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  1. Miss Grand International 2017 National Costume Competition, Sun Spa Resort, Quang Binh, Vietnam

  2. Clenci’s moves and styling are too spot on to the point of being too calculated and contrived..very reminiscent of catriona’s foray a year before..I hope she won’t suffer the same fate..

    • May punto ka bes. Apir! hihihi Mga besh wag masyadong mag expect knowing this is Nawat’s pageant and Indo is gunning for back to back. hihihi

      • Agree… Clenci’s moves look natural while Catriona’s were obviously stiff, noticeably rehearsed, and calulated even her legs were so stiff.

    • No offense, but Catriona’s downcoming was she was so stiff and rehearsed. Not a popular opinion then and now, but I always felt with Catriona that you could see her “thinking” always when she was competing. Even when not on stage.

      Clenci does have pageant moves, but is more spontaneous. More of the unaffected carefree Aussie vibe still visibly there…

  3. and and and wala na bang maisip ipagawa ang organizers aside sa magpakilala ng… Elizabeth Clenci… Miss Grand Philippines. LOL

    • Corny na nga yang intro. Just call the girls and let them walk. hihihi Sobrang OA na.

      • In fairness, Miss Earth level corniness. At least walang pa sayaw-sayaw and scream




        lol Hahahahahahahhahahha

      • Hihihi. What’s more annoying is that same sound being played every time they introduce themselves. huh.

  4. This look is soooo perfect! My favorite look so far. I was kinda hesitant with the super tight high bun. though she looked beautiful naman. This hairstyle is superb. I love it. I also love her wardrobes. sana marami pa siyang pasabog at hindi maging ‘expected’ lagi ang silhouette / style ng wardrobes niya.

    but nonetheless, sino man ang pumili ng mga susuotin niya, eh napaka ganda ng sense of style. if may stylist/team or kung siya man ang namili talaga… sana tulungan si Rachel. LOL char lang. pero honest lang naman. LOL

    National costume show is at 8pm today, excited ako how she will look like with the TNalak natcos niya.

  5. I am definitely digging her aura.

    Clearly more polished and prepared, yet carefree at the same time.

    Confident but not cocky. Focused but not desperate. Classy but fun. Competitive but not trying too hard.

    Seems to be getting along well with the other girls too.

    KF should be proud.

  6. I have such high hopes for Clenci especially how she makes herself effortlessly stand out everytime they are presented to the press. She has a commanding presence, on point wardrobe and a good speaker at that. She may not be facially superior but beauty is subjective, and her packaging makes up for everything. My only point of concern is that politics in beauty pageants always come into play. I just wish that the beauty pageant gods will finally give us this grand controversial crown then we can set our sights to the elusive intercontinental crown. Peace.

    • @ Numeriano Francisco : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      You meant elusive “Grand International” crown, probably?

      But it is interesting that you said “Intercontinental”. Indeed, Ms. Clenci in the red number reminds us of Ms. Jen Hammond last year in Sri Lanka.

      • Hi andrew! When i said elusive Intercontinental crown, i meant that after Clenci hopefully gets the first MGI controversial crown (also kinda elusive, altho MGI is still relatively new), Filipino pageant fanatics should anticipate Katarina’s bid for the “elusive” Intercontinentl crown 😉

        Btw, I admire your relevant posts and comments always on this site 😉

  7. this look is so perfect. Specially her hair! Bagay na bagay sakanya. mas gusto ko yung ganitong hairstyle kesa yung tight bun. ❤

  8. She looks great 👍 every day
    However , she just babbled her way through her speech during her b-day celebration

    • I’ve noticed it too in all of her interviews. I hope she’ll try to practice more in the q and a.

  9. She is nailing each and every event!

    From her personality to wardrobe…
    She is in it to win it!!!

    Again the wardrobe is flawless…
    Minimal yet modern… which makes you focus on her face…. fierce… exotic… Gorgeous!!!…

    We have a winner!!! 😀

  10. She is the fashion icon in this year’s batch ! Everywhere she goes, she is always dressed to the nines ! You can just always feel her presence each time you see her in photos and in motion !
    Not that I’m being partial to our bet, but, she has that very strong presence that is always there.
    Good luck, Liz ! 🙂

  11. Jusko mahiya naman kau kay Elizabeth mga TAE… Koronahan nyu na yan!!!! Magkaroon naman kayo ng hiya minsan lang. Hindi ung puro insecure nalang kau sa mga Pinay tulad ng mga Brazilian at ng GB garbage site.

    • Pordoy na ang BbPilipinas hihihi 😄
      C Kat, Chanel and Mariel lng daw ang bibihisan ng galing sa lumang baul hihihi 😋cherette

  12. Thanks Norman for reliving my timeless quote. Char lang.

    Anyway, kudos to the people behind Liz’s fashion. She is soooo alta!

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