37 comments on “A Message from Miss World Philippines 2017 Laura Lehmann

  1. Should have it been that Laura trained with KF, sure na sana sya sa top 3 sa MW. Sa ngayon, tingnan na lang kung san aya aabot.

  2. Laura’s beauty is at par with Gwen Ruais so I guess she will be 1st Princess too.

  3. So, Laura, ibig mong sabihin, hindi deserving si Catriona maging miss world, ganon? Sorry, but I love Cat more than you! So i’m not voting this time!

    • Di naman ganon yung pinapahiwatig niya 🙄🙄🙄 jusko huwag kang issue

  4. I have forgiven Ms World. But i cannot forget. One thing i so very hate in this world is injustice. The love and respect is lost. Sorry.


  5. Lee Kuan Yew once said about the Philippines “it is a soft, forgiving culture” thus we are stagnant.

    And No!!!!!

    I don’t forgive Julia for what she did last year even if that means using a conduit for her plan!

    I support Laura but there are limitations coz I’m not gullible. I waited for this day to arrive so I can smear to Julia’s face her utmost stupidity!

    • I’m with you. It’s also unfair to Laurah. She will suffer too even if she wins. Her victory will be questioned. We all know this. It’s so unfair.


  6. athletic body plus great leadership and comm skills , I cannot ask for a better girl to rep the Philippines.
    I believe A&Q will further improve her facial beauty … make it softer and more pleasant to the eyes . It’s not impossible as they have done it to Pia Maxine And Janine.

  7. as they say success is the best revenge
    whatever bad taste last year gave some people
    this is a new year, new competition, new candidates

    let’s not leave laura behind
    because she is in a competition
    some of us do not approve of

    give laura your full support
    give mw a second chance

    and let’s see what happens

  8. Let us pray that Laura bring the bacon to us this November 2017. Let us be united and forget those hate and bashing.

  9. When she rallied everyone to dispel all the negativities thrown at MWO, Laura proved that she is indeed audaciously beautiful! Her audacity definitely comes more from an awe-inspiring inner beauty—brains, character, education, talents, achievements, and social compassion. It does not only come from a striking physical beauty and brawn.

    The job as courtside reporter for her school’s Basketball Team requires incisive reporting of a live event, as well as insightful interviews of players. This requires perceptiveness, diplomacy and leadership, qualities she just showed in her little speech. With her advocacy in rural education as well as urban public health, I am positive Laura will be more than capable of putting substance to MWO’s “beauty with a purpose” slogan.

  10. time to rally around laura!!!
    put what happened last year aside
    postpone the bashing until the end of the pageant

      • My gosh bong700, i really miss your humor…. hahahhaha!!!!… talagang rally sa edsa shrine huh!!
        Rally…. tapos sinusunog at binabato si Angie Reyes….

        “Isinisigaw…..”Itama ang spelling itama ang spelling”….

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