8 comments on “Photo Blog: The Miss Scuba Philippines 2017 Swimsuit Competition in Puerto Galera

  1. If the organisers of this pageant will drumbeat more on the marine conservation and eco-tourism advocacy, I don’t see why it will not be able to get corporate sponsorships from the numerous beach resorts in the archipelago, as well as the companies in the marine transportation business. And what about those fiberglass and inflatable boat importers- manufacturers? Also, the seafood processors/canners?

  2. Agree, Mr. Tinio! And you are well aware of how difficult it is to get sponsorship. I hope that as a result of this pageant, these beach resorts will get additional exposure resulting in more customers, which will hire more locals and support local marine conservation measures. Think global, act local!

    • The PGDDRA continues to pledge its support and this early, their 100% commitment is almost in the bag for the 2018 edition

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