25 comments on “Elizabeth Clenci: Analyzing her chances

  1. BPCI should drop MGI. Their platform to stop war is non-realistic IMHO.

    Mrs Araneta should focus on MU and MI and declare 4 runners up where she can appoint PH rep to minor pageants so that runners up will have the chance to compete for major pageant.

    • @ Lireo : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Your second proposal, I agree with. But I personally wish to retain Grand International.

      I would (and this is just me) instead drop… Supranational, and take the Mister franchise away from PEPPS/MoF.

      Then I would launch the dedicated., “Miss and Mister Supranational Filipinas”! Just like in Japan.

      Supranational probably shares the distinction with Ms. Julia Morley’s World of being the ONLY international pageants with BOTH the Miss and Mister editions under the SAME organization.

  2. Bakit walang kahilig hilig gumawa ng BTS ang mga pictorials naten? Mas masarap panoorin ung BTS videos kesa tumingin ng still photos

  3. She has a distracting nose..she could have fixed it like Xander ford and she could have looked queenly like Olivia culpo…and I thought she’s fil-Romanian..and now she has Aussie accent..with cebuano roots? And she lost the first time she joined binibini? Just noticed her now that she won.

    • @ Marvin1978 : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Perhaps it is enough that she endured head-to-toe eczema. In her own words, “a walking wound”. And just maybe and seen in that light, a nose job might have been the least of her concerns.

      Perhaps her Romanian father and Cebuana mother met in Australia.

      Just saying/musing. No negative feels.

    • Whats important is the attitude to fight and represent the country well. Consider the exact day they were crowned. She has no time for that. Besides, I do see Clenci happy of how she looks and confident as you can see how she brings herself. There’s more to just beauty. It all depends on the organization whom they choose as their winner. After all being exposed to that kind of experience and opportunity will serve as a good memory to Clenci. What’s destined is destined 🙂

  4. She reminds me of joanna eden pero nagbloom si liz samanthalang si joanna nag gloom sa supra. i have high expectation na mananalo si liz kasi maganda na, model type pa and articulate pa (with matching accent)

  5. Tivoli inspired Yung NatCos niya and maganda naman at bagay sa kanya. Last week pa siya nag-fitting Kaya all set na siya talaga.

    Maraming maganda pero ang tanong kasing articulate niya ba?

    • T’boli? Wasn’t Valerie’s natcos T’boli – inspired too? Hope Clenci’s is more impactful than Val’s.

  6. Guyth, we need to exercise some caution in the things we say that are contrary. Yes, we have a right to criticize but make it constructive by offering alternatives. Mr. Itsaragrisil is probably reading this! We might be giving him ammunition against our rep/bet.

    I hope she resonates with the Thais and Indonesians, Mr.Itsaragrisil’s target market atm.

    I stand corrected. Princess Eczema, NOT Princess Psoriasis.

    • Sounds like u r contradicting yourself.
      Bakit , mukha bang galisin si Clenci ?using eczema to describe Clenci is worse than anything else that has been said against Clenci here.
      Andrew, pls state your defense hihihi

      • I think he is referring to the skin irritations that Liz encountered months or years back. She posted it herself but it was a hypersensitivity reaction.

      • Very resourceful , Gemma
        I may have misunderstood Andrew’s intentions.
        But Unless her advocacy is to find better treatments for psoriasis or other skin conditions, associating Clenci BQ with them sounds like a poor judgment . Again, I may have misread him.

      • Very resourceful , Gemma
        I may have misunderstood Andrew’s intentions.
        But Unless her advocacy is to find better treatments for psoriasis or other skin conditions, associating Clenci BQ with them sounds like a poor judgment . Again, I may have misread him.

  7. She’s not conventionally beautiful in a beauty queen way but she’s very articulate, she looks classy and expensive and carries herself in a very regal way. I think she’ll do very well in Vietnam.

  8. Good luck . Heavy makeup suits her mediocre facial features. She can make up for what she lacks with sash factor. We all know the final call is Nawat’s.

  9. She looks absolutely stunning in that photo of her with a crown on her head. Winner IMHO !
    The best of luck, Elizabeth 🙂

  10. It doesn’t hurt that she’s pretty, but she’s also classy, thoughtful, and determined. That’s really all we can ask of our candidates.

  11. lately, her styling is spot-on
    she has a great minimalist style
    in the first place, but they are adding some
    subtle bling
    and more highlight of her fine bone structure
    especially the cheek bones

    she’s very articulate, so that’s not an issue

  12. The bar has been set for Liz. Can you imagine Nicole announcing her winning the title!?! hihihi War na kung war!

  13. I expect atleast a runner up placement for her…I’ve seen the other delegates and I may a lot are stunning and more beautiful than her… but II’m confident of her gift of gab…so she’ll do fine

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