28 comments on “La Reina de Asia: Heralding Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2017 in the Bolivian Press

  1. ANYONE understood the newspaper cutout? EXACTLY!!! Noone. This candidate will be left out! NO HABLA ESPAÑOL!

  2. This reminds me of Maja Internacional of old. It started out as an all-Latina contest before opening up the rest of the world.

  3. I think the anticipation for WynWyn is due to: (1) first ever participation of an Asian beauty in what is known as a Latina pageant, (2) participation from a known pageant powerhouse outside of the Americas, (3) participation from a country that is as pageant- crazy, or perhaps crazier, as the Latin Americans. The attention she’s getting from the Bolivian press is a positive development. All she needs to do is buoy up this initial interest as soon as she arrives Bolivia. My hunch is that she can bring home the crown.

  4. Parang kailan lang parang ichinapwera ng blogger si winwyn sa mga “expected to do well” sa previous article nya hahahaha. Go Winwyn!

    • Hi Jeremi Dahhlin…..

      How have you been? I am just wondering, how come you seem to have so much hatred towards the blogger? That’s an honest question ha. Walang-bahid intriga. Hehe.

      While I call Mr. Norman out for some (what I perceive) lapses, yours seems to be deeply rooted. May I know why? Your comments is kinda taunting and parang hoping to get a rise from him.

      World Peace.

    • Well Thomas dahlinnn Im good and how are you? my comment is just out of sheer curiosity not something that is deep-rooted. I love Norman believe me. I may not know nor met him personally but a good friend of mine back in the Philippines does. Sometimes, I just sense some “bias” in some of his articles maybe I’m wrong but one of the rules of journalism is to think of the possible repercussion or insinuation of the article you are writing because that is one of thw ways of building credibility.

      • Hulaan ko paboreyt mong Blogger marse…. SI MOCHA NO??? ANG PUPPET NI DUTAE!!!!

      • @Baklah si bong ang alam kong die-hard mocha/duterte fanatic dito.
        @4M witty answer, mocha lang ang peg, dahil jan ikaw na ang miss grand winner! hehe

      • Wow! Hiyang-hiya naman si Mocha sa malilinis na reputasion ni Nancy Binay at Bam Aquino… akala nyo naman e walang mga bahid ng corruption!… Parang walang mga FB pages at personal websites kung manghusga!…. Meron nga, wala naman followers… Kung siraan nga nila ang presidente ganun nalang… dumadayo pa sa ibang bansa! So ganun lang din si Mocha at gamit nya ay blogs as medium. Kasalanan ba ni Mocha na more than 5million followers nya at nasasapawan na nya karamihan sa mainstream media? Best of all, sino kaya naghire kay Cocoy Dayao who’s doing the demolition job for these Yellow hypocrites?

        We are a democracy… Democracy is the rule of the majority… Ano ba ang sigaw ng masang Pilipino?

        #Du30 #Cocoygate #Lenileaks
        PS. Natural hindi sila pinapansin ng mainstream media mga breakthrough ng mga bloggers… Sino ba ang may-ari ng mainstream media? Heĺlo???..

        Go Mariel! You’ll be our next Miss International! Wahahahahaaaaaa 😀

  5. i love her look dun sa last picture yung inserted lang sa page where her hair is straight. ang ganda ganda nya dun lakas ng aura

  6. ha! i went to the RH facebook and Win-Wyn is featured quite a bit.

    i get the feeling that the latinos are pretty much in agreement when it comes to the shared
    “herencia hispana” between latina america and the philippines.

    this is a funny one: the bolivian press pretty much covers the bolivian and philippine candidates, not much of the others.
    “Aparte de la boliviana es la unica candidata de Reina Hispanoamericana que esta destacada en noticias bolivianos.”

  7. sa totoon lang nagsisimula nakong mataranta sa pagfollow at pagcheck sa social media ng mga pageant na nagstastart na…pano pa kaya sa november…kaloka!!!

  8. Congratulations and good luck to Wyn. I am sure that she will do well not because of the novelty of someone from a first-time participant from the Philippines competing, but because I think that she deserves to get a decent placement.

    However, this might be nit-picking but I find the write-up not so ….complete (for lack of a better word) :.

    1) Was she featured in the magazine as among the VERY FEW candidates to be featured , or all of them are or will be featured on that magazine anyway? So…no big deal naman na para namang very much anticipated ang dating.

    2) Queen of Asia monicker. Is she the ONLY candidate from Asia? If yes…NATURALLY, she is the Queen of Asia. Again, no big deal.

    There is a tendency to hype up something that may be “normal” or not a that big deal.

    But again, I am sure Wyn will place well.

    World Peace.

    • In short, huwag masyadong gullible tayong mga pinoy pageant fans. Alam ng mundo kung gaano kalawak ang social media engagement ng mga Filipinos kaya anyone could exploit it to their advantage.

    • Wala nanamang Asian country na pwede mag-qualify other than the Philippines unless they adapt the Iberian Union of Spain and Portugal during the colonial era then they can include East Timor, Macau and Sri Lanka and in Africa – Angola.

      • Exactly my point Gemma. The newspaper dubbed her “Queen of Asia”. Natural lang, she is the ONLY Asian representative e. Lol.

        I just find it kinda off when this blog seems to be making a big deal out of it (ex. “In fact, one newspapers already dubbed her as Queen of Asia”). Lol.

        World Peace.

  9. Goo Luck to wynwyn…she’s facing stiff competition against the Latinas…I hope she stand out

  10. OMG 😗
    The Winner takes it all😋
    Dancing Queen😄
    Like a Virgin🤗
    Be my Lady😘
    Ako ang nagwagi😊
    Hihihiji 👏👏👏👀💋❤

    • Boooong,

      Ang Alam ko millennials ka.

      Aminado ko Generation X ako.

      And Senior citizen na ang baby boomers nung 2005.

      Charot lang!

      • Microphone(living or nonliving😄cherette)addict ako Gemmasagabi, day and night kaya alam ko ang luma at bagong songs 😗hihihi
        I know Ivy Violan too – d hàkot awards sa kainan ng microphone internationally. She is the philippines Celine Dion for me.☺
        Cherette lng yung diko cya knows just to emphasize d thunders majority followers here 😋
        Cherette din yung ibang bashing ko dito pero kung totoo man yun ay diko sinasadya hijihi 🤗

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