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  1. Miss Intercontinental Philippines

    2013 Andrea Koreen Medina 5’6″ 3rd Runner-up
    2014 Kris Tiffany Johnson 5’7″ 2nd Runner-up
    2015 Christi Lynn McGarry 5’11” 1st Runner-up
    2016 Jennifer Hammond 5’7″ Top 15
    2017 Katarina Rodriguez 5’5″ Good Luck

  2. RESULT: #GlobalCharityQueen 2017 FINALS!
    September 23, 2017 in Penghu, Taiwan
    Winner – ROMANIA
    1st RU – MEXICO
    2nd RU – FRANCE
    3rd RU – ITALY
    4th RU – ARGENTINA
    In Top 12: Ecuador, Senegal, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Korea, Peru and Curacao
    Jewel of the Philippines CINDY DE VERA represented the Philippines.

    • RESULT: Mister & Miss Teen International 2017!
      September 23, 2017 in Thailand
      Mister Teen International – SERBIA
      1st Runner Up – PUERTO RICO
      2nd Runner Up – BANGKOK, THAILAND
      In Top 7/8: Mysore-India, Indonesia, Yangon-Myanmar, Colombo-Sri Lanka and Hungary
      Miss Teen International – VISAYAS-PHILIPPINES
      1st Runner Up – BRAZIL
      2nd Runner Up – USA
      In Top 7: Manila-Philippines, India, Taiwan and Sydney-Australia
      Special Awards
      Mister Teen Photogenic – Hungary
      Miss Teen Photogenic – Brazil
      Mister Teen Charming – Nepal
      Miss Teen Charming – Visayas, Philippines

      • @ Will : Good morning/evening/afternoon :

        Thank you for sharing! Yyaaayyyy!!!

        I was again unable to monitor this pageant. But I was quite confident our two lady reps would be noticed. BOTH are VERY PRETTY. What WONDERFUL news to wake up to on a chilly Sunday morning in Pasig City.

        A most VALIANT effort was given by Mister Teen Philippines 2016 Joshua Marquez in the Preliminaries. The sneaker-obssessed Milanese played second fiddle to Andrea Biondo from Italy to the inaugural Gentlemen of the Philippines. The poor kid must be heartbroken… Grazie! Tutto tutto!

        I am confident his successor, the luminously handsome Prince Argel Saycon of Bais City, will place next year.

        As for the two young women, BBP and/or MWP in the future, please. 🙂

  3. LIVE: Happening now is the inaugural MISS PHILIPPINES Pageant!
    Three (3) more titles up for grabs tonight:
    1. Miss Princess of the World Philippines
    2. Miss Diamond of the World Philippines
    3. Queen & Beauty Universe Philippines
    The other two (2) titles are already given:
    4. Miss Tourism Queen International Philippines
    5. Face of Beauty International Philippines

      • RESULT: #FaceOfBeautyInternational 2017!
        September 23, 2017 in New Delhi, India
        Winner – SOUTH AFRICA
        1st RU – PHILIPPINES
        2nd RU – SIBERIA
        3rd RU – INDIA
        4th RU – ECUADOR
        In Top 10: Finland, Ireland, Malaysia, Denmark and Lesotho

  4. My prediction:

    MU- Top 5 to 2nd RUP
    MW- 2nd princess to Winner
    MI – Top 8 to 1st RUP
    MGI- TOP 5 to Winner
    MS- TOP 5 to Winner
    MEarth- TOP 8 to Miss Fire/Water/Air
    MInt- TOP 10, Queen of Asia or Winner
    MGlo- Top 10 to 2nd RUp

  5. I’m sure they will use the prestige and popularity of our candidate as much as they can during the prelims and then they would totaly ignore her during the finals… Good thing we’re sending a girl like Katarina who is impossible to ignore.

    I wish you all the luck Kat… Always do your best..
    We all know that no pageant politics could hold you back… bring it! 😀

    • Confirmed?

      Las Vegas nga ang MU!

      Post ni Jessica Newton na National Director ng Miss Peru pageant.

      Si Priscilla Howard and rep nila na roommate ni Nicole last year.

      • this was one of the few times were even without the hype of social media that our candidate made it because she was really beautiful and articulate…I so love geraldine !!!

      • Beautiful .. that’s debatable
        Her English was good but the judges didn’t like her Interview because I guess she sounded like was sucking up to the host

  6. Hope ma-tone tlg ng maigi body nya. Good luck. Yes, pulitika din intercon…tas sri lanka ulit! Parang Mess World Cooking Show lng ang peg, no matter how great, how impressive, how bevy, how spectacular are rep is…it all boils down to politics which is very sad unfortunately

  7. Gorgeous Katarina! Another true Pinay beauty! In some angles kahawig nya si Alice Dixon. All the best of luck!!

  8. Nagumpisa Kay Koreen ng 3rd RU then Janson as 2nd RU then Christy as 1st RU. Akala natin maiuuwi na ni Jen Yung Corona pero pag dating sa Sri Lanka, sabotage! Pre-arrival, focus Kay Jen ang publicity then tuwa naman tayo. Pag dating ng pageant night, Yung hayop na cameraman isu-zoom Yung camera pag Philippines na ang tinawag! Mga bastos! Mga balahura! Mga busabos!

    Yung Top 5 na pipiliin nila galing sa 5continents. Last year, Sri Lanka ang pinili nila for Asia at dahil sutil din Yung organization na yan at Alam nila na yan na Lang and Corona kulang sa Pinas, di nila pananaluhin ulit and Pinas para continuous yung audience impact yearly!

    Sobrang depress si Jen pag balik sa Pinas, wala siya sa send off ng mga sisters niya & temporary shut down and social media niya.


    Asa pa ba kayo na mananalo ang Pilipinas? Di Rin ako magtataka Kung larularuin Lang ni Kata ito. Isama mo pa yung may ari ng pageant na pirmeng nakabusangot ang pota!

    Consuelo de bobo na Lang Kung ang maging trend eh ala MU na ilang runner up then nag Top 10 Kay MJ then naipanalo ni Pia.

    • If jen was stressed before anu pa kaya si katarina. when she called as bbp intercon mukang d naman sya fully masaya since alam nya ang laro don. d naman nasa hugis ang katwan nya pero overall shes a high calibre also. So i think we dont need to expect too much so otherwise baka ma jen 2.0 tayo. i visited their website pero hinde pa updated. wala pang candidates so hinde pa natin medyo malalaman kung sino sino ang possible kabogera kahit sa picture man lang and kung sino ang mas malakas sa asia.

      • beshie ang alam ko walang masyadong idea si Katja about Ms. Intercon nung finals ng BBP2017. Kasi di ba remember there was an interview kay Jonas na they had to explain pa kay Katarina kung ano yung pageant na napanalunan nya. She wasn’t happy nung coronation coz hindi nya nakuha MUP (of course yun naman ultimate goal ng lahat ng candidates dun di ba)

  9. She is way above this pageant. expect the unexpected. Kata is the least pageant patty of all this year’s FILipina queens and I just don’t know how it will translate in a traditional pageant like Miss Intercontinental. I love her. She is refreshing and can be and such a joy to watch.

    • True that. I’m optimistic Miss Intercon officials will see she can put their two-bit pageant on a higher level just by virtue of her social media presence. Her persona is so cosmopolitan and jetset. She is clearly well-read and well-traveled. She has an eye for style, beauty, fashion that transcends borders.

      Miss Intercontinental would get a huge boost from followers wanting to see her every move.

      I feel that’s what Kylie did for Miss International. Despite its status as a top pageant, it was dated and snoozy. Kylie ELEVATED her title’s relevance. Between the two of Libiran’s angels, I’m just so proud to call them Pinays 🙂

  10. Remember we had 2 perfect candidates- Mccgary and Janson -who both should have won the crown .. but didn’t.
    Now we have Katarina who is flawed in more ways than one…. and yet the expectations to clinch the crown are very high
    Well good luck

  11. Wow. Another top 3 contender from the Philippines. Because of politics, I just don’t see a winner this year but certainly Philippines will still emerge as the country of the year. Scary thought but Im sure many of you shares this odd prediction. Rachel, Laura, Clency, Thomas, Katarina will come very very close to the crown.

    MU – 1st R-Up
    MW – 1st R-Up
    MI – Top 10
    MGI – 1st R-Up
    MS – 1st R-Up
    MInt – 1st R-Up
    MG – 2nd R-Up
    ME – Top 10

  12. Barring some controversial inside politics move , Katarina may well be on her way to clinch the Philippines’ first ever Miss Intercontinental crown. Simply gorgeous and very articulate. If ther’s one drawback for her – it should be her catwalk skills. She needs to work more in that department. Otherwise, she’s more than fine. Ditto I trust her camp Aces and Queens to train and hone her more in her quest for the Intercontinental crown.

    • DITTO – the same , repeated, I agree, a duplicate…mali ata gamit mo ng word teh…just sayin

  13. She’s gorgeous to look at and full of wit and smarts to boot. She’ll do well indeed!!

  14. Her chances?
    I like her enthusiasm. Her thoughts are not as coherent as Laura’s or Rachel’s or even Mariel’s but her eagerness is commendable . I hope this translates into more workout and training to Improve her face body and overall styling.

    The presentation last yr in Sri Lanka is not even at par with the barangay contests in the Philippines but still..

  15. She is a pure joy to follow on social media. Class and elegance, style and sophistication.

    So effortless.

    I agree her chances are as ALTA as she is.

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