14 comments on “Quick Talk with Miss Earth Thailand Paweensuda Drouin

  1. I don’t think she has the prettiest face nor the best body but she is definitely #1 based on the ideal personality and background of a Miss Earth winner.

  2. ha! i thought she would be more stand-offish because of the way she looks
    but she is really warm and open and she sounds little like an excited college girl
    very unexpected and endearing

  3. Crown this girl, she’s beautiful and articulate. Also like USA, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Ecuador.

  4. She is pretty…and certainly takes good still photos. Her candids are so so and inconsistent. Havinh seen other candidate, she is definitley not the most beautiful, not even top 5 for me but she is up there.

    I have heard she competed in a chinese competition as a rep for chinese in thailand. Although she is only aparently 1/8th chinese at most, I can see their ‘brigade’ here and in social media is in full propaganda mode…LOLz napaka obvious. 1/8th lang inangkin. Sabagay kung si Gemma Cruz nga na 1/64th nga ay inaangkin eh…

    Sana ang manalo and yung deserving hindi yung pinupush ng sponsor/lobby nila..

  5. She’s my Miss Earth 2017! She’s so beautiful, this girl can really speak! I mean listening to her.. parang ang down to earth and ang sarap niya pakinggan. or maybe hindi lang ako sanay na a Thai representative can speak english this good..

    I want her to win! She’s so engaging at ang amo ng fez, I believe she can represent Carousel production very well.

    Thailand’s Earth and Universe is super strong this year. As much as i am praying for Rachel’s MU victory… parang mas malakas ang hatak sakin ni Thailand. but sa fez lang.. jusko South Africa… ang ganda ni ateng!

  6. Fashai is what the MEO needs, she’s beautiful, eloquent speaker and she seems a very genuine person. H’wag na sanang palampasin ng MEO ito, crown this girl as ME 2017, and redeem themselves in the eyes of the international pageant fans!

  7. Ohh, when I saw the picture of the beach akala ko c Julia Clarete hihihi 😄
    Pero ng maview ko yung video ay napawowww ako ang galing pala ni Ynes Veneration na kapatid ni auntie pitchy of MEO hihihi hihihi 🤗
    Puwes dahil dyan ay ibigay na ang crown kay Thailand kahit naiinisveneracion ako kay nawat hihihi hihihi 😗

  8. My Miss Earth 2017!

    Carrousel is more after for the character of the girl than beauty. If she will stick to the core mission of the pageant, she will never go wrong.

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