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  1. Why her handlers need to start building the Rachel Peters brand now.

    From my own perception, the post-Trump MU winners exhibit a common personal brand— strong-willed women.

    Back-stories reverberate with their names, helping shape their personal brands:

    • Pia Wurtzbach- her dogged determination to get the Miss Universe crown took her to compete 3 times in the national pageant, sacrificing her budding showbiz career that was her source of income as a family breadwinner.
    • Iris Miterranae- after flunking the entrance exams, her resolute desire to get to Medical School simply took her to buy the necessary books, did serious self-study, re-took the exams, and got what she wanted.

    Obviously, from the back-stories meshing wonderfully well with their packaging, the judges saw what their personal brand represents: an unyielding spirit. One was much hyped about, being a showbiz personality; the other was low-key but resonated very well with the discerning judges.

    A number of finalists in the recent MU contest had personal brands that project the message of triumph over adversity. Miss Haiti, the 1st Runner-Up, related how she coped up with the terrible trauma that the devastating earthquake have brought to her and her family. Miss Peru related how she psyched up herself to recuperate quickly from the near-crippling car accident so that she can represent her country in the MU contest. Miss Thailand related how she faced head-on the challenges of living in poverty. Miss Canada related how she overcame the bashings on her body size.

    In the context of the direction the branding of MU is heading towards, I believe that there is a greater likelihood of a win if a candidate presents a personal brand that communicates determination and tenacity.

    If the recent Miss USA is any indication, this year’s MU search will have for the preliminaries smaller weight (40%) for swimsuits and evening gowns and greater weight (60%) for interview. In other words, if the candidate’s brand essence in confined only to “beautiful face”, “beautiful body”, “excellent walk”, “regal bearing”, and other physical attributes, she may not even reach beyond the preliminaries.

  2. Buti pa ung mga thai. may coordination sa mga ganito. talagang pinipili nila ng mabuti ang susuotin ng reps nila with involvement sa mga volunteered sketchers/designers. Tapos may pagvovote pa nagaganap. Eh kung sana ganito rin tayo mag-iisa (the pageant followers w/ BBP or any handler in-charged) , siguradong mayroon din lalabas na magandang design. Bilib naman ako sa talentadong pinoy. Sana open sila sa atin mga audience sa mga pinagpipilian if meron talagang ganitong nagaganap. Maganda rin kaya if may say tau. Atleast a sense of us practicing nationalism kahit konti. Pansin ko rin na ung mga Pilipino ang hindi gaano pumupuri sa sariling pinanggalingan. Di man ako pure pinoy pero may panahon din na iniisip ko na wala ng ibang bansa yung ngingiti lang kapag nagkaproblema and the signature humor we have which other countries love. Ang dami kong maiisip na positibo towards sa mga tao dito. Its just that we lost that sense of nationalism dahil sa nangyayari sa ating bansa. Iba pa rin kung sino tayo. I have alot of foreign friends that commended Filipinos for having such a positive mind. I remember my french teacher instructed us to construct random sentences that first pops up in our minds so he can translate it. As he was roaming around inside the classroom to read each of our progress, he commented that french people usually constructs negative sentences. That’s why he admires the Filipinos.

    • Teh, may ganyan tayo.

      Panel ng BPCI ang namimili sa mga design. May mga designer na nagsa-submit ng design nila. Yun nga Lang saten kc limited ang concept sa Filipiniana only. Sa mga Thai napaka-creative nila. Yung tuktuk equivalent ng tricycle natin and recently Yung durian na-conceptualize din nila to a NatCos and nanalo nanaman which is meron din tayo.

      And partida pa Yan kc si Maria may pina practice na national dance nila lately.

      • what i was pointing out it sana may say tayo sa as audience through voting. Mas maraming lalabas na magagandang design kapag open to public kung sino man ang gustong magdesign. may iba dyan d designer pero marunong.

    • For the millennials, this is the case of Carolina Izshak of Venezuela.

      She topped all the segment of the competition, EG, SS and Interview. But lose to Michelle of Namibia. Another girl on the competition was Anke of Belgium who will later become a Senator!

      Eto panahon na under CBS pa ang MU.

      Ang analysis Kay Pia is Kaya siya nanalo is dahil Hindi siya gigil. In fact Kung totoo yung score sheet na lumabas, she’s not even number 1 in each segment but she take the competition one step at a time hanggang nakarating siya sa finish line which lumabas ulit Yung formula Kay Iris.

      Applying the same principle, ganun Ang trend ni Rachel. Ang drawback Lang sa kanya is, Sino ka ba talaga? Like Wala kang ma-palpate na pagkakakilanlan sa kanya. Like, ba’t ka nag-stay sa Thailand? Bakit kayo magkakilala ni Laura? Bakit meron kayong picture nung Bata pa kayo? Sa Pinas ba yon? Sinong may birthday dun? Uyy! Anong pinagkakaabalahan mo ngayon?

      Basic stories that will have bearing or molding as to who she really is. Dahil Wala, napo-focus tuloy sa activities niya na walang bearing sa kanya.

      Eto sana perfect time to create her “brand” as what scorg was saying habang Yung ibang girls eh tulog pa sa pansitan.

  3. hi scorg! i think the camps are doing it on purpose to do things low key for now. and u are right she has the face, body and articulation. In my opinion tho, it is not all about the girl’s story alone etc to earn a high placement. That for me is just to give their show a good rating with a little spice of drama. Being an MU winner is a job and i do think the organization’s priority is to find a girl who has a heart and someone who can defend and represent their brand. Rachel picks up quickly and can speak her mind. The org for sure does observations during activities. Don’t worry, Rachel has the goods ❤️

    Lastly, handling one’s enterprise/shop/company first handedly or whatever you call is still considered entrepreneurship. You actually get to manage every business function as an owner. Having employees from that location is already a form of local employmeny.

    • If that is part of the game plan, I wish the handlers well. My opinion though is not about back stories of candidates, although I agree they push up media ratings, but rather about the candidate’s personal brand which has to be compatible with the branding direction of MOU. My reading is that the direction of MU brand is towards woman empowerment. Can Rachel be an excellent spokesperson for woman empowerment? I think YES! She communicates very well. She has good education. All there is to be done is hype more on her entrepreneurial drive and skills, and her passion for surfing. I have been hoping to hear of news about her involvement in some livelihood programs in CamSur or Siargao, or about how her business boosts the local economy in Siargao. I have been hoping to hear of stories about her involvement in the development of surfing in the country, or promotion of the Philippines as a surfing destination. Yes, she was awarded as one of the “Women of Style and Substance” by one respected organisation. But there was not much hype about it. I was hoping to hear why she was accorded that honour. What I have been seeing is much focus on her physique, when I think there are a lot more interesting facets to her personality.

      • well yes i do agree to ur statements. I hope the camp can take notice to ur suggestions. This will be a great marketing tactic a few weeks before the pageant. thanks for the clarification and i appreciate seeing a person like you who actually writes in a light manner for the betterment of our reps and their handlers.

        As of the moment, i think its still okay to start hyping with her physique in order to attract people. In the upcoming weeks, ur suggestion will be nice to hook the followers more.

  4. Katawan ang lola Rachel niyo pero for me hindi pa din consistent ang picas niya… mas maganda cya light make up last event nag attend cya yong naka white gown with miss world Philippines laura simply but beautiful ang lola niyo… traight hair looks more younger to her than web-web churva.

    current ranking of MUO as of Oct.01


    Nagsisimula na sila ng judging ngayon pa lang!!! CHAR!!!

      12. FRANCE
      13. COLOMBIA
      14. VENEZUELA
      15. PERU
      16. SPAIN
      17. CAMBODIA
      18. NEPAL
      19. MALTA

  6. Pag ako sumali sa Miss Universe magpapagahasa muna ako pero di ako magpabuntis para may pukong inang Backstory nayan.

    • bkit kc nauuso yang back story na yan…di b pwedeng sapat na yung mula pagkabata pangarap mo na maging beauty queen kaya inilaan mo na buhay mo sa paghahanda ng sarili mo

  7. Rachel is undoubtedly ravishing. But the branding direction of MUO, as gleaned from the recent Miss USA contest, tilts towards empowered women. Under new management, I noticed MU’s brand essence is evolving. It’s “confidently beautiful” marketing tagline is shifting focus: from physical beauty as main source of confidence to inner beauty– brains, character, achievements, social compassion…

    I don’t know the game plan of her handlers, but I’ve yet to see a hype on Rachel outside the physical beauty department. But physical beauty, especially along the Western archetype, is an overcrowded battlefield. But what if the judges, in the name of diversity and inclusiveness, choose an Oriental or African beauty archetype? After all, there is no universal beauty standard as it is culturally-defined.

    Undoubtedly, Rachel is an articulate speaker. But language facility is one thing; content is another. Effective communication of ideas requires a solid undergirding from whatever field she is engaged in, or excelling in. So far, there is no hype surrounding her preoccupations in life, aside from her sorties to her upscale coffee shop in a surfing mecca in the south.

    My honest opinion is, at this point, the perception on the brand Rachel Peters is purely physical beauty. I know there are other exciting dimensions to her brand but these are not communicated properly. Images of her surfing weekends do not seem to translate to passion for physical fitness, nor promotion of surfing as a sport, nor promotion of the Philippines as a surfing paradise. Images of her hands-on management of her coffee shop do not seem to translate to entrepreneurial drive, promotion of local employment or use of local raw materials. In order words, the exciting things about her persona do not seem to be communicated well.

    I’m sure MOU staff are doing background research on the official candidates. I hope they find the more exciting dimensions of her persona.

    • TEH, chill matagal pa ang November 26 may ilang weeks pa para i-promote or i-workout yung content niya as a woman.

      • Not quite. I just want to help our Phil representative. I happen to be on vacation from overseas work, so I have all the time in the world.

    • Hoy Jusgre, wala ka pang work? Masyado mong sineseryoso! At tsaka, anong alam mo kay Rachel, kasalanan ba nyang maging anak mayaman sya? Am sure she has a good story to tell. So shut up

    • And so as the rest of the 70+ girls who were crowned. Flashback to Iris, Wala Rin naman siyang backstory back then. Yung mga nakapanoond ng live ng prelims na may mga bitbit na notes pa Wala siya sa listahan nila kesyo mahaba daw ang mukha eklavu and kahit sa mga daily event Wala rin siyang mga paandar. Lalo naman si Raquel na Wala talaga sa radar.

      Could it be their profile? Eh si Andrea estudyante pa Lang din pero tinalo si Maxine na rumarampa na. Totoo nga Sabi ni Jonas, it’s about “luck” and luck favors the prepared.

      • True last year edition sa top 3, only Colombia ang nasa radar ng lahat before and during the pre-pageant days… parang final performance matter a lot plus luck.

    • Bakla, you are so troubled. OA mo! Dont overanalyze things. I bet sa totoong buhay wala kang narating kasi na paralyzed ma sa kakaanalyze. Relax! Naawa ako sayo.

  8. If she makes the top 13-15 , it will be non-stop from there. She has got great body and she looks really classy in EG. Unfortunately , it takes a lot of luck to win the crown . U have to answer the question the best way possible and the judges have to like u . Fluency is not enough . Remember Olivia J Nia Sanchez etc lost to the much less articulate candidates.

  9. The eyes, again. She could use some intensity, emotion, anything. She’s pretty but the eyes are always blank.

    • Well , Miss France looked very relaxed throughout the whole competition … with no fire at all . But she won over the more ‘eager’ Colombia Haiti and Thailand .
      It really all depends on How the judges see them . After all, most candidates are there ‘eager’ to win it .

  10. Beautiful, captivating shots ! And those killer legs and that hot bod . . . will take everyone’s breathe away . . . Slowly but surely making some noise, Rachel is . . . Watch out, Vegas … 🙂

  11. KF has been very quiet with her training. I think it is a good move given that everybody’s eyes are on her. I think Thailand has a very good chances of winning this year as they found a candidate that has good command of the English language. Gone are the days where the winner is chosen based on beauty alone.

  12. With the new MUO, it’s hard to predict how anyone will do. Although, I do suspect the short list will consist of the Vegas usual suspects (USA – story: “nuclear scientist” and Vegas, Philippines, Mexico – story: “earthquake”) and the rest of the usual suspects Venezuela, France, Brazil (all multi-ethnic “story”) and Indonesia, Colombia, Thailand (pretty pageant ladies, but not clear what their stories are).

    Rachel’s “story” is being held under lock & key. As it should be. This is what is going to set the final pack apart from the rest. I think USA and Mexico will come on strong especially since they are both on their home turf to some degree. Rachel is on the same pageant home turf, but how will she set herself apart? Those legs alone won’t seal the deal… but they look phenomenal as does the rest of her in these shots. Will it be multi-cultural, wordly upbrining? Will it be familiarity with government and politics? Will it be businesswoman? Determined pageant runner up? All three???

    True, there is no hype around her. But I think KF learned a lot from their last MU stint with MJ. MJ was always going to be hyped to the heavens, and it made her an easy target. I’d rather people think Rachel was going to go nowhere, because that’s when you strike the hardest…

    • Hype is good.. it’s publicity and it doesn’t hurt for the prelims/finals judges to know there’s buzz around a candidate. These guys do their research prior to events so silence will not help.

      MJ had a shot, but that sabotaged white dress at the finals did her in.

  13. i have can absolutely find no fault in these photos/stylings
    please keep this up, right colors, right hairstyle

    well, not meaning to objectify her here, but that is some bootie!!!

  14. lovely, but there is no hype around here yet … it’s south africa right now, iceland and indonesia but if Rachel makes the top 6 or 5, she will definitely ace the Q&A

    • yung mga maagang hinahype may umay factor na sa kanila come pageant night…iuka nga ni Shamcey Supsup…know when to peak and lay low…para di ka maubusan ng bala

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