17 comments on “Teresita Ssen Marquez: Her preparations for Reina Hispanoamericana 2017

  1. For sure lag lag sya sa everyday chikahan at bondingan not being able to converse and understand Spanish..walang pinagkaiba yan sa atin, pagnakumpol kumpol mga bisaya or ilocano or anu pa man ethnic group, they will speak their language and the rest left out..poor girl, d na winwin tawag sa Kanya…los2 na..For this alone, i believe, Spanish proficiency should be topmost in choosing our delegate to this contest..and I thank u..char.

    • Expected na yan ni wyn2 vekla but knowing wyn2 ay Di cya pahuhuli at makikipagsiksikan yan sa conversation with the interpreter if needed😋
      Kahit walang interpreter mag English yan at Di naman lahat ng candidate ay maldita at kung sinuman ang unfriendly kay wyn2 ay minus 20 pts sa lahat ng segment of competition at nakahanda narin ang voodoo doll ko at mga karayom para sa mga putang candidates na yan na kamag-anak ni lola ebak reyes na walang Star value hihihi 😄

    • In a way May Tama ka!

      Diba yun ang Sabi ni Shamcy? Parang may sarili silang Mundo or tribe? Kc nag join Sila ni Miss Korea sa table at na out of place Lang sila Kaya lumipat Sila ng table.

  2. i love the fact that the reina hispanoamerica have interpreters available
    it seems that they ready to embrace the participation of non-spanish speaking countries

  3. Aye naku, very madali habla habla Español…

    “Oh la Bolibia, te amo mucho mucho. Mi nombre es GanadoraGanadra Márquez. Mucho amor desde Las Pelepenas. Besos!Besos! Mahal kita Bulibia. Mabuhay!”

    Kaya mo yan!

  4. I believe Wyn will not be bogged down by her Spanish language deficiency, but will easily transform this into an attention-grabbing interesting facet to her personality. Her participation will be an eye-opener to the Latinos that Spanish heritage do not necessarily include embracing the Spanish language despite the 350 years of colonisation. It will be an excellent opportunity for her to show how our Spanish heritage in religion, architecture, music, dance and fiestas mix wonderfully well with our indigenous Asian culture.

    If in a sea of Latinas Wyn can turn the novelty of an Oriental beauty as a differential advantage, a sure win is not far-fetched.

  5. Everything is on point! No need to pretend that you know the language. I myself speak Spanish since I was a kid I have been speaking the language that was taught to me by my uncle (my aunt’s husband from Dominican Republic) and we still speak Spanish till now. Since I became his favorite nephew, he said that I am going to converse with him in Spanish and in return he’s gonna study Tagalog and speak it among our other relatives and that’s what happened. I learned the language and I constantly practice it till now but there are things that I still not confident about. Speaking with Venezuelans and Argentinians. They’re very fast in speaking! As a Filipino who doesn’t use it as my primary language, I tend to grasp the right words to say and there’s really a time that you’re going to get intimidated. The language cannot be learned overnight. Even those people who took up their courses at Cervantez here in Manila, I doubt that they already speak fluent Spanish in three months of studying the language what more with Wyn who only had to prepare for one month? I am hoping though that the interpreter really interprets the words correctly. Good luck Wyn! Filipinos are behind you all throughout! You will win this we know. Among all the pageants that will be held this year, this is the toughest for us Pinoys coz we don’t speak their language. Even there are only 29 ladies to beat, the fact that they all speak Spanish is something that might already make an impact but I still believe in Wyn’s capability to win it coz she has the very strong determination and drive, the passion is burning to win the crown. We just have to support her and believe in her.

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