6 comments on “Miss Asia-Pacific International 2017: Full Speed Ahead

  1. Just drop the “international” and “Pacific” and stick with Miss Asia. Sampu-sampera na ang international pageants. This could add distinction to the title.

    • if it’s just Miss Asia…then why do they have candidates coming from other continents? I think that the Pacific International is added to the title to connote that there are candidates coming from the pacific region

      • Meron ng Miss Asia Pageant. Indian ang organizer.

        Nanalo na nga Philippines sa Miss Asia last year yata yun.

  2. May I suggest to the organizers that in addition to cultural understanding and the appreciation of diversity (so MI..), they adopt the advocacy of poverty reduction and more vigorous exchange of goods, services, and ideas in what is arguably the planet’s LARGEST trade arena at present. Thus it shall include any and all countries interested in taking part in all this activity, regardless of whether they actually are on the Asia-Pacific Rim. It will also be a good way to check if the candidates understand what they got themselves into. 🙂

    And for its logo, to include an image of the Manila-Acapulco Galleon.

    Domo arigatou gozaimasu.

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