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  2. Bakit hindi irevive ni BPCI ang Miss Maja International kc wala silang international pageant unlike Ms Earth sila pa naman ang biggest and most prestigious sa lahat and more si Madam Stella is Spanish speaking pwedeng pwede nya hawakan to

    • if irerevive ng BPCI ang Miss Maja Int’l, (more or less) mapipilitan silang ipadala ang top winner ng BBP sa international pageant ng Miss Maja, much like top winner ng MPE goes to Miss Earth and Miss Grand Thailand goes to Miss Grand International. Kasi syempre di ba sarili mong international pageant so why not dun mo ipadala yung best bet mo di ba? And i dont think Madam will do that dahil MU talaga ang kinakareer ng PH

  3. I will bet my bottom dollar that Clenci will win the crown. Nelda will just be a finalist and Deleon will just be in the final.

  4. Sana gandahan ng team ni Mariel yung final speech niya dahil yun and determining factor sa pagpili ng winner.

    Sana Rin maging consistent siya on day 1 at huwag magkaroon ng mood swing. Kayang Kaya niya to Kung tutuusin.

    Kasehodang kakapanalo Lang ni Anne Colis but with the preparedness of Nelda wapakels Kung Isa pang Corona and maiuwi niya!

  5. don’t worry girls Mariel, Liz and Nelda, don’t listen to those haters but gawin nyo yung best not just lang para sa inyo at ara naman ito sa Pilipinas. trabaho lang po talaga, makakatulong pa nga po kayo sa lahat! do the same din kila Rachel, Laura, Karen, Chanel, Katarina, Wynwyn, etc. na huwag rin nila pakinggan yung mga negatives too

  6. If Mariel will act and look like an angel, we might win B2B and I’ll give her an acting award in doing so hihihi 😗cherette lng.
    Pero kung ang tunay na personalidad nya ang kanyang ipapakita ay Goodluck na lng sa u teh🤗 cherette lng.

    • Bong700, Mariel looks great.
      With good comm skills , she can easily win MI if not for the current situation.

      • Di mo pa nakita yung villain side nya fabie hihihi yung parang doble cara… parang c senadora lng na akala mo virgin magsalita pero mas higit pa pala sa mamamatay tao hihiji. ..mapaglinlang ang peg 😋Cherette lng

      • Bong naman , I didn’t like Mariel when she joined BP for the first time… because she did not recognize Ian as part of the family .
        But I’m over that . What I see now is a pretty well-spoken Miss Philippines. If she wins the crown, will u join us against Duterte? Hihihi

  7. Norman , congrats . You look good in the pic . You have a sailor man get up but you are getting there, definitely.

      • Bong700, I’ll take Norman to the Colloseum to get him an LV … if I see him in Vegas this November for Rachel’s coronation

      • Hihiji parang c d great president aquino na sinabing magpasagasa sa train kasabay ni abaya. In short, it’s a lie hihihi😗

      • I dare u Bong 700. If I see Norman in November inside Planet Hollywood , I ll drag him to the Caesar’s Palace and make him pick his favorite LV bag. Promise hihihi

      • Sawa na ako sa mga pekeng pangako ng mga dilawan fabian kaya I hate OPM 😗 hihihi. .parang Fake news lng yan ng mga anonymous bloggers ng Dilawan. ..nasaan na pala c Cocoy Dayaw hihihi gusto ko cyang makita sa TV 😋hihihi

      • Hihihi Hindi naman masamang mangarap na kaya king ibili si Norman ng LV huh hihihi

  8. Sana kahit may clapper sa batch nila ok lang! Basta may crown din! After all, ONE SINGLE CROWN is better than SWEPING RUNNERS-UP PLACEMENTS…

    • Not if the crown is a miss globe Supra intercon
      It only weighs more than the sum if it’s a Miss U crown

  9. I’m pretty sure that Nelda and Elizabeth will do well. For Mariel, I honestly don’t know what will happen to her. What happened to her? She looks like a dead fish…boring and bland.


  10. Bakit parang wala man lang ka-support-support yung ibang titlists and runners-up? Parang itong 2017 batch lang ang kulang-kulang sa send-off, unlike before na almost always kumpleto sila with matching batian portion at iyakan.

    Pati dun sa mga sponsor events and charity events, bungi-bungi ang attendance ng mga binibinis.

    This batch of binibinis seems to be the least bonded to each other. Para bang kebs sila sa isa’t isa at sa mga events ng BPCI.

    Of all batches ng binibinis, dito sa batch na ito ako pinakamababa ang amor ko. Ewan ko ba. Basta parang hindi ako na-eexcite sa kanila unlike with previous batches na parang supportive talaga sila sa isa’t isa.

    • And two more things I forgot to mention.

      Nagtrain pa rin kaya sina Charmaine Elima at Kristel Guelos over the past few months with the other titlists? Kasi parang naglaho na lang sila over the past months sa mga events. Eh diba may kontrata sila sa BPCI?

      If I remember correctly, nagpa-chop ng hair drastically si Charmaine shortly after the pageant, na para bang outright declaration na wapakels na siya sa possibility na humalili siya with any of the titlists should one of them would not be able to fulfill their duties. Diba halos lahat naman ng beauty contestants mahahaba ang buhok, so bakit mo ipapaputol diba kung nasa kontrata mo ang possibility na maisabak ka sa kahit anong pageant in case of emergency?

  11. Conspicuously absent si Rachel Oerers and Katarina Rodriguez. The latter I noticed the absence to BPCI functions is perennial. Was anybody from BPCI Executive Committee there to give words of support and send them off? I just looked at the photos and noticed there are no Mdme SMA pics with the girls. Anyhow I have the feeling Clenci might just clinch the MGI crown. She’s just too hard to ignore. Very well prepared and psyched up with her advocacy and all. De Leon if she plays her cards well ( and if she’s really determined to win as she says she is) from Day 1 at Miss Intl may just make a b2b , otherwise a runner up or Top 15 Finish. Ibe I feel still has weight issues or maybe that voloptous look is right fur her height and big bone body frame. Maybe another runner up finish for her.

  12. Elizabeth waist up looks gorgeous..
    I just find her lower half looking a bit frumpy but her very symetrical face saved her whole look.

    Mariel’s whole ensemble looks flawless.. Her dress looks fashion forward and it enhances her proportions. She looks beautiful enough para makalimutan ko bwiset ko sa kanya.

    Nelda looks OK… Her hair could’ve been styled better…. I find her dress a bit plain and dated. She could’ve tried to look more trendy than this.

    Channel looks pretty and statuesque but the sash with bow on her waist distorts her proportion. I also wish she could’ve looked as trendy as Mariel.

    • Bakit ka naman na bwisit kay Mariel? Was it because she spoke against a dotard person? Totoo naman due to his old age and senility.

      • @Lyn

        Ikaw ba si Mariel?!
        Kasi mukhang kasing sensitive mo sya sa katabaan nya…. Lakas ni Mariel sabihin na rude ang reporter if she’s asked regarding her weight pero kung magpasaring sya kay Mocha and Du30 wagas!!!… Mocha not only is factually more educated than her, Mocha is also doing a better job in uniting our people and fighting against corruption compaired to Mariel and her family… patanong sa tatay nyang LP at kamag-anak nyang si Mar Roxas kung saan nakakabili ng Drugs sa Makati & Davao?! Kumusta ang MRT and LRT?!… And best of all, asaan ang YOLANDDA FUNDS?!!!!

  13. Clenci is ravishing. I hope she maintains this since she will be the first to see action. Mariel and Nelda are pretty as well.

    Something is off with the picture quality. It seems phone camera was used. Picture quality is not crisp (see the solo pic of Nelda and Mariel) and there isn’t even a close up shot.

    • Agree..i share the same sentiments sa not so crisp pics taken by Norman’s official photographer..and to think, she uses a camera na naka sabit lagi sa leeg nya..San na kaya ung isa pang asst ni sir Norman..cute pa naman un..hay..it’s possible also that the culprit is in the data transfer, what with our intermittent Internet signal..

      • Oo nga..720p ang resolution dun..at kinarir talaga ni Nelda ang kasabihan Kilay is Life..

  14. bakit laging wala si miss intercon? i think Elizabeth will give good fight in miss grandmama, she looks super ready…. stunning look, yong bang parang di kagandahan pero sobrang lakas ng hatak niya.. sophisticada ang ganda….

  15. Maganda ang aura ng Clenci. MGI needs someone who is well spoken and not just a pretty face. Mariel can make it to the semi-finals with that beauty alone. Her demeanor might play to her advantage as she looks very reserved and that’s a plus when you deal with the Japanese. Good luck Nelda.

  16. Kaboom!!!! Gaganda! Good luck girls. Mukhang well prepared sila 3! God bless girls!!

  17. I agree with your assessment . Elizabeth looks so ready to compete. I hope we will the crown this year which was suppose to be last year.

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