11 comments on “Vietnam wins Mister Universal Ambassador 2017; Philippines is 1st Runner-Up

  1. Mga vexcks, nagwet ba mga pex2 nyo sa top 3 kc ako ay Hindi hijihi 😄
    Lahat na ng imahinasyon at pangpa L ay wala pa rin😗😂hijihi
    Para kcing mga pulubi lng sa bars ☺🤗hijihi

  2. Where’s the out-going titlist from Serbia? His Runner-Up (Vietnam) subbed for him… Ang dating tuloy, b2b. 😦

  3. Winner – VIETNAM (Luong Gia Huy)
    1st RU – Iloilo City, PHILIPPINES (Paul Guarnes)
    2nd RU – SWEDEN (Johannes Ulmefors)
    In Top 5
    3rd RU – INDONESIA (Gilbert Pangalila)
    4th RU – INDIA (Rohit Jakhar)
    Mr Universal Ambassador Oceania – Australia
    Mr Universal Ambassador Europe – Hungary
    Mr Universal Ambassador Africa – Algeria
    Mr Universal Ambassador Asia – India
    Mr Universal Ambassador America – Nicaragua
    Mr Photogenic – Uzbekistan
    Mr Congeniality – Malaysia
    In Top 10: Uzbekistan, Nicaragua, Hungary, Malaysia and Thailand
    Best in National Costume – Nicaragua

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