12 comments on “Meet-and-Greet with Nia Sanchez and Tegan Martin

  1. Hi Norman, I liked the photography made by Joy Arguil, I would like to ask you if it is possible for you to share with me his/her contact since I am interested in getting this specific quality of portrait. Thanks

  2. lets wait for the CF to come out. Maybe PLDTs proposition is about its global presence especially in the US and Australia.. Grabe kung maka react naman yung iba.. isip isp naman konti from the marketing perspective..

  3. Nothing against the two as endorsers..d naman ako ang may ari ng pldt/smart..sa akin lang, meet and greet, pero sila sila lang..anu un..

  4. Nako natipuan yan hihihi…. Maybe MJ has something to do with this? hihi. I have to say this batch is very closed knit with the exception of Paulina.

  5. Bakit sila?
    Yan din ang malaking tanong ko hijihi 😗
    Cocoy Dayao, nasaan ka na 😋
    Huwag kang magtago at kailangang sagutin mo to kung sinong mga dilawan ang sangkot sa mga panlolokong ito 🤗hijihi. ..ang sayasaya lng😂 cherette

  6. nothing against other races pero colonial mentality pa rin at caucasians ang kinuhang endorsers for a local brand? not unless i-endorse nila ang pldt at smart sa AU at US.

  7. they came here in the Philippines as part of a 10 days marketing activity of an Australian travel agency called One Life Adventures. With them are the other Australian models including Miss Universe Australia 2012 Renae Ayris. They already been to Palawan. Check their Instagram please for updates.


  8. why past miss u candidates as endorsers? they don’t even have a huge following in the country

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