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  1. In the end, manang Julia still picks the winner. It’s almost an exercise in futility and heartbreak joining this pageant.

  2. AV sitting as one of the judges is just Lola Julia’s way of wooing him to pursue hosting MW in the Philippines. Laura will probably reach top 10 or top 5 but most likely a European will win this year. Catriona will join Bbp 2018, win it all. hihihi.

    • Avah sunggavan na ni Vegaonfria na maging judge para maexpose ang beauty nya internationally dahil sayang ang kanyang ganda kung itatago lng hihiji 😄

    • please guys, do not campaign for Catriona in BBP 2018. 24 pa sya nun baka mapunta sa MIP. 2019 is the best year for her para 25 na sya tapos sureball MUP na (and i also read na 2019 nya talaga planong sumali)

      • im trying to see how Rachel’s future placement is related to my comment. If you meant na kailangan nating magbounce back agad agad next year kung hindi man magplace si Rachel this year, marami tayong reserbang beauties. wag nating madaliin si Cat kasi baka ma-Janicel sya. I’d rather wait for her kahit matagal kesa madaliin sya tapos mapupunta lang sya sa MIP (lam mo naman si madam minsan sinusumpong). Ok na yung 2019 (even 2020) for her para MUP na talaga

  3. Winn ef is going to be Miss China or Miss Indonesia!! Just stay home Laura and get ready for Binibining Pilipinas 2019

  4. Seriously? Is it confirmed? Kung totoo yan, then hindi tayo natoto sa nangyari nong time ni Catriona. We bashed Julia Morley for having two NDs sit as judge then here it is, our own MWP ND will also sit as judge this year? Asan na ang delicadeza natin nyan at ni Arnold V kung sakaling totoo yan? Nakakahiya! On the hindsight, it could be Julia Morley’s ploy to mum us if Laura does not make it in the final cut. Win or lose, our rivals and detractors will use it against us.

    • Oops! This should be posted below as reaction to Ana Winter’s ‘not-so-flattering item’ about Arnold Vegafria sitting as MW judge. My bad.

    • I dunno what MW has got to do with this move, but I agree with your views, EQ. Arnold has told media people during the press conference of the MWP 2017 titleholders’ contract signing with Regal Films about that MWO invitation. Kaloka.

      • Yan ay paghihigante ni lola Julia sa nagbabash sa kanya kaya na kpag umabot ng top 5 c valerie este laura ay Dahil ang ND na c Vegaonfria ay judge dahil pang top 20 lng daw ang peg ni laura hihiji Cherette 😗

  5. pahihirapan lang mga girls! Di naman makatotohanan yang mga fast track-fast track chu chu chu na yan! As if may bearing?!! As if may weight talaga mga uupong judges?! As if reliable results?! SUCH A WASTE OF TIME!! #NOtomessworldcookingshowEVER

  6. Russia will be Miss World 2017. USA will be First Princess. Poland will be Second Princess.

    A Celebration of Blondes! 🙂

    Pity Ms. Lehmann that some Filipinos are still reluctant to support her as she appeals for Mobstar votes. And even Mr. Vegafria’s service on the Board of Judges (above) could boomerang! (Sigh) 😦

  7. ha!
    her half-open mouth
    reminded me a little bit of vintage brigitte bardot

    good to see laura can turn on the heat, too

  8. That’s terrible. Sayang lang si LL. Whether she wins or not the results will still be questionable.

  9. Laura is steaming hot in her photos. I know that she and her team are preparing well for the competition in Sanya. However, I just read a not-so-flattering item that Arnold Vegafria will be sitting as one of the judges on the coronation night. This will block Laura’s chances to win the crown back home. Or, to say the least, Miss World Philippines or Arnold himself will be put on a bad light if Laura enters the semis, deserving or not.

    Just last year, the Indonesian MW franchise holder (or rep?) was bashed to death because he (or she?) sit as judge in the pageant, and their candidate got a beautiful spot she did not beautifully deserve. I hope Arnold Vegafria rethinks about the invitation.

    • That’s terrible. Sayang lang si LL. Whether she wins or not the results will still be questionable.

    • Strategy ng MW to invite Arnold to slap or smear mud on our face!

      Tignan mo? Karay-karay ni Hulya Yung buong entourage nung d2 sila pero cold pa Rin and social media sa kanila!

      But it’s still Arnold’s call if he will bite the bait. Pakiwari ko napipikon na si Hulya na wa epek ang mga pabebe moves niya! Kung di ba naman siya bobita – sa lahat ng pupulitikahin niya eh si CatGray pa na napaka-Strong ng fan base!

    • Well Pacquiao was a judge when MJ competed at laglag ang ganda nya sa top 5 hihihi…. The problem with Indonesia is that she was up against some really prepared candidates. Djusko sa Q&A nga laglag ang beks. hihihi

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