25 comments on “Sunday Specials: The Philippines in Paul Guarnes for Mister Universal Ambassador 2017

  1. not a bad choice the guy has his aces and definitely his personality overwhelms his other attributes. for an asian guy hes well built and i have seen in his FB posts the guy is well rounded level headed and articulate enough. he even does his own speeches. so good luck paul!

  2. Facially not a great candidate
    But body and national costume pic look good.

  3. Just a waste of money. Nagmumukha Lang silang kargador pag nasa ibang Bansa. Strict selection of candidates shoud be the paramount concern Ng mga organizers. Kaso ang nangyayari eh palakihan Ng mute 🤐. I mean yung mga kandididates na nanalo eh merong history nanagaganap aminin.diba Norman?

  4. The challenge in male pageantry is basic: how do we define beauty from the male perspective? Female beauty which have traditionally been viewed by pageantry as basically physical are now evolving to include intellect, character, and social advocacy. What about the male counterpart? At its current state, the concept of male “beauty” is not even defined. We don’t even have the definitive word to ascribe it it– masculinity? handsomeness? Male-ness? Desirability? And what are the attributes of a desirable man that male pageantry should focus on? My view is that real men do not normally wanted to be known for their physical looks, but more for their brawn, skills, and education– for their value-adding potentials to their families and peers. Unless these are focussed on by a male pageant, it will not be able to attract candidates beyond the physical plane. And search by talent scouts and handlers should go beyond the physical attributes. Unfortunately, where the handlers are gays, the male pageantry does not enjoy the same professional dealing as their female counterparts– as the relationship has the tendency to go beyond professional. I suspect this is the source of the many controversies hounding male pageants.

    Male pageantry organisations should first determine what the global audiences– male, female, gays– really look for in terms of male desirability. From this knowledge of what constitutes male desirability, they should work on a pageant concept that will appeal to global audiences of all genders, educational attainment, social standing, etc.

    • scorg, I believe what is defined as male physical beauty and desirability is already well-ingrained in our consciousness.
      And it’s not Asian. Unless they are in good shape , talk well , and show they are responsible and reliable, Asians willl continue to lag behind other races. It’s sad but true.

    • Fabie, if male desirability is already well-ingrained in our consciousness, then the organisers are missing the point. The quality of the candidates they attract and pre-qualify does not seem to reflect that idea of male desirability. The likes of Neil Perez juts out once in a blue moon. Male desirability is not all about physique as it is about– yes, you’re right– sense of responsibility and reliability, and how they communicate and exhibit these in whatever station in life they are in. In our culture, the “tunay na lalaki” is not necessarily the boy-next-door type; rather, he is the one who exudes the can-do attitude, demonstrates a high sense of urgency, and the always-there-when-you-need-him type. The sad plight of male pageants is its inability to seek out real men from the handler-recommended boys.

      • Scorg , these people did not have that intention …i.e. .. to set the standard of what’s hot in a man when they created the pageants…. And rightfully so. This is a product of hundreds of years of ‘evolution’ and there’s nothing they can do to change that.
        Pinoys are shorter and do not have the facial features they call hot …. Hence the set of winners.Guys like Raniel , Rick Palencia, and the Policeman are rare finds in the Philippines . They have to have some foreign lineage to be competitive abroad.

        Again Sad but true .

        But you know, in real life , outside of pageantry , you will find the person that you truly like and love … Pinoy or not . And it’s amazing how many extremely attractive people gravitate towards you .. Pinoy or not …however ugly you feel about yourself . I’m in the USA so I know

        So Pinoy or not , just love yourself and someone will love youback.

  5. Salamat at natauhan na din si Tito Norman!

    Balik sustansya na ulit ang blog na normannorman.

    Balik panulat na walang kinikilingan!!!!!!

    Mabuhay ka Norman Tinio!!!!

  6. John Raspado is way more handsome, more masculine and hunky compared to them. Sorry fo this.

    • Sa mga mata ng mga bakla na organizer ng pageant na yan,

      matangkad = gwapo
      matangkad = Malaki ang patutoy

      Huwag ka na magtaka?
      Sa ilong pa lang lost na.
      Di hamak na mas gwapo pa Yung mga nanalo sa That’s my Bae ng Eat Bulaga and not to mention Yung mga natalo.
      And course niya Merchant Marine, ay naku!

      • Hahaah nawindang naman ako sa matangkad=patutoy gemma
        Parang sinasabi.mo na talong talong lang ang labanan.dito

      • Eh kung si Andrea Biondo nga na milya milya ang lamang kay Paul managed to be 4th runner up lang….it’s a long shot for Paul…25 lang ata sila ngaun naglalaban, cguro sa top 10 bka pumasok…lol

  7. I think I m glad Norman is no longer part of this organization.
    I am a little nauseous about this ever sprouting male pageants. We should stick with girls.
    BTW, the winners are definitely not ‘ my cup of tea’ . Unless they can talk , their chances of success are zero.

    • @ Fabian Reyes : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      You are right. The pageant industry should still be all about women. A few male pageants REALLY STRONG and GOOD QUALITY are enough. But for the interim, the “sprouting” is undeniable and only credibility and STRONG FINANCES will determine which ones will last. Like Ms. Julia Morley’s and Mr. Alan Sim’s. World and International, respectively.

      You earlier commented to Mr. Tinio to do it like Mr. Jonas Gaffud (for the Manhunt Philippines franchise). MONEY, imho, is the difference. Something Mr. Gaffud has in heaps and Mr. Tinio has only in a limitted amount of. No offense to Mr. Tinio. Those toned and willowy man-meat DEMAND HEFTY COMPENSATION if they are obliged to don pageant sashes. They look first at and for the money.

      Mr. Tinio, on the other hand, has channeled the regional/provincial pageants to give opportunities to the “small(er) fry”. His “minor-minor” to the longer-running Mister Philippines and the MEDIA-SAVVY Misters of Filipinas.

      I think you will agree that the Latvia-Filipino halfie Clint Peralta-Karlkins will win abroad. Unfortunately, pageant politics did him in. And all he got was a minor-minor sash.

      • Andrew , u may have misunderstood me.
        I was actually asking Norman to get inspiration from Jonas on how to dress up properly . Norman is not anyway inferior to Jonas in terms of physical features… but Jonas looks really classy and divine at all times hihihi

      • Jonas knows how to carry himself. I think Filipinos need to start to learn how to dress up properly when they try to portray an image.

      • jusko yung mga nanalo sa misters of Filipinas and even the finalists nakakaloka magsisagot sa q and a…mapa english o tagalog waley…puro physical attrubutes lang sila. nag invest….yung communication skills and awareness to social and current issues deadma sila. Kaya mababa ang tingin sa mga male pageant titleholders and male pageantry as a whole

  8. No longer part of GCI, Mr.Tinio….? Were you under duress? This was your brainchild. Did you sell your shares in the organization?

    Does this mean you can go back to covering MoF?

    And as for Paul, as Baklah said – “effin hot and sexy”. I agree. He holds his own against taller and beefier reps. His look and presence is unique and always outstanding.

    He seems to be enjoying the experience. That’s very important. A cheerful rep will do his country proud. And garner invitation to participate in future editions.

    Andrea Biondo has now faded into the woodwork of memory. This is NOW the time of the #Ilonggo!

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