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  1. I think Rachel needs to join acting workshops ASAP to develop her eye expressions… Pia had it cuz she had workshops during her formative years in showbiz which took advantage of in her pageant perfrmances… So I feel that there is a hude demand for Rachel to undergo the same thing.. I’m sure it will work wonders in her future still photos which is very vital during the actual promotional pictures of MU.

  2. this is the hairstyle i like on her

    i thought she looked better in brighter
    stronger colors not so much the darker ones

  3. I love her body, her super duper killer legs. I know that they are experimenting on different hairstyles/make up.. However, my main concern is that.. Her eyes. blanko masyado. walang emotions. walang feelings.

    • Correct. Kulang talaga sya sa smize. Parang nakatingin lang talaga sya sa camera. Walang story, emotion or anything. Sana meron mag- coach sa kanya.

  4. Another exciting edition for 66th MU. I’m wondering what are they looking for this time. Ang daming facially beautiful and wow physique. I’m looking forward what will be the surprises MUO have.

    My gut feel is our bet, Rachel Peters (I’m not a fan at first because I’m rooting for Nelda Ibe for MUP) will surely make it in Top 6 given the excellent body tone she has right now and good comunication skills . It’s all up to luck if she get the judges nod during the Top 6 Q&A until the Final 3 question.

    To Rachel, the people of Pampanga wish you well. I will pray for your victory.

  5. Her body looks awesome!… legs for days!..
    I like the wardrobe… But there is something a bit off…. I think this is the 1st time, the racoon eyes is not working for the facial features of our BBP winner… It worked before for Ariela, Shamcey, Pia, Venus, Maxine, Janine, and even MJ.. but as for Rachel…. I don’t know…. maybe because of her unconventional facial proportions… But then again, her body totaly makes up for it hands down… Gorgeous! 🙂

    • She has a killer body pero kulang talaga sa smize. She is just posing and not telling us any story at all. Just another day on the job.

  6. Killer long legs, Rachel has ! Hopefully, her mentors will eventually find and discover the right styling for her ( maybe Elizabeth (after here MGI stint, can help her out – Liz succeeds in this department with flying colors). Good luck, Rachel 🙂

  7. I think Rachel and the team did not like the first picture at all, however they agreed to release it for publicity purposes. They knew that people would react differently; see it’s working? Did you see her neck? No. The angle/level of the shot is awkward and it’s impossible for the photographer’s caliber not to notice it. This is, after all, a STRATEGY.

  8. Ang daming nagmamarunong na naman! She needs to experiment different styles, make ups, thematic shoots to improve her versatility. Remember Miss Universe is owned by IMG and they want a UNIVERSAL beauty not just a one sided beauty. Look at Pia. You can make up her in any style and shades and outfit and she still continues to rock it.

  9. I’m the number one fan of Rachel but please never ever do this kind of pictorial ever again
    That second pic is just uughh! She looks like fading porn star with all those leather ensemble.
    Please Rachel dahlinnn listen to your instinct huwag makinig sa mga baklang papangit

  10. I just watched Magandang Buhay as someone suggested below. Rachel is pretty with minimal make up, she has a very symmetrical face, dazzling smile and articulate. I agree that photos don’t do her justice. Especially editorial photos. How to solve?

    World Peace.

    • Yes napanood ko rin, ang ganda ganda nya! I didn’t know fluent pala syang mag-tagalog. Her brother is cute also.

  11. I therefore conclude:Rachel is NOT photogenic at all BUT she is a force of nature when in MOTION.. She is 100x prettier live but her pictures do not represent how gorgeous she is in person.

  12. Waaaaay too severe styling! She looked better with light make up. She looks 50 in these photos . Please just let her be ! Enough with these stylists and photographers trying to force their visions of what a MU should look like. ENOUGH! You are ruining her chances !
    Go Rachel!

      • Please get your eyes checked ! Even us who love and are rooting for Rachel know these photos don’t do her justice. The best way to help her win is to offer constructive criticism not to blindly flatter her.

      • Gurlaloo I always get my eyes checked every year. Don’t you see that the second photo is a stolen shot of the pictorial? It means the camera did not capture that angle where she meant to pose.

        Also you complain about heavy make up? You have to remember that she needs versatility in her looks esp when she shoots different themes. If she wins, she cannot just say she wants a specific make up. She will be handled by so many different make up artists who would will experiment with different looks. If her beauty does not allow for versatility eh di clapper tau this year.

    • That fist pic is so severe . Even you can admit that sort of styling doesn’t suit her. It’s one thing to be versatile if you have a perfect symmetrical face like Maxine but Rachel is different . Thank god Rachel has smarts that can carry her far in the completion . Just I hope she stands up to these so called stylists . By this point she knows what looks good on her face : less is more .

  13. Her styling, pose, clothing and her body are really superb. She will hit the ground running – – if only these are the requirements.


    There is really something about her face that is not fetching at all. The second picture in particular made her look like an over the hill, tired street walker. Is it the droopy eyes or the the droopy mouth ?

    I really, really want to like her. But I can’t put my finger on it : Is she worse smiling or not smiling?

    She for me remains a “dark horse”…literally and figuratively.

    World Peace.

  14. saw her guesting on Magandang Buhay….she looks great,. Nice body and make up…her brother looks equally good too,,hihihi

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