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  1. The only thing going for Smith is her skin color which is gorgeous. But her beauty isn’t enough to stand out.

    • I agree.
      He beauty is questionable and she does not have a very ‘open personality’ . I do not know if she s shy Or snobbish

    • i have seen her once i think shes gorgeous, and she commands attention. i hope she comes back for BBP.

  2. My top 10 (based on photos)
    1. Madridejos – Monica Tawide
    2. San Francisco – Therese Llamada
    3. Tobogon – Maria Izobel Taguiam
    4. Badian – Apriel Smith
    5. Bantayan – Maria Gigante
    6. Barili – Charissa Tabar
    7. Bogo City – Nicole Pilapil
    8. Dumanjug – Phyllis Saromines
    9. Lapu-lapu City – Mary Catherine
    10. Oslob – Faith Perez
    10.Santa Fe – Natasha Manuel

  3. On the video where the candidates get asked what’s delicious in their place, only 2 or 3 are stand outs — Lo and Gigante., Both facially beautiful. The rest are just fillers.

    On another topic, I don’t know how I should see Gigante’s English . She sounds very American even though she grew up in the Philippines . It makes me feel icky about it.
    But Even Venus sounded like that when she competed at Miss U… which is okay as long as they can sustain it . Everyone knows what happened to Venus at Q&A. And someone mentioned about Gigante ‘s ‘ah…ahh..’ moment during one of her beauty pageants’ Q&A.

    I still prefer Shamcey Pia and Janine. They are articulate without any pretensions.

    • Cordova-Mendoza is also very pretty .
      Smith still has. It come out of her shell. She needs some PR help

  4. Asturias is crazy beautiful! Medyo chubby lang pero lakas ng potential. San Francisco and Minglanilla parang cute. Ang glossy ng pageant na to.

    Parang di na ganun ka fresh sila Smith at Gigante. Observation ko lang naman. Sa swimsuit shoot nila baka medyo unflattering lang pero they kinda looked worn out.

  5. These pics are useless . I want to see them move and talk . That’s the only way to find out who is really beautiful.
    Lo looks good though

  6. I sooo love Apriel Smith! Ewan ko b…parang Venus Raj pero pa-sweet. Hope she wins. Hope she joins binibini too. Love love love!!!

    • @ Elena Adarna : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      She has. 2016. She made the First Cut. Question now is when she will join AGAIN. And where to place her – MU, MI, MGI, MS, MIntercon, or (The)MG.

    By Noli A. Berioso
    Four new beauty queens were crowned last night at the culmination of the inaugural edition of Miss Philippines 2017. The coronation was held at The Tent of iconic Manila Hotel along Roxas Boulevard, Manila. Thirty six beauties competed in the cultural costume, swimsuit, evening gown and the dreaded question and answer portion. The six hour marathon show was hosted by seasoned host Onin Mas and former Mutya Ng Pilipinas Kristine Caballero-Aplal. The lucky four ladies who took home the 4 crowns at stake last night are Miss Philippines Zamboanga Kellie Dinone Camoro – Queen and Beauty Universe 2017, Miss Philippines Tumauini, Isabela – Jayalea Tumaliuan – Miss Tourism Universe 2017, Miss Philippines Cainta, Rizal Samantha Mei Arcilla – Miss Princess of the World Philippines, Miss Philippines Carmona, Cavite Georgette Nicole Coronacion – Miss Diamond of the World Philippines. 1st runner-up went to Miss Philippines Quezon City Sharon Stampon and 2nd runner-up was awarded to Miss Philippines Teresa, Rizal – Christine Tetai Sisno. Present during the coronation night is the head and president of Miss Philippines organization Mr. Francisco “Gareth” Blanco


    • Miss & Mister Planet 2017

      Winners (Miss)
      Miss Planet 2017: Camila Vitorino (Portugal)
      Miss Planet Talent: Anastasia Makarova (Tatarstan)
      Miss Planet Beauty: Alyona Polova (Ukraine)
      Miss Planet 2nd Runner Up: Gabriela Kirova (Bulgaria)
      Miss Planet 3rd Runner Up: Viola Sell (Poland)

      Special Awards
      Best National Costume: Izelle Jansen Van Rensburg (South Africa)
      Miss Planet Photogenic: Denisa Hodisan (Romania)
      Miss Planet Friendship: Anna Birjukova (Estonia)
      Miss Planet Bikini: Lizi Cignadze (Georgia)
      Miss Planet Star: Hazel Arbening (Philippines)
      Miss Planet Press: Merve Demircan (West Turkey)
      Miss Planet Personality: Mapitso Hloph (Lesotho)
      Miss Planet Best Smile: Gulbanu Madiyarova (Kazakhstan)
      Miss Planet Elegance: Maria Bogh (Denmark)
      Miss Planet Grace: Safina Goibova (Central Asia)
      Miss Planet Top Model: Gunel Mamedova (Azerbaijan)
      Miss Planet Charm: Uliana Korobeinikova (Russia)
      Miss Planet Sport: Maria Del Mar Martinez Cazorla (Spain)
      Best Evening Wear: Manizha Odinaeva (Tajikistan)
      Miss Planet Internet: Sindija Bokabe (Latvia)

      Winners (Misters)
      Mister Planet 2017: Zura Tsilosani (Georgia)
      1st Runner Up: Jānis Kliests – Latvia
      2nd Runner Up: Arnold Rajan Provido (Philippines)
      Mister Planet Talent: Ivel Yordanov (Bulgaria)

    • ongratulations to newly crowned Miss United Continents 2017, Tatiana Tsimfer from Russia. Congrats also to the finalists.
      5th RU: Dominican Republic – Jeisy Rodríguez
      4th RU: Colombia – Yenniffer Hernández
      3rd RU: Thailand – Aoom Phingchamrat
      2nd RU: Mexico – Roxana Reyes
      1st RU: Ukraine – Alina Pigun
      WINNER: Russia – Tatiana Tsimfer
      Top 10: Ecuador, Venezuela, India, South Africa, Mexico, Thailand, Russia, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ukraine
      Special Awards:
      Miss Amistad/Friendship: Ecuador
      Miss Photogenic: Thailand
      Miss Punctuality: Russia

      • Who represented the Philippines?
        She looks so pretty . Is that Toni Hipolito? I wonder why she did not make it

  8. Philippines won Miss Teen International 2017. Siya daw ang rep ng Miss Teen Visayas.. ito ba iyong sinalihan ni Lucia Alcantara na siya talaga nanalo sa local pero bakit Myanmar eh sa Thailand naganap ito?

    • JUST IN: Miss Philippines Kathleen Paton is Miss Teen International 2017!
      COMPLETE RESULT: Mister & Miss Teen International 2017!
      September 23, 2017 in Thailand
      Mister Teen International – SERBIA
      1st Runner Up – PUERTO RICO
      2nd Runner Up – BANGKOK, THAILAND
      In Top 7/8: Mysore-India, Indonesia, Yangon-Myanmar, Colombo-Sri Lanka and Hungary
      Miss Teen International – VISAYAS-PHILIPPINES
      1st Runner Up – BRAZIL
      2nd Runner Up – USA
      In Top 7: Manila-Philippines, India, Taiwan and Sydney-Australia
      Special Awards
      Mister Teen Photogenic – Hungary
      Miss Teen Photogenic – Brazil
      Mister Teen Charming – Nepal
      Miss Teen Charming – Visayas, Philippines

      • @ Will : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Thanks for sharing. Parang prom lang ang dating! 🙂 Pero in all honesty, bagay sila sa isa’t-isa.

  9. fearless forecast is OUT na for Reina Hispanoamerica

    Mukhang hindi si Winwyn ang sinasabing mananalo.. 😦

    Venezuela yata

    • natural…para sa mga latino, saling pusa lang daw tayo. Hindi nman daw tlga tayo andun kaya mahihirapan si wyn wyn magstand out dun

      • nawala ang reading ni Gurmeet.. mukhang dadagdagan ata.. bwahahahhhaa.. or nagbago ng bigla ang ihip ng panahon at si Winwyn na mananalo. lol

  10. Mr. Itsaragrisil has adopted a business model wherein he acquires local/regional/provincial pageants throughout Indochina – Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and of course Thailand – for his MGI Family of Brands.

    Can SMA do something similar with the BBP brand? To diversify the BPCI portfolio?

    • That means his judgement can be political and not trusted for his own MGI brand. No! dumb move

  11. Sa daming magagandang kasali ay matatabunan ang beauty ni Mary Giant😗
    Obviously ay kapansin pansin c Apriel bcoz of her color and beauty 🤗
    Magkakatalo na lang Sa Q&A😋
    Sa pictures, I like mangubat, shavers, gerodias, Jones malandi and llamada 😶

    • Mga Veks, nanditona yung inaabangan kung audition video ng rep natin sa Xfactor and accdg to my mole in UK, she’s on 6 chair challenge now (d only Filipino survived after the bootcamp)😗
      Mas magaling yung nadisqualify na c Ms. Paredes b4 sa final 12 due to visa issue but I still believe on this girl’s talent 😋

      • Bong700, she has no star factor.
        Not everyone can be in the music industry. It is hurtful but true

      • Bong I saw her clips. Medyo bakya pa dating .. physically and otherwise.
        The voice is ok not great.
        She has a long way to go to deserve a spot in the music industry.. yes even broadway of the West End.
        She will have to be cut.

  12. Gigante and Smith have the edge because of experience and name recall.
    I hope the judges are not known fanatics so they can judge the girls based on their merit and not on popularity.
    I do not know anyone else but Maria and April . If they win, I am okay with it because the have all the qualities of a winner . But I still hope the best girl wins.

    BTW, lets invite Gigante to join MEP.

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