9 comments on “Elizabeth Clenci: Official Portraits

  1. Primadonna!
    I don’t see her in the top 5, seriously. That KF thingy, ewww. Trying har Datlag’s.

  2. Liz most definitely is a stand out wherever she goes ! Her aura and the way she carries herself is almost flawless it makes you feel she is in it to win it 110% 🙂 Go go go, Liz 🙂 Keep it up, girl !

  3. ang pre pageant activities ng MGI ay puro photoshoot, wala talagang clear advocacy si Uncle Nawat,piniperahan pa mga shallow fans ,ang lakas pa ng loob mag self proclaimed as third biggest pageant. Lol

    • Miss Earth has more candidates than Miss Grand so I don’t know how he measures pageant size to claim third biggest. hihihi

      • @4M i think nawatt and indos basis to be one of the top in pageants is glamour. expensive venues, expensive foods and expensive chair. stage production. yan ang basis nila. but now pageants evolved. advocacy is the most important thing in pageant nowadays. yun naman ang dapat. iba iba ang pageants but they should have their own advocacy and they should work for it if they want to be at the top. i can rate MGI as 2nd or even 1st sa stage production but over all as of now 2nd or 3rd in the lowest.

      • @jed Last year’s production in Vegas was subpar to the Thailand production in the past. I actually thought it was very mediocre. They do a good job with making it glitzy but overall I thought Supra was better last year.

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