30 comments on “Miss Scuba Philippines 2017 Winners

  1. OMG sana ganito na mukha ni rachel during pageant. hindi mukhang dry. I love it!! and rachel suits with high fashion clothes. kailangan cya magmukhang mamahalin!! Ipadala na ung dapat ipadala sa kanya na body shine/shimmer liquids hihi especially sa SS portion 😀 GOSH MAKAPAG.IMAGINE AKO. SHE WILL LOOK LIKE A GODDESS!

    she also needs to master the make-up that won’t let her look dry. tapos ung hair nya sana may choices na cya at hindi ung usual curls niya kagaya ni MJ. We don’t like to see 1 hairstyle lng throughout the pageant. Tapos ung make-up that will match her hair as well to bring out her beauty.

    • daming request…magpresinta ka kaya sa KF as part of rachel’s glam team para personal mong masabi lahat yan

      • hi i just wanted to share my thoughts and wala naman nega dun. wala akong connection to the camp. im simply a student and one of the readers here who’s giving her full support to rachel. Who knows? eh baka makita nila ung comment since well known naman ung blog ni tito norms sa kanila. I think we are all aware naman din na the blogger also reads comments from his write-ups.

        im simply a fan and follower that has her own set of opinions. Included there are tiny gaps that i noticed which the pageant camps can take note of. I have no access to sharing my requests straight to them. If i actually had, there’s no need for me to comment here 😉

        hugs ❤️

    • Ambot lang ha kay tingalig nagdamgo lang ko kay murag nagdaot nga MJ akong nakit-an sa iyaha 😄lol
      Bawi nman tayo sa sash factor at swimsuit competition.
      The least rank is top 10 parang MJ. Why?
      Sash factor = Top 15 or 12 tapos magkiaykiay na ang top 15 sa swimsuit(may laban c rachel) = Top 10… next is Evening Gown, ampo nlang ta million times para maTop5 hihihi 😗
      Good Luck Rachel😋

      • Makaya lagi na basta flexible ang styling. Styling lang and wardrobe ang kulang. I hope she’ll show different styles during the pageant. from an exotic goddess to a mestiza looking girl. Make-up lang talaga. 😀

  2. Hi Norman, Thanks for keep on following events and things happening here in Philippines 😀 Last night I was delivering the price for best smile and I would like to ask you if you or one of your friends got any pictures of us, (Because I didn’t 😥 ) and I feel like it was a memorable moment for us.

  3. Based on the pictures:
    Lady on the left looks like Nicole Schmitz
    Winner looks like Karla Bautista
    Lady on the right looks looks like Maricar Tolosa

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