39 comments on “Send-Off for Laura Lehmann and Win-Wyn Marquez

  1. Hopefully Wynwyn win the very minor crown because of the big armada of designer to provide her best gowns and national costume, in this send off Laura looks that she is to compete for a minor international title as compare to wyn wyn where the later will wear many gowns created by various designers while Laura who is supposed to be pampered with so many gowns will have only one or two designer it so Ironic.


    • wow ang ganda ganda mo neng! palagay ko nanalo ka nang Miss World Orangutan! Ikaw na!!!!

  3. Two audaciously beautiful women! A step ahead of being simply confident, their inner and outer beauty emboldened them to accept the challenges that today’s beauty titles now bestow. Their audacity does not only come from a striking physical beauty and brawn. It comes more from an inspiring inner beauty—brains, character, education, talents, achievements, and social compassion. Laura’s mission is to present herself as an audaciously beautiful woman capable of putting substance to “beauty with a purpose” slogan. Wyn’s mission is to present herself as an audaciously beautiful woman capable of conquering an unchartered territory for an Asian beauty queen, and expand the geographic horizon and advocacy of a regional beauty pageant.

    The entire nation wishes you both the best.

  4. Politics may come into play in their respective international competitions, but, I wish them both the best of luck. Good luck, ladies. Make the most of what you have and what you can do. Have fun and stay competitive 🙂

  5. Oh, ha! Si Laura na nagsabi : Miss World has integrity. Kaya move-on na at tulungan siya. Okey, po?

  6. Si Jeslyn Santos at Laura Lehmann may similarity talaga. Dusky and Fair respectively. Un ang difference. Kaya feeling ko may chance naman si Laura na manalo kasi dabah si Jeslyn nanalo ng MUC crown. Pero at this moment pang Top 10 lang ang highest possible achievement ni Laura. At eto ang Pre Arrival forecast ko for MW 2017.

    #2. RUSSIA
    #3. FRANCE
    #4. USA
    #5. POLAND

  7. Sa totoo lang mas gusto ko dito si Wynwin kesa kay Laura. Pero i could not deny the fact that Laura is flawless during MWP Finals compare to Wynwin na talagang epic fail ang styling nung gabing un lalo na sa evening gown na sobrang expose ang footwear nya.

  8. As I said pano nangyari na ang nanalo ng minor crown eh mas maganda ng hamak kesa dun sa nanalo mismo. Sorry po pero di ko maintindihan ang face ni Laura parang nagulat ba o naging mukhang bruha sa make up lang ba yan?
    Winwyn oh my Winwyn… you are every inch a beauty queen.

      • Miss Tissa pasenyahan mo na lang si Aling Jeremi. Matanda na kasi yan. Di lang doble bista ang eyeglasess nya. Me katarata pa sya. So her vision is obviously blurred and her brain cells have degenerated as well. Cheereet!

  9. Ganda ni WinWin!

    Nangunguna yata siya sa botohan ngayon!

    Superlike ko Yung fighting spirit Niya na Hindi gigil! Talagang Kung ano Yung pinagkait sa magulang Niya napunta lahat sa kanya! Sana manalo siya para proud pati si Auntie.

  10. goodluck to both ladies… but i am more excited and looking forward sa pageant ni Winwyn! i don’t know.. maybe i believe makikipagsabayan siya? I believe she can win RHA pageant or at least a high placement.

    With Laura.. hmmm keeping my hopes high but not expecting that much since.. alam naman natin… MW + China = Indonesia. CHAROT! no, seriously.. unpredictable kasi talaga. kaya let’s just support her! Ang ganda niya mukha siyang chinese porcelain doll sa send off ha. yayamanin!

    BTW, looking at Glyssa.. she’s giving me that Maxine Medina vibe pero yung hilaw pa.. yung marami pang maibubuga..

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