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  1. India Peru Mexico for the win.
    Thailand Vietnam PR Brazil also look good
    Clenci is full of grace but her facial expressions look unnatural.

  2. Bakit walang feature tungkol sa Miss Earth eh di na nagsimula na ring magdatingan ang mga candidates?

    • Really ? Isn’t Miss Esrth one of the top 3 pageants in the world?
      Can anyone explain this?
      MGI with a very cheap way of sashing the candidates is being given so much attention

      • We were just trying to get a rise out of Norman .. in a good-spirited way. Pls know how to read b/w the lines

      • Fabian may write up na ang blogger tungkol sa Miss Earth pero isang candidate lang si Miss Australia kumain daw sila sa Sumo San ba yun? Hihihihihi
        Nakakasad lang kasi kailangan ko pang pumunta sa ibang blog para sa ME update eh dito lang naman ako lagi pumupunta

      • Jeremi u r s naughty little thing hihihi
        I believe Norman has integrity . I don’t think he can be bought by a mere 5star dinner . I’m sure more will come abt Miss earth

      • Fabie joke lang pero parang malapit na ako maniwala sa sinasabi ni Angelo Reyes tungkol sa pagkain noong ni Bianca Guidotti hihihihi

    • The too much attention on MGI, this “trying hard” pageant with a trite delusional “stop the war” advocacy, also baffles me. In terms of advocacy and production value, ME certainly is way ahead of MGI. The name alone is outlandish and non sequitur (What is “grand” about “international”?). I know entries are the prerogative of the blogger, and prerogatives stem out of personal preferences and biases, and even blogging economics. I can’t fault him for that. But reactions like this from followers indicate reader interests and preferences.

      Much as we welcome entries about RHA, a newbie in the Filipinos’ pageantry radar, we also hunger for news about ME whose international candidates are now arriving in waves.

      • Tinitipid kc nila c Momma N.😄
        Jawzkuh mas nag concentrate sila sa pagharbat kesa magbigay. 😗
        Sayang ang pera at ibili nlang daw ng druga 😋🤗hihihi

  3. kung titingnan as a whole, MGI wants a peg like MU…they want it to be glamorous like MU…pati mga ganap nila reflects like MU….sana magkaroon sila ng identity nila as a pageant.

    • I can never ever get on board with MGI. What exactly is that tacky title referring to? Miss “Grand” – “grand” as in an adjective? Wala na lang maisip kaya heto, may I imbento si Nawat ng walang kakwenta-kwentang beauty pageant title.

      The Big Four Pageants have respectable and proper beauty pageant names that sound decent and make sense: Universe, World, International, and Earth. The names Miss Intercontinental and Miss Globe sound promising by name alone, but their level of country participation, cheap production, and dubious selection processes make them obviously inferior. Even Miss Supranational is a decent name for a pageant too (the term supranational means: translates national boundaries), but the production is bordering on skanky. Obviously the Big Four have inherent problems too, but they have proven themselves worthy of the Big Four title over time.

      Mamumulubi na is Nawat sa kakagastos, but Miss Grand Piano, este, International papa, will never ever be a Major Beauty Pageant. KADIRI!

      • People are actually mocking the title ‘Miss Universe ‘ . What does it even mean? For me , Miss World and Miss Earth make sense the most . However , Miss U is still the top dog.

      • @ George : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        “Skanky” is Supra… Oh, my… 🙂

        I think that because many associate pageantry with lofty ideals, it offends them to see one that borders on (beep!). But Europeans, with their vigorous liberalism and worldliness – consider pageantry as JUST FUN.

        Like I said before on the Chanel Olive Thomas post, this isn’t MU and Europeans are not keen on “Miss USA smarts”. No need to be cerebral or profound. Supranational looks for a “celebrity”. Not a role model. Not a goodwill ambassador. Not a spokesperson. Just a show girl. Just fine for them.

      • Apparently, the only thing ” grand ” about Miss Grand International is the delusions of its owner. As far as the way things look right now , MGI is the draglicious + gutter level version of Miss Universe, minus the prestige, plus the insanity & craziness of the people behind it.

  4. “Ola” means waves. What do you mean? Ella no habla español. No habrán interpretes. Todas hablarán en español. Es un error mandar esta chica!

    • Oh my God ano to? Anong klasend eyebags yan?
      Please can somebody rescue this lady?

    • konti nalang at yung eyebags ni karen hindi na pwede i hand carry sa airport…for check in baggage na yan…konti lang ata tulog ni karen sa dami nyang activities…lol

    • No worries. I’m sure top 4 pa rin yan. Love na love Ni Schuck Yan who gave her a perfect score in Miss Philippines Earth. Lol!

  5. Please help with the school project of my niece by viewing and sharing this video of our Philippine national anthem:

    Maraming salamat.

  6. WATCH| Miss Grand International 2017 Welcome Ceremony
    LIVE from the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    • may pa welcome ceremony nA PARANG GOVERNOR’S BALL ng MU sa pinas si nawat…trying hard to be glamourous tlga MGI

    • parang si liz lang naka white gown? ang chic, crisp, at elegant nya tingnan

  7. singit ko Lang to para ma-set na Yung expectations,

    Last year, first girl to compete was Jen Hammond, and to sum it up as one commenter puts it here “pinagdamutan tayo ng exposure” during the finals night though ok sa preliminary activities.

    This year its Liz Clenci and seems like pinagdadamutan na tayo ng exposure on preliminary activities (lahat ng girls may pica sa sash pinning pero walang anino ni classy gurl) so I hope it’s the opposite come finals night.

    Keep your fingers crossed!

    • Baka nman kc chaka yung pagkakuha ng pic kaya better not publish😄
      Very visible nman cya kaya no worries gemma@night cherette 😋
      Naging magulo narin kc yung pagbibigay ng sash sa kalagitnaan ng pagbibigay😗
      OK nman pala c avatar ariska as MGI winner🙄but i don’t know d feedback to the people she worked with☻cherette

      • Bong, Yung visibility na yon puro sariling sikap ng mga pageant admin. May video in motion nung sash pinning including nung kinuhaan siya ng picture at classy talaga siya! So I don’t think na pangit Yung pica unless deliberately kumuha sila ng pangit or off guard na picture.

        Namumukod tanging MGI Ang may sash pinning shorva at para que ano Pat 3 silang nagpi-pin and in fact very organize sila even last year which is one of their great characteristic as a pageant. So I don’t see any excuse for that.

        Kaya let’s calibrate, if after 3 days ganun pa Rin Ang kalakaran let’s shut down the talk about the pageant dahil Alam na kalalabasan on final show.

  8. don’t forget the close ties with cultural/trade ties with mexico as well

    i love the spanish colonial architecture in the philippines, it’s great it was highlighted in the video

    • @ sunkist : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Thank you for saying this. It is the misconception that trade was one-sided in favor of Mexico. Goods from Asia ALSO arrived in the Americas thanks to this trade.

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