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  1. There is no universal concept of beauty, as it is culturally defined. Unless the judges in this RHA edition have the cosmopolitan outlook and the out-of-the-box thinking types, they will not cast Wyn into the mould of Latina beauty archetype. If the pageant organisers realise that the survival of their business lies in inclusiveness and diversity, they need to reach out to all other former Spanish and Portuguese colonies outside continental America. They need to include Philippines, Guam, and East Timor in Asia, and Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and Tanzania in Africa.

    The inclusion of the Philippines in RHA appears to be a move in that direction. It is providential that the representative is outstanding– beautiful mind, physique, character, social demeanour… In a sea of Latinas, Wyn’s differential advantage is her oriental beauty prototype. Her showbiz background can easily drive her to transform her Spanish language handicap into a point of interest– a patently competitive edge. Her win will send a message to the pageantry world that the Spanish-Portuguese legacy transcends continents and, ironically, languages. And certainly, her win will put RHA into the radar of the pageantry world’s largest global market– the millions of pageant-crazy Filipinos who are glued to the social media every day.

    • I would like to think that.
      But the international concept of beauty is set by Hollywood. That’s why Caucasians ( including white Latins ) are considered universally beautiful across the globe. Any other race is labeled as ethnic (Black and Asians).

      • I agree, Fabie. But I hope you will also agree with me that this Hollywood-defined international concept is fast changing. I once studied in Southern California and observed that there is no stereotypical beauty concept. Any Black or Asian can be as beautiful to behold as are the Caucasians and Latinas. Even the height, that issue this blog site is dissecting too much on, is a non-issue in Hollywood. How many of Hollywood celebrities are above 5-feet-5-inches?

        Let me digress for a while and focus on the issue of height. After reading the brilliant arguments put forward by some followers of this blog, I just want to raise the question: is a towering height beautiful? Does long legs and limbs factor in to the concept of beauty? In Hollywood, this does not seem to be the case. Also, latest world statistics bear that out: the USA’s average women’s height is 5′ 4″. The tallest women in the world are from Netherlands, Estonia and Czech Republic, but their average women’s height is 5′ 5″. The lowest average women’s height is registered by Guatemala, a Latin American country, at 4′ 9″. This is followed by Philippines, Bangladesh and Nepal– all registering an average of 4′ 11″.

        In other words, any height above 5′ 5″ is an outlier. If beauty contests favour candidates belonging to the outliers, Wyn’s height is way above the average of the countries with the world’s tallest. And certainly, her talents, intellect and persona are a cut above the rest– truly an outlier.

  2. Nakakatuwa. Medyo dated nga pero it super works. Parang Baroque Spanish ek ek.
    Palagi may discussion on her height pero in a line up of Glamazons – may morenang maliit na tikas winner sino una mong mapapansin? Diba????

    I mean kuha Kase hi Wyn yung posture at kurbada na hinahanap natin. Grabe drive by and nang team nya na paghandaan laban. May vision sila Kung anong direction ng styling at atake gagawin niya dun.
    I mean yes she’ll probably be one of the shortest but that’s what I love about Philippine pageantry – Ang out of the box. Palagi tayong pushing the limits of industry standards. Lili

    • Laila , Wynwyn sometimes appears gaunt.
      if she is able to achieve a pleasant beauty on prelim and pageant night , she may do very well. I like her drive , body , and stage presence. It’s just her face . I have confidence in A &Q . They were able to do it with the 6 previous girls at Miss U . I don’t know how they can’t with Wynwyn.

  3. I like her!! she look gorgeous with those outfits. I mean parang dated pero bumagay sakanya i don’t know why.

    I have been rooting for her since her BBP Days.. but the problem is, ang daming mas nag perform sakanya. Bet ko din siya sa MWP. either si Laura or Wyn ang bet ko manalo. Buti na lang sila ang top 2!

    What i am not sure about the photos are the editing/post processing. there’s something sa may face part na parang ang flat or what. I am not just so sure if sa make up or yun talaga ang peg ng shoot na to. Nonetheless, she’s so beautiful and hot ❤

    • Nag flat ang cheekbones pag nag fierce default face nya…. lumalabaslang pag nag smile. Kailangan patambukin through make-up or smile sya forever

  4. Sana si Winwyn manalo ng RH pero sa hula ni Psychic Gurmeet, venezuela, 7 stars daw related sa country nila.. eh ang flag ng Venezuela may 7 stars.. napakagaling daw sa Q&A… pero nakaka pagtataka bakit tinggal nila ang psychic prediction. Sana mabago.

  5. The only problem with Wynwyn is her height! She would be perfect for any international pageant if she’s taller kahit na 2 inches more pa. But I think it can be considered for Asians. Wala naman talagang matangkad sa mga pinay unless malahian ng ibang lahi.
    Pero definitely, Wynwyn will be a big threat in this pageant. Go Wynwyn!!!

    • In reference to your comment on height, you are incorrect. Height is largely a measure of diets. When Europeans first came they did not mention a height difference. This is all the way to earl 1800s. By end of 19th century after decades of famine and war of independence that started in 1820s, Filipino heights have decreased.

      Since then European heights have increased due to better nutrition whilst ours oscillated between stagnation and further decline as what happened in the last 30 years due to malnutrition.

      Pacific Islanders including Guamanians came from Philippines 0ver 3000 years ago and the height recoded were well over 6ft for men and 5’9 and above for women. This was corroborated by skeletons over 4000 yrs old four in Thailand that has similar heights.

      There is a reason why the rich and those born overseas tend to be taller and more robust.

      • Largely a measure of diet ? U cannot be any more wrong that.
        Good diet helps definitely but it’s genetics first and foremost.
        U have failed to include Japan which has been among the richest for a long time now and yet their average height is still way below the rest of the prosperous nations .
        And what about those giant people from poor African nations?

      • May deliberate obtuseness at saka reading comprehension issue itong si Fabian Wong. Papatulan ko just this one time para sa mga Filipino readers.

        Ang genetics may put upper and lower limits to heights of a people pero ang range differs for different people. Kaya binigay ko ang archaeological at historical example to demonstrate that for Filipinos the range of possible heights vary but can reach the taller ranges. After all Pacific Islanders are directly related to us and they are a tall people.

        As for the comments on Hapons, the commenter failed to mention that the current heights of hapons improved by 10 inches or so since the 1970s. During WW2 they were much shorter than Southeast Asians who were by that time averaging just over 5’5. Their lack of height compared to Indonesians was greatly commented on. Now there is no height difference and many are actually taller.

      • Your highness Queen Mazza
        You do not have to insult someone to defend your point .
        The more you do it , the more u expose the holes in your fantastic arguments.

      • Is there a journal that supports this? Care to share? I’d love to read the whole article coz it somehow opposite to “Theory of Evolution” and “Law of Heredity”.

        I’ve read “Collapse: how societies choose to fail or succeed” by jared diamond and there is a chapter there specifically on what the Norse were eating and that is even before 1800s.

      • interesting discussion!
        you are both right it turns out:

        from scientific american:
        The short answer to this question is that about 60 to 80 percent of the difference in height between individuals is determined by genetic factors, whereas 20 to 40 percent can be attributed to environmental effects, mainly nutrition. This answer is based on estimates of the “heritability” of human height: the proportion of the total variation in height due to genetic factors.

        then natural selection also factors in as well:
        “Natural selection in addition to good environmental conditions may help explain why the Dutch are so tall,” said the study published Wednesday in the Royal Society journal Proceedings B.

        “Height is very heritable – taller parents tend to have somewhat taller children than shorter parents,” Stulp said. “Because taller individuals would have more offspring in the next generation who would be taller, the average height in that generation would a bit taller on average than the preceding generation, if all else is equal.”

        There seems to be a cultural preference as well.
        ps. anecdotally, i know that the dutch drinks a lot of milk (protein, calcium)

        more interesting compilation about the tallest

        sorry, i might have overdone the links

      • Height is more of genetics(maybe 75%) and yes diet partly plays. My grandma is fr North China 5’8 who married a guy fr Southern China 5’5 hence produced my 5’10 mother. my mom bros are all 6ft above .Mom said they got their height fr her mother side whose ancestors probably got mixed w the Turks,Mongols and Russian. I was told the North part main food consist of wheat and dairy products. milk ,meat walang kanin. while the southern part are rice eaters less dairy
        fast forward 2017 my daughter at 12yrs stands 5’6 1/2 and eats rice , drinks milk as if it will ran out thus its really more on genetics but
        wag tigilan painumin ng gatas ang bata kung gusto mong tumangkad ang hirap sa ibang Filipinos they stop giving Milk to their children pag lagpas ng 2yrs old. I always buy milk cartons by the box for my kids hindi powdered milk.
        yes agree w the diet but dont agree w “largely depends”

      • Height is mostly genetic like around 80%
        But the height of the general population is greatly affected by several other external factors. The environment due to the culture, lifestyle and best of all, the amount of resources based on proportion to the population, climate, seasonal weather and how available it is to the masses has great effects to the average height of a region.. Ex. Races who walked through landbridges of Sunda towards the islands of the Philippines are shorter due to “island dwarfing” where in their lifestyle as hunter gatherer only allowed them to nourish themselves of whats available in the area.. Ancient predators can easily prey on taller humans because shorter inviduals can escape easily into the jungle ravine. Typhoons may also mean less food for the season.. thus, populations in smaller islands are more affected.

  6. Wyn2x was never in my top picks during her stint in bbp and mwp (although I wouldn’t mind if she wins).

    But I like her aura here after winning a local pageant. Mas relaxed ang dating nya, like she is no longer trying to prove anything. Pero kabogera! Kinda reminds me of Venus-Shamcey-Janine-Ara years.

    Yung tipong sadyang nanlalamon ang mga kandidata natin.

  7. i find the photos vintagey or kung yun talaga objective then nag-succeed sila.
    sabi ng iba wyn is not a beauty queen material, pero there’s something special about her na i’m sure e magsha-shine & stand out once na itabi na siya sa mga latina.’ got this feeling that she’ll wyn the crown! 🙂

  8. omg she looks breathtaking with those dresses! why can’t the rest of our queens be dressed that way for their respective pageants?? Plus the actual evening gown competition! A good wardrobe may really help boost the confidence of our queens ❤️ which will then result to a good performance. I do hope i would see photos of our queens wearing a great set of wardrobe. yung feeling na mapawow ka sa unang tingin and not the usual recycled ones. I loved the black and yellow gown wyn wore on these shoots. she looks great!

    • To Jed,

      Eto pala Isa sa finish product ng isang make up artist natin. Kaya di tayo mauubusan ng talent!

    • The shape of her face is perfection. Maybe two more years and we might see our next Miss Universe or Miss World. Her beauty is sweet.

      • If Wyn’s height is being bashed, baka mabash nyo si Liza coz she’s shorter than Wyn. Watch the Tim Yap show where Wyn was guested and take a look at her guesting sa Wowowin where Wyn and Ara stood beside each other and you will see that she’s really 5’7 and Liza is shorter than Pia who stands 5’7 or 5’8. Yung difference nila hanggang mata ni Pia si Liza. Michelle Vito is the lady that might bring us the crown someday. Maganda si Liza but she’s not excited to give pageantry a try. Di nya kaya igive up ang status nya sa showbiz to become a beauty queen like Bea Alonzo before, marami ring may gusto sumali sya sa pageants kasi former Miss Pasig sya but she became so famous unlike Pia and Megan who were not that famous as Bea kaya look at them, nakapagfocus and nanalo.

    • Kelsey Merrit is the future Miss World (nagpose na kasi siya ng nude eh bawal kay Madame SMA iyon) and Liza Soberano naman ang future Miss Universe. Pero so far, umaasa ako na si Laura Lehmann ang future Miss World at Catriona Gray ang future Miss Universe (hopefully i-reserba na ni Madam SMA kay Catriona ang korona since naging Miss World 3rd RU ang lola mo.)

  9. pwede na..though I’m not expecting her to win…a runner up finish perhaps…just for the sake na first time nating sasali

  10. Basta ako gandang ganda ako kay Wynwyn. Kahit marami nang bash sa kanya.
    She has the wit, body, and pasarela na pwedeng panlaban sa mga latina kahit di sya katangkaran pero I’m pretty sure carry naman nya. Let’s support her nalang . She is representing our country. We should be proud of her.

  11. Fanny Serrano still one of the best MUA in the country. This is the best Wynwyn has ever looked.

    The makeup is not thick, blends well with natural skin tone and facial contours, and beautifies by taking advantage of and emphasising the woman’s natural assets instead of masking or changing to look like someone else.

    This is the signature makeup style of Filipinas….natural and effortless beauty. All our true Filipina beauty queens should learn or be made up by Fanny.

  12. Ayyy! bat an daming nega? photoshoot lang naman di naman siguro it official photo niya for RH

  13. It looks so amateurish. The backdrop, pose, make up and etc. The blogger said “uber” beautiful captures. LOL time to have your eyes checked Sir Norman #AllTeaNoShade

    • And have your brain and mental status checked. Not all of us would agree to everyone and in this case you are not agreeing with the author of the article but we as readers of the article agree that the Philippines’ queen for RH 2017 is beautiful. Too bad people like you have been so negative all throughout your lives. Work your ass off and prove something to us before you bash the people who are making ways to make the name of the country better.

  14. I still don’t see what the fuss is all about. Middling looks and height…the only thing she has going for her is her family ties to showbiz.

    • The only thing you have is the luxury of time to bash people who are working hard for the country. I wonder how you b*tch look like if taken a photo beside Wyn Marquez who’s a beauty queen?!

      • Bwahahaaaaaaaaaaa!! Kudos to taking up the cudgels for Miss Marquez sweetie. Great attitude and great persistence. Keep it up…she’ll be needing all the rah rah geishas she can muster.😉

    • And you will just need to delete this account of yours once she bags the crown in November. I know her hard work and effort for the Philippines to win the crown. It’s nor about her it’s about the country. So bitch, if you ain’t got anything nice to say, just mind your career. Do you have one? I hope so. Pay your debts on time okay? 😉

  15. nice range of looks
    she is definitely versatile

    the black dresses/gown works best for her, i find

    but damn that brown gown makes me crave for
    some chocolate cake

  16. I have no idea Fanny is a couturier .
    I thought she was only doing hair and make up
    Designs above are definitely not your everyday or even special occasion get up .
    But they create drama and artistry .
    And with Wynwyn as the model, todo drama talaga.
    Wynwyn is Reina Hispanoamericana 2017

  17. Too much negativity!! I actually like it!! I can see really see how much she wants to win the crown!! She will make us proud!! Win win!!!

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