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  1. miss philippines karen ibasco wins miss earth 2017! congratulations miss philippines for winning the 4th miss earth crown for our country. we are proud of you!

  2. Kahapon hin-highlight ng mga detractors Yung mga monoblock chairs sa seminar nila sa DENR at kinumpara dun sa kabila na soccy naman talaga dahil sa hotel. Sana ang ginawa na Lang ng ME kc inimbitahan Yung speaker sa hotel at dun na Lang ginawa Yung activities. Pati yung packed lunch napansin din. Sana Rin kc nagpa-cater na Lang dun sa site at ginawang buffet style. Mahilig kc mga Pinoy sa ganyan na mga “packed lunch” na chipipay naman talaga tignan.

    ButI na Lang na-offset dahil nagimbita sila ng mga bloggers na kumuha nung event kagabi including Norman. And naka buffet style nanaman sila. Naayos na ng ME yan last year, nag-revert back nanaman. They still have 3 weeks and hopefully di na maulit.

    Sana din nag imbita sila ng mga pageant admin sa social media tulad nila Oyelle at Laila, sila Yung magagaling mag neutralize ng mga negative publicity.

  3. Winners of the Environmental Group Presentation

    Gold – Western and Central Europe

    Silver – South America

    Bronze – Africa

  4. Thailand’s gorgeous but I don’t see her as a winner yet. European delegates like Poland, Switzerland and the Netherlands, have the likeability and possibility to win. Tongas’s pretty too. Based on their body languages, almost everyone seems sincere to the advocacy. For sure narrowing 90 to 16 will be a headache.

    • Oo nga mukha silang sincere, kaw ba naman nagtiis sa welcome dinner sa bakuran ng isang bahay sa mandaluyong na sobrang init.

      • I actually like it. This is a sign that this pageant is more than just glamour.

      • Saktong warm siguro kasi Ber months naman.

        Sa mayaman, sa garden or clubhouse pag private events, pang-corporate events ang hotel.

  5. Panama is stunning…she’s like a doll…I also like Mexico,PR,Thailand, USA,Austria,Angola,Venezuela,Ecuador, etc…actually I see 20-25 excellent girls…and the good thing is they need only 15. A lot of options to choose from by the ME org

  6. Ayyy. .. may kainan hihihi 😄
    I’ll enjoy working basta may lafang na unlimited hihihi 😗
    Kumusta na kaya c imang sa kandungan ni mamang pulis sa Sagada hihihi 😄
    Ang lamig doon, tsalap tsalap c imang doon kc binubusog cya lagi ni lakay pulis hihihi 😗

  7. Good luck to all the contestants! Ecuador, Poland and Hungary are beautiful! I know that Thailand is a favourite, but I personally don’t find her the best in this batch. She looks better in photos and I find her to be too Caucasian-looking. A lot of the half-Thai delegates seem to share this trait. Their mix leans more to their Caucasian side than to their Asian side unlike the Half-Filipino delegates. For example, Pia W still looks very much a Filipina even with her German mix. And so did Megan Young. They have a nice balance of their features.

  8. Wow, Ibasco looks better . I think she may justify a finalist spot if she stays that way . I just hope the pageant lets other reps to shine .
    Pls sacrifice Ibasco . It’s fine.

  9. In fer the candidates are really beautiful and this pageant seems to attract a lot of countries etc. Good for Miss Earth. I think the only missing component is the pageant production quality so it can be proudly shown to the global audience.

    • I hope the hosts have good command of the English language . It makes it easier to watch the show.
      I think that’s why MGI appears better . It’s like a mini MU on finals night . In fairness though, ME is getting better and better .
      I just hope they select better looking finalists .

  10. O ayan na mga vaks..coverage ng homegrown pageant nyo..marami nag gagandahan dito kumpara sa MGi..nandyan si Ecuador, si Venezuela, etc.

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