6 comments on “Departing Soon: Teresita Ssen Marquez

  1. Regular facial beauty and regular height…..besides her dancing ability and her parents’ name (na parehong has beens and won’t carry any weight outside Manila anyway)…what else can she offer? A fit body? That’s a plus…assuming of course the rest of her competition are all overweight bwahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!

    • There is no minor or major titles, plus, what’s the use of having lots of runners up like 1st to 4th runner up and only one crown? The other three titles are big help. Maraming masasayang na beauties sa MEP kung wala silang ibang lalabanan.

    • I mean maraming masasayang sa MWP kung iisang title lang ang ibibigay. Bakit wala kang angal sa Binibini? They have more other titles aside from Universe and International.

  2. Jusko nasa mgi ang mga comments kc painit na ang labanan hihihi😄
    C zabeth muna now ha Reyna Teresita then you’re next hihihi 😋

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