31 comments on “Elizabeth Clenci and her first arrival photos in Vietnam

  1. I’ll support her dahil para ito sa Pilipinas, kahit di ko gaanong gusto ‘tong pageant ni Nawat.

    Go Queen Elizabeth!

  2. May similar AURA talaga si Clenci kay Olivia Culpo. Kahit magsalita!!! Narraramdaman ko ang crown pero pag naiisip ko na si NAWAT ang may ari ng pageant, parang IMPOSIBLE!!! Napalaki ng inggit ng buong THAILAND sa PILIPINAS.

  3. Very sophisticated, she looks ravishing ! Beside the much taller MG Thailand, Liz held her own !
    Go go go, girl 🙂

  4. Overall, she looks plain in still pics . But when she starts talking , her beauty increases exponentially.
    She reminds me of Gloria Diaz, only a little prettier and much more articulate . The regal bearing but down to earth disposition when she talks is definitely a plus for this coming MGI. She can win it provided we see a pleasant beauty on prelim and final nights.

  5. sophistication beauty and style….queen elizabeth clenci has made quite an impression and a very positive one among the organizers and the contestant. Whatever the results i love this girl! very filipina and a very modern look.

    • I see the sophistication … but not the very Filipina..to begin with she’s only half Filipino, with the other half as either Romanian or Australian..and she grew up elsewhere thus giving her that accent and gift of gab..she may be modest and down to earth, but not very Filipina.

  6. Yong tipong lahat ay naihanda na at preparado na maliban na lang sa isusuot na sash kaya humablot na lang ng kung anong pwedeng gawing sash dahil lilipad na eroplano. Buti na lang ang ganda ng outfit ni Queen Elizabeth 😀

  7. Basta sa Top 5 ok nako. Basta wag lang TAELANDIA ang manalo sa kahit anung Beauty Pageant. I would feel success.

    • TAELANDIA?! Are u even aware of what you are saying because what I know is that most Filipinos are dreaming of travelling to Thailand and they are saving and saving a portion of their mini monthly salary just to be able to travel so please huwag tayong mang api ng bansa dahil ang bansa nating ay mas nakakadiri specially now under a psychotic leader. Hwag kang mag inarte dahil baka di ka pa nakaka apak sa bansang tinatawag mo na Taelandia.

      • I disagree doremi hihihi😋
        It’s now more fun in the Philippines unlike noon cory/abnoy na madaming tourist na hinostage, pinatay, etc etc.
        Pinapalakpakan at hinahangaan ng mga presidents ng ibang bansa except yung mga may kasalanan sa bansa natin na inumbag ni DU30 hihihi. 😗

      • @ Jeremi : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Agree! Siam is LOVE! I have been there SEVEN (7) times. I will do ANYTHING to have the chance to go back. I have been to Ayutthaya and Bangkok only. I would like to see Chiang Rai and Isan, too.

      • Mga BAKLANG nagtitipid lang naman ang may bet sa TAELANDIA na makapunta..
        Sophisticated people like me would choose MACCHU PICCHU in Peru and SALT LAKE in Bolivia, PARIS, and CASABLANCA in Morocco, and BARCELONA. Yan lang naman an mga na travel ko. Kaya wag mo ipagmalaki saken ang TAELANDIA!!!!

      • Baklah…Thailand is every real traveller’s dream..exotic and magical that is why it is one of the most visited country in the world. Oh by the way who would ever want to go to Casablanca and skip the grandeur of Marrakech or the endearing old tattered soul of Tangier or the blue city of Chefchachouen? Only you maybe hihihihi. Come on now let’s talk about Travel.

      • @bong700 I will make patol just this once. So it’s more fun in the Ph ngayon kasi maraming Pilipino, including minors, are getting killed without being given due process because of the so-called war on drugs, ganun ba?

        how many tourists were killed under 12 years of the ex-presidents that you mentioned and how many were killed during only 1 year and 3 months of the current president? A life is a life regardless kung turista ka man o drug addict ka

    • try chiang mai also. soo nice. food is amazing. the city is safety to stay. people are friendly. i love the elephant show. i love thai massage. night bazaar.

  8. very chic ang dating…at napatingin ako sa LV bag nya…yayamanin ang dating nya

  9. omg sana tuloy tuloy na ung ganitong wardrobe ng queens natin! she looks soooo good! ❤

    I love how Clenci shines on photos. May something!!

  10. Knowing Mr. Itsaragrisil, SLAYED! He admires effortless chic.

    Mr. Tinio, is it true she brought TEN (10) pieces of luggage with her?

  11. Wow..arrived na agad agad..at ang laki ng handbag..parang mamalengke lang o grocery..and her shortness was accentuated by thailand’s towering height..nonetheless, cheers for the gameplan..effort Kung effort..

      • Clenci stands at 5’6″…I can only guess that behind that vintage pantsuit is a pair of heels.

      • 5’10” si Thailand, kaya kahit 4 inches ang heels ni Thailand kailangan 8 inches ang kay Philippines para pumantay!

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