukulang ni ME eh isang malaking pagkakamali, mas mararapatin ko pang magkamali! Saka ate Jeremi, bawas bawasan ang galit sa mundo ah? Pwedeng mag raise ng opinion ng hindi nanlalait ng pagkatao ng kapwa.

      • Ouch! Eh talaga namang ngmamagaling at ngmamarunong kayo eh.
        Galit sa mundo? Who told you that? Look I am just very straighforward.. kung ayaw ko sa isang candidate sinasabi ko ng derecho at kahit sinong baklang pangit di ako mapipigilan. Kahit balikan mo pa lahat ng posts ko pinupuri ko ang sa tingin ko eh kapuri puri at sinsabi ko naman kung ayaw ko. Im not the typical pinoy na daming “pero” “pero”.

      • @jeremi anong nagmamarunong kami? Look who is generalizing now? U are contradicting yourself! Lol! Baklang pangit kami? Aba lahat ng gawa ng Diyos maganda! Partida according to you di ka pa galit sa mundo niyan ha? Hahaha! How sad to be you. I’m pretty sure pag nagkita tayo baka maglaway ka. I’m 6’2 and athletic and models on the side. But that’s another story. People on this website knows your comments are mostly not for criticism but borderline bashing. Maglaklak ka ng isang baso ng realidad, ate J. Look, I get it that you also like ME. Me too. Read my posts clearly without hatred kasi. We can all argue all day all we want but must you always be such a piece of work? Just a piece of advice, the world is full of negativity already, try to spread some positivity, ok?

      • To closeted gay model.
        I’m not being negative.. just a balance guy.
        It’s you and that Numeriano thing who’s spreading negativity about Miss Earth.
        So dont play innocent now. Baklang pangit na to!

      • Hi Jeremi! Perhaps have some semblance of objectivity in your “balance” persona? Tama nga si Closeted Guy. How sad it is to be you. To deny oneself of fairness equates to living a lie. No amount of well mannered answer will ever suffice your pea sized brain. Even if you reply one more time on this thread, i will no longer reply as it will only be futile for you. Baklang pangit ka ng baklang pangit, anuba tama na ang pagharap sa salamin ok? Labas labas din ng squatters area ha? Hahaha

      • Numeriano Thing,
        Ouch! Dyan lang sa pinas may squatter kaya ikaw ang lumabas hahahaha
        Baklang pangit na to

  11. The closed door interview should confessional-ish in setup–behind a screen, if ME wants to be consistent with judging the candidates’ substance.

  12. OKAY sana to kung hindi inimbetahan ni Lukring yung nga rich Dirty Old Men sponsors na baboy friends niya. Napaka walang taste lang na kitang-kita mo sa video na inom-inom sila ng white wine at yung iba pa coffee-coffee pa habang nagtatawanan sa front row at vinivideo yung crotch area at pwet ng mga girls. Hindi ako feminist at may potential na mag-work ang concept na to pero nakakagalit lang makita sa lahat ng livestream ang mga mukha ng mga baboy na hinayupak na DOM na mga yon. Well, sa simula ata, yung reason ni Lukring para sa veil eh para mas makilatis at free na videohan at babuyin ng mga DOM baboy friends niya ang mga girls. Walang kamalay-malay sila kasi di naman nila nakikita yung side nila habang naka-veil. So tama pala ang decision ni Miss South Africa na hindi mag-participate sa “prejudging” event na to. Eto din ang sinasabi ng mga latin, european, at especially american pageant fans sa social media. Parang prostitution daw ang nangyari.

    Bakit hindi kasi baguhin ang kababuyan na ginagawa ng MEO. Dapat gawin diyan eh bigyan ng proper preliminary na Swimsuit at EG at Interview rounds w/o makeup. Tapos. Walang maraming kagaguhang pinag-gagawa. Pero hindi na rin magbabago yan, kung pera at kahalayan lang ang nasa utak nung Lukring. Makita mo ba naman sa mga picture at video, walang ka class class. Naka-mini skirt ang lola niyo at at ang makeup mas makapal pa sa kupal ng mga DOM sponsors niya. Mygohhd! Ka-imbyerna. Kapagod na din kaka-defend sa mga bashers ng ME na yan sa mga social media. Taon-taon na lang walang pagbabago. Siyempre filipino gawa ang ME, kaya hoping kameng mga vakla na umabot sa bonggang level ang Miss Earth. Sa ngayon, 90% ng followers ng ME eh Filipino. At wala namang success talaga sa other continents, bukod dito sa Asia. Swerte lang si Lukring sa mga faithful National Directors ng ME sa mga strong European at Latin Countries, dahil hindi nila binibitawan ang franchise nila. Pero walang nagtatagal, at 3-4 years bago matauhan ang mga ND na yan. Halos makita mo sa social media eh nagtatanong ano ba daw ang Miss Earth, hindi nila alam na ang big4. Mga Filipino lang naman ang bumubuhay sa Miss Earth na yan, sa totoo lang dahil tayo ang isa biggest pageant fanz sa buong earthz.

    Anywaste, nakapaglabas din ng bad jujus simula kagabi dahil sa mga kababuyang nakita ko kagabi sa Missed Earth na yan. Sa mga kultong followers na sumasamba kay lukring at adik na adik sa Miss Earth: gumising kayo at wag kayong ano diyan. Alam ko umaaligid aligid kayo dito at nag-spread ng kapekehan. Wapake ako sa downvotes niyo at cringe cringe na comments niyo. Libreng umepal, pero pwede namang iwasan ang kahung-hangan. Pweh! 🤢😡😘💋

    • Anywaste agaynnn, nako at magsitigil na tayo sa kaka-suggest dito at magsabi ng hinaing dahil wala din patutunguhan(pwera nalang kung may chance si Tito Norman na maparating ang mga concerns naten sa Miss Earth kay Lukring). Pero I DOUBT na magbabago yang lukring na yan at MEO kung from the beginning palang eh silent prostitution ang main reason at pang-front lang ang Environmental aspect chuchu ng Miss Earth. Kasawa narin i-defend yang ME na yan, mas masaya pa ata kung sumali nalang sa mga bashers at truthers niyan sa social media, malay mo pag nalugmok at on the brink of kangkungan na ang ME at si lukring, magchange sila. PERO I DOUBT IT agayn talaga. Bakit di nila gamitin ang 5rs na pauso nila? Reduce ang kababuyan, Reuse ang mga reason kung bakit naging big4 ang Miss Earth, Recycle ang mga patapon na cheapanggang workers nila sa social media at production, Re-think ang mga pinag-gagawang kahayupan nila, at RESPECT, respetuhin ang mga “delegates” nila. Mygohhd, hindi ko akalain na magkakaroon ako ng awa at ganitong feeling sa mga kababaihan na yan. Kung alam niyo lang kung bakit, nakakalusot parati ang MEO sa mga pambababoy nila sa girls at walang nagsasampa ng reklamo eh dahil sa mga filipino fans na talagang nafefeel nila ang love pag dito ginaganap ang Miss Earth. So di na nila napapansin na binababoy sila dahil dun. Each girls na tanungin niyo kung ano ang best na experience nila sa Miss Earth, lahat ng sagot eh “the love of the filipino fans”.

  13. Why only 86 participated? A total of 87 candidates are here. Who’s the one lacking? Is she disqualified? Is that South Africa?

  14. Some avenue for improvement for this segment next year:

    1-100% compliance for face cover. If it is intended to cover up to the tip of the nose, it has to be there.

    2- I don’t like the idea that there are men in front row who doesn’t have any role in delivering media publicity and media reporters like Mario Dumaual and Norman is in second row or back end.

    3- I don’t like men (including gays) inside the holding room where the girls are in their 2 piece.

    4- They should formalize this segment and not like a mini event only. They can do this in Kia Theater.

    The good part

    It serves the purpose. The girls are magnified! In fact there are girls seen who didn’t wax their groin or stretch marks are visible. It shows who prepared for the competition and the competence of the ND in selecting a candidate.

    • Suggestions for the no make up go see:

      1-No activities a day before except for physical fitness like pilates or Zumba only to unclog the pores of their skin.

      2- Enough time for them to be able to achieve an eight hour sleep prior to pre judging so they will not look Haggard.

      3- To be done early in the morning so that the freshness of their faces is visible.

      4-It can be done in the hotel of course where there is a holding area and a screening area where the candidates should be clueless what’s going on at the screening room. And where candidates who were already screened would not be able to interact with those waiting for their turn and that includes communicating with their cellphone.

      5-Since there are 86 of them, it has to be done in batch in an hourly basis.

      6-They have to be immaculately clean when they show up and that exclude wearing false eyelashes or lip gloss. That’s when you will see who really is beautiful!

  15. Eto na naman yung ikinahihiya ang mukha dahil sa kapangitan or nagkukubli dahil sa dami ng utang 🤗
    Pati yung nagtitinda ng taho ay Di pinatawad at mamamatay yata kung Di nya mautangan hihihi anong klaseng sakit yan 😗kaloka

  16. I was initially against and aghast by this practice when first used in Ms. Earth Philippines.

    But I am beginning to warm up to this idea : Unique, serves its purpose, mysterious and kinda sexy.

    I hope this is well-received by the girls and the international media as well.

    My biggest question is : Why is the black woman wearing a veil up and down? Lol. (sarong?)

    World Peace.

  17. i understand ME is not glitz and glamour. But hey! ayusin naman nila ang live vidoe nila during prelims or any event. ok na saken na wala sila nung ginagawa ng MGI kahit welcome dinner eh may pa video live pa si nawatt at narampa ang mga girls. ang kuha ng video eh hinde parang final show na. Thats the only thing na kung ibabash ko ang ME ay ung streaming talaga. kung signal at net connection bakit ang century park hotel eh maayos ang FB live nila pero sa ME page eh bakit ganon? nasa unit ba ng camera or phone kaya ganun. sa expert dyan please enlighten us kung anung prob kaya bat ganun ang nangyari sa streaming ng ME.

    • OA kasi is Nawat. Djusko baka sobrang gutom na ang mga beks at paparampahin pa din. Ano to fashion show before kumain. hihihi….

  18. well, this makes ME unique from other pageants – aside from their advocacy. there’s still room for improvement like maybe the girls not wearing their sashes.. give them numbers (like bbp) instead para talagang clueless kung sino ung candidate and from which country.. baka kasi may sash factor din ang bansa e..

    The veils can be improved but so far, so good. maybe they can consider other options.. i don’t know, maybe masks? festival masks? maskara festival?

    • I agree with you, kung naka-cover ang mga faces nila instead of sashes numbers muna. Para mysterious ang dating at the same time kung magjjudge man it will be fair enough kasi di nila alam kung sino sila.

      • Agree. They could have removed the sash as well and put numbers instead. If they really want the girls to be judged purely on form.

        Let’s admit it, the “sash factor” plays a lot in the judges’ biases.

        World peace.

      • i agree…akalA KO numbers would be used instead of their sahes. Revealing the candidates sash would still put bias on the girls specially if the girl comes from a weak sash factor country. May eefect sa mga judges na kahit nakatakip ang mukha pero alam nilang venezuela ang rumarampa

  19. the white lace veils are better than the black ones i’ve seen before
    a bit more discreet and less morbid looking

    as much as i find it odd, i find it somewhat effective
    i can see more of the body shape and the way they walk
    more objectively (it is true then that humans will always
    focus on the face more than the rest of the body)

    anyways, perhaps if people are not behind 100%
    a good option would be those face-hiding big floppy hats
    they would go well with the bikinis

    • true. because they’re face is hidden i focused more on the girls figure and form. I can see clearly why there is a veil. Very unique and nice move ME

  20. I’m sorry, but I cannot resist saying. I love ME, but this is just….odd.

    Something is just “off” about this idea. From widows-in-mourning, it now feels borderline cheesy cattle auction. The white veils now give an air of seduction. And the music (“I don’t care..”I love it”…) doesn’t help. And practically all men on the front row?! Not too many women covered/witnessed the event? 😦

  21. What the hell. That gimmick is so demeaning to women. It made them look like stage accessories.

  22. I think the sash carries more influence than the face. If they want to be objective about it, they should’ve removed the sash.

  23. Well, it seems it well-received by the contestants. Very good, then. But, any criticism from the pageant across the South China Sea? 🙂

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