16 comments on “Sunday Specials: Get ready for Nelda Ibe, Miss Globe 2017!

  1. yuck,, miss globe pageant.. what’s that… very ka cheapang pageant….huag n sumali s mga gnyng pageant, it’s a waste of time….

  2. I think Miss Globe pageant was really non sense… it was so kacheapan tlg to the max.. im just wondering, bkt pinag tyatyagaan ng atng country to send pretty and intelligent binibinis s mga gnto ka wlang prestige and class na beauty contest. for me, there is only 3 pageant, MISS Universe of course is the most prestigious, no question about that, miss world then miss international, un lng, huag ng patulan un mga kung anu anu mga kachepan at never heard n mga pageant n yan.. kung anu anu mga title ng contest,,,, , kakaloka… ka cheapan…

  3. Amos she Willie Revillame’s new regular co host on Wowowin? ID SGE IA, I’m surprised that BPCI has allowed two of their reigning queens to enter shiwvia at the middle of their reign.:

  4. It is very seldom that Power Women candidates emerge in the pageantry world. Global audiences at once look with keen interest on beautiful women in fields where they are least expected to shine. This year, the pageantry world’s eyes are set on candidates with the following professional tags attached to their name– Licensed Pilot (MG), Nuclear Scientist (MU), Physicist (ME).

    I think it will be a business opportunity missed by the organisers of MG if they do not crown Nelda. She’s not just a towering beauty. She definitely can be a credible spokesperson for an organisation trying to carve a bigger niche in the pageantry world. What with a marketing campaign along the lines of “our queen is set to soar us to unparalleled global heights”.

    Fly high, Nelda!

    • just a reminder….. it’s not the organizers who decide who to crown. May mga judges, remember?

  5. Maiba ang usapan. Punta naman tayo sa Mister Universal Ambassador 2017.

    The question is ” As captivating role model, what is a big thing that you will do for the children around the world during your reign? ”

    Mr. Sweden: I will show them to do good. I will show the children to do good things to get a better life and always have a sympathetic and positive attitude. It’s time to give back to all and be gentle and humble to everyone that’s what I want to do. I want to spread love in the world. I want to show the world that you’re a bigger man if you great things and good things to others. Thank you!

    Mr. Vietnam: The big thing that I want to do for all the children around the world is building the education of some skills for them because I think when the children have a good foundation of some skills they will know how to improve and develop their own abilities effectively and they will know how to view their own characters to be captivating, successful and intelligent. Thank you!

    Mr. Philippines: The children of the world needs someone who can become a father, a leader and me, myself I set as an example to lead those children not by instruction but by example. I will show them how to be inspired in how to reach their dreams despite all the negative things around them. I will show them the value of education and faith and manners. Value those things to our children because they are the hope of the future. Thank you!

    Kayo na po ang humusga kung sino ang pinakamaganda ang sagot sa kanila.

    • Ang tiyagang magtype . Wala bang video , Baka sa delivery nagkatalo hihii

    • Salamat naman at ngayon naintindihan ko ang mga tanong at sagot nila.Kailangan mo ang maraming interpreter habang nanonood ka ng video. Isipin mo naman ang host hindi magaling sa English. Binabasa na nga niya ang tanong mali pa ang sinasabi, isipin mo na lang sabi niya resin imbes na reign tapos hindi niya masabi ang captivating. Kaya tuloy si Mr. Sweden napatanga tuloy.

    • Philippines and Vietnam talaga ang maganda ang answer. Pero for me it’s Philippines who delivered it better.
      Siguro the judges have already picked up Vietnam before the q and a.

  6. Cya yata ang kulang sa ganda sa mga binibini winners pero mukhang Cya pa ang mag-uwi ng korona hihihi 😗 cherette

  7. Layo ng Itsura nya sa Glam Shots kumpara sa photos nya sa Send Off. Haay kung may photoshop at filter lang sana sa totoong buhay #AllTeaAllShade

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