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  1. ‘Dreams” ang title ng song ni Clenci, not “Thunder only happens when it Rains”. it’s an original by Stevie Nicks of the Fleetwood Mac band

  2. Clenci is not the most facially stunning. Neither is sge tall. But effortless ang bruha! She commands attention and she talks like the leader of the pack. Not being biased here ha. I was actually not sure why she won bb pilipinas then, but now i super get it!

  3. Elizabeth is in it to win it!!!
    She could actually win this wow! 😀
    I’m so excited!

  4. I was able to vis a vis with my Vietnam friend. Sabi nila yung rep ng Pilipinas napaka regal daw.

  5. From what I have seen so far, Liz has definitely that “X” factor way more than enough to bag the MGI 2017 crown – intelligence, catwalk, regal and queenly bearing. She definitely commands attention once she starts moving and talking. This girl’s got class ! Good grief I’d be floored if she doesn’t win it all the way ! Good luck, Liz 🙂

  6. Clenci becomes more beautiful in motion…I like the way she walks and her presence is strong that really commands attention. She’s very classy. And I want the way she do the smize/smirk thing…similar to pia wurtzbach

  7. Ganda!!!!! Galing nila Bonita. Nicole C was also part of the wardrobe “picking” thing. Muka syang mayaman at bagong laba palagi. Bahala na sila Kung pulitikahin nila tayo. Basta Alam ko si Clenci and class. Nagpadala tayo ng Hindi attention whore at may bearing.

    • @ Lai – this girl is definitely the one to beat. Andun na tayo, di siya katangkaran, pero my goodness, para siyang 6 footer pag lumakad at titiingala ka talaga at mapapanganga ! Very classty 🙂

    • she has everything that pageant organizations looking for. mapa MU or MW or even MI pwede din magaling naman ang KF sa international. Politics lang ang problem pagdating sa coronation night. si nawatt pa rin ang masusunod. inside my mind, mukang malabo maibigay ni nawatt ang crown sa PH and also in US. both countries owned a pageants na kinakalaban nya. 1st runner up is the highest na kaya nyang ibigay. But lets see

  8. she looks lovely in these photos
    super sharp, polished and very elegant

    oh why did you choose that fleetwood mac song.
    that has some high pitches and fast changes in pace
    and tone.. a very brave choice

  9. OT: Just would like to share the gorgeous creations of Michael Cinco. His creations are DIVINE!

    • thanks for sharing, @PageantLuv
      very nice, elegant work. i especially like the lapis lazuli blue stuff
      i wonder if men would actually wear those rococo-style outfits, though

  10. These photos are the kind of photos that shall be sent to organizations for official posting on their page. Raymond Saldana’s pieces should be the ones that are posted online. As i’ve noticed, our candidates lack these kind of decent shoots which can’t be found upon searching in google. For the future editions of Bb Pilipinas, I would suggest them to make use of pushing a good strategy of marketing as well. One way would be publishing this kind of quality photoshoots. And avoid letting the girls wear the usual cropped sando with Bb Pilipinas printed. I hope they change that. In my own opinion, i don’t like it.

  11. Elizabeth is a bassist. It would be great if she sings with an instrument .Naku tipid na si Angkol once he crowned Elizabeth all in 1 package

    • Jackie Clenci is competing against a lot of pleasant beauties including Peru India Venezuela Thailand and Mexico . Peru can talk too .

    • @Fabian how are you?mataas ang expectation ko kay Clenci coz I love her.
      You are right there are lots of stiff competition, matatangkad pa but Im rooting for her after all she is carrying our sash.She can influence others for the”Stop the war” advocacies.
      cost cutting si angkol mura lang ang fare papunta sa pinas 🙂

  12. I will give her a pass for her singing voice but she needs to take more voice lessons. But how Classy Clenci looks… Soooooo divina! hihihi.

    • I agree 4m, but this is beauty and not singing contest😄hijiji
      C Australia ang alam ko na kaagaw ni Clenci sa crown as of today hijiji 😄
      Bumabawi talaga c clenci sa elegance, confidence and intellect kc daming mas maganda sa kanya😗

      • Classy Clenci is total package bong bong jijiji. I agree there are some prettier girls in this batch until they start speaking. Alam ko si Peru ang early favorite nila…

  13. Her still pics are pretty close to the moving pics . She has a great chance

  14. Confident and Elegant 😚
    I love it 😍
    Kumanta rin c Thailand.
    Ayan Gemma ewan ko nlang kung Di xya papansinin ni Nawat dahil may free song c Beth hihihi 😉

    OOT: Update…
    C Alisah twice pinakanta sa 6 chair Challenge buti nlang malakas ang support from the audience to bring her back 😋
    Masaya na ako at nakasama sya sa Judges House.
    I hope mapasama sya sa Girl’s Top 3 for Xfactor’s Final 12 sa Live Show 😍

    • Bong700, Clenci looks a lot more beautiful when she sings.
      Not that I liked the song or the way she sang it . I could not understand the words and the melody was horrible. Did she sing it in tune?

      • Fab, Di nman perfect at Di nman horrible yung pagkakanta ni Elizabeth. Mas may impact nga lang yung song choice ni Thailand kc popular song kaya sing-along din ang audience pero Mas magaling kumanta c Clenci than Thailand.

      • she did…but her voice is shaky..she seems nervous…Thailand’s voice was also okay but she got intonation and pronunciation problems. I couldn’t understand the words. Overall, I would go for clenci

      • Bong very talented
        Wala ng X factor
        Needs a lot of work on the physical side

      • Walang problem sa physical beauty fab, pero kung may personality lng cya katulad ng meron c lady gaga lord (yung another pinay contestant na kuwela at babaeng bakla but eliminated in the boot camp).
        4th impact should have made it in international music industry pero probincyana pa rin ang dating which is baduy at Walang dating sa music world unless kukuha sila ng magaling na PR at top recording company to promote them 😗

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