53 comments on “The Waiting is Over for the 66th Miss Universe 

  1. This is great news for Rachel. She will be receiving all the support from the rabid Pinoy pageant fans in the US, like the way Venus, Janine & Pia did. Whenever the Philippine reps in Miss U comes out to strut their stuff, they will be greeted with a thunderous applause & cheers that baffles and astounds the pageant commentators. And those 3 Miss Philippines reps also performed well in Vegas ( Venus placed 4th RU, Janine placed 1st RU & Pia clinched the title). One things for sure, Rachel won’t be ignored upon her arrival. And I hope she continues the semifinal placement streak for the 8th consecutive time for the Philippines.

    • Oo nga besh…totoo yan….ako sigurado na na magiging good placer pa rin ang Pinas…kahit 2nd runner-up lang, okay na ako:)))) total, wala pa tayong 2nd runner-up so far sa Miss U:)

  2. The Pinoys will rock Vegas once again ! Yay ! While I’m not really feeling it that the next MU crown will be worn by another Filipina this time (due to logistics and politics), I’m hopeful that Rachel will do well and get a pretty decent placement. Good luck Rachel 🙂

  3. aligaga mga bakla November! isiksik talaga LAHAT major beau cons!!! PAK!!! mas dadami zombadings sa nobyembre!!!hahahhaahhhaha

  4. Hello Vegas! Exciting times for Filipino fans – they will occupy half of the Axis of PH just like in 2012 and 2015. Palakasan ng sigaw between Mexico and the Philippines plus the noisy whistles from the Thai fans. It will be the Thanksgiving Weekend kaya I’m sure maraming manonood nyan. Bitbit ko na naman ang mga friends ko and we will fly from NYC to cheer for Rachel. She will have the US-based Filipinos support 1000x for sure. Rachel let’s do this! PS Gemma, watch ka rin ba? Fabian watch ka rin after all you are her biggest fan here. Si Pia nga di mo rin pinanood eh. #petersfan Tito Norms, mag cover ka ng MU sa Vegas c/o Rappler?

  5. I wish to win Powerball, MegaMillion, Superlotto and/or whatever other jackpot so I can invite everyone in this blog to join in Vegas.. kahit sa Pinas pa galing, sponsor to the max 😉

  6. Ganito mangyayari sa MU : Rachel will eventually WIN Miss Universe 2017 then come 2018, Catriona Gray will be our representative and she will pull a back to back victory for the Philippines !!! Oh diba exciting…

  7. ah, las vegas, fun city
    i try to avoid it at all costs
    my hard earned money magically
    disappears at the casinos, ugghhh
    with a blink of an eye

  8. I wanna know if there is a MUSLIM CROWNED AS MISS UNIVERSE!!!!!
    Balita kasi si Bunga Jelitha Ibrani gagamitin ang Muslim Backstory para makuha ang crown!!! Ngayon na sa USA ang venue at dinidiscriminate ni Trump ang mga Muslim.
    Balita ko ay full support talaga ang A&Q kay Bunga this year. At magtuturban pa raw si Gurl pagnakapasok ng Top 3 para sa Final Look!!! Abangan ang eksena ni Bunga!!!

    • Napaka disheartening naman marining na sarili nating camp ay pipilitang matalo ang delegate natin dahil lang sa pera. Nawalan ako ng gana sa A&Q.

    • Is it AQ who trained her? She left 2 days ago.

      Sept 20 – huling post ng mua niya which is doubtful din kc pure face shot Lang siya na pwede rin late post
      Sept 24 – Waley siya at si Ate Lily sa fashion show ng Anaz pero Yung 2 naiwan present. Yung 2 naiwan was in town a month ago
      Sept 27 (sa jkt) – nag fit siya ng gown Kay “kilay Bobby” which is tinanggal din ni taba sa timeline niya pero nakopya ng mga fan page
      Sept 27 (sa mnl) – upload ang teviant eyelashes na gawa ni albert and ang location eh jkt. Ang model, si bonggacious at ate lily na parehong Wala sa fashion show nung 24. Timeline ni Albert last na na make up-an niya si Tony Gonzaga which means nasa mnl siya. Flight from mnl to jkt is 5 hours, 10 hours ang balikan. Pupunta ka ba sa ibang bansa para Lang magdikit ng eyelashes?

      Anong ganap sa mga training camp between Sept 20 to 26?

      Si jonas, out of town for a photoshoot with the boys
      Si JDV, busy sa Jewel of the Philippines
      Si Macoy, busy sa Miss Myanmar
      Anong camp and libre?
      Circumstancial Lang ba itey? Or coincidence or nagkataong Lang may sakit Yung 2 sa mga ganap?

      Dalawa Lang ang video ni bonggacious in motion, isang naka mid rib leotard siya before 3 months at Yung fitting niya for the gown and talaga naman parang “sailing on the runway” na siya.

    • Bobo naman neto. Di mo ba alam na ung Miss Universe 2016 na held na January 2017? Saka di naman eto first time nangyari. PAULINA VEGA???? Saka kahit di umabot yan ng one year, si ZULEIKA RIVERA PEDEN ang shortest reigning Miss Universe (not dethroned ot assumed) kasi 9 months lang kanya.

      • Same with the 1986 Miss Universe title holder. She won sometime July ’86 and she crowned Ms. Bolocco in May ’87. This was the first edition that was held in that month.

    • it’s impossible for iris to have a full 12 months term because the 66th edition must be held within 2017 so as not to skip a year since the 64th edition was held last january 2017

  9. Rachel has at most six weeks to prepare. And she is still enjoying her weekends surfing and suntanning herself. Not to underestimate her capabilities but shouldnt she immerse herself full time with her preparations for Miss Universe? Wardrobe, finalizing that total look, perfecting that pasarela, catching up with current world events and issues. Kalimutan muna ang boyfriend na yan. If she really wants to win it for the Philippines or at least have a decent placement say Top 3 – she needs to put her heart, body, and soul 100% especially now that the pageant host city and date has been confirmed. Continue the streak!

  10. Rachel Peters has all the elements to win MU beautiful face great body and excellent comm skills. She just needs to come up with the right style – hair make up and gown.
    It’s amazing how she delivers her response to questions – very queenly.

    Same thing can be said about Laura Clenci and Chanel… and maybe Mariel. Ibe is not bad either and if Katarina loses weight .. bam!!

  11. Fabbie and Dandan, there’s your confirmation! Nood na!

    And travel girl, Dawn! Iwas muna sa pagiging New Yorker and Miss Tennessee, be a Vegas girl this time!

    • Gemma, I missed Xmas with son when I watched Janine with my mother. Now I have to miss Thanksgiving for this .. not again . I’m afraid the airport will be a mess around that time .

      Right now , it’s a maybe.

    • Gems, I’m already hoarding the troops.. fly in Friday and out Monday para cheaper flight and less airport traffic! It would’ve been nicer if finals is at T-Mobile arena, but I can understand logistics.. it’s easier to do rehearsals/production at Planet Hollywood as the candidates are staying there.

  12. So excited na. Although I have doubts na ma win yung crown (dahil sa humungous veneers na very distracting) i will still watch and support our candidate.

  13. Hindi ako sakim pageant gods! Kahit top 5 placement lang po masaya nako! Hindi pa Po ako ready mag let go sa winning streak. Hanggang Kay Catriona nalang Po sa 2018 tapos shatap nako! 🙏🙏🙏
    Parampahin nyo lang sa swimsuit si Rachel at pahawakan nyo lang nag mic ok na Po ako!

    • Yan din naisip ko Madam! Hahaha
      Baka nga si Catriona ang susunod nating miss U…
      Ang tanging hadlang lang talaga e hindi pang Yamamay hinaharap nya… Kailangan na nyang pumapak ng Milk Thistle, Ube, Taho, Tofu, Dairy products, Grapefruits, Flaxseeds, Chickpeas, etc…

    • Sana she will do good. KF camp is super novice sa MU. Just in the case of MJ, the styling was the same sa BBP hanggang MU. Walang transformation and I feel that Rachel is the same…What you see now is what you get sa competition.

      my point is walang transformation. nothing to expect. unlike those coming from A&Q they really transformed physically and styling-wise. alam mo talaga na there was a lot of thought put it through it especially sa physical aspect. Rachel is in great shape…don’t get me wrong but is enough? I don’t think so. Is she gonna register well on tv? i don’t think so..or not yet. Pia looked skinny when she started to compete. Everyone knows how rigorous the physical training was with her trainer. She was physical strong.

      I don’t know….i hope she fairs well. she is for me is going to end up like MJ. I have a feeling that we will blame it on the gown again if she doesn’t fair well.

    • i have to admit, i saw a recent picture of catriona and she looks great tanned
      very much the look miss universe favors

      it would be an interesting development if she wins m.u. for what
      her “loss” at m.w. would be interpreted

  14. Tsamba si Rachel. However I feel they will give the win to a country that will guarantee hosting next year. So unless Manila can host Rachel will not place highly. I think Indonesia or Thailand has a good chance to win. They seem to be willing to host and waste money

    • I think Peru is a better prospect. They have been courting Miss Universe for almost two years now.

      Pia and Iris have both visited Peru during their reigns.

      Jessica Newton handpicked the rep even though there was a national pageant slated for the same date as the recent selection. Methinks she wanted to send a strong delegate that will place high and give organizers the incentive to sign on the dotted line and pay the $20 mil hosting fee.

      MUO needs to give Latin America attention as they get testy when they can’t be la mas bella del Universo. They haven’t had a crown since 2015 and are getting quite sour over it.

      • I agree, its between Thailand and Indonesia… South American fans should get over it…
        There’s a bigger market in town which is South East Asia.. or maybe Australia since their runner-up streak is long overdue and their last win was already more than a decade. If it is indeed South America then Brazil could also be in the final 5… That is if they send a girl who can speak English well.

      • Ramdam ko nga rin yung Peru. Pareho tayo ng naisip sa hosting at appointment nila kay Priscilla Howard. Actually pede sya pang crown.

  15. All eyes on Mexico and Philippines, it’s Vegas baby! I actually like the Mexican rep a lot this year.

    In all honesty, I think Mexico has the advantage as MUO will not want to be too eager to crown Philippines so soon. That being said, Rachel is so effortless I would not be surprised if she pulls it off on her sheer charm alone.

    I’m tempted to go being so close here in San Francisco, but after being there for Pia’s win I promised myself time off to pursue other interests. In all honesty, I’m worried anything less than a win might be disappointment. I know, #spoiledfan.

    But my goodness, so tempting. I could probably even fly in the morning off and leave that same night LOL!!!

  16. Wala ng ibang mautong venue ang miss universe kaya napilitan na sa vegas na lang. Sinagad na ang panahon kahahanap ng iba wala talagang tumanggap

    • korak..exhaust to the max yung effort nila for a venue…sa dami ng demands ng MUO AT SA Mahal ng fee mahirap tlga makahanap ng venue

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