45 comments on “Laura Lehmann: PREPping up for her BWAP Project

  1. I feel like this Is another banner yr for the Philppines.
    Laura has a strong chance . She is in shape with a very clean beauty …and her comm skills are superb. She is very responsible .Julia will be lucky to have her.

  2. Sabi nga ni Rachel Peters, if you dont have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all. Kaya no comment ako dito sa beauty queen na to specially sa mouth and gums nya lalo pag naka-side view. No comment talaga ako

  3. Why is PREP being stressed? Don’t you know that this is misleading esp in the gay community? Hihihi

    • LOL. Eh kasi, throwback to her BB roots. BB … Pilipinas! LOL.

      Aye nako. Anyway, enough. I’m ready to support her journey. I love queens who were destined for their titles, and this one just had her name written all over it. Good thing she didn’t rush the process. This is her moment to shine.

  4. I see Ms Lehmann as fit to become MW but it’s unfortunate that she joined a pageant that is clouded by so much politics and transparent judging.

    She’s a semi finalist for sure but Mrs Morley will award the blue crown to those who put in more money.

    But moving forward, Mabuhay ang mga kinatawan ng Pilipinas sa lahat ng patimpalak ng pagandahan ngayong 2017!

  5. Sorry, but I am catching up on things after being on the road a little, and when I saw her advocacy all I could think of was Truvada. Too late to change it I suppose.

    Anyway, I think Laura is Top 5 for sure. So is Miss China.

      • Dapat paturuan sa isang grade 3 pupil sa grammar ang sumulat. Ha Ha. So trying hard!

    • sino ba nagsulat kase non? kagagawan na naman ba ni pawikan ito para mas lalo masira chances natin na manalo sa MGI? Diba close friends sila ni nawatt. iniisip ko din eh baka gawa gawa nila ito pareho para lang mas lalung pag usapan. tapos may pa love love philippines pang sinabi si nawatt na hinde naman dapat sabihin coz hinde naman whole Philippines ang nagsulat ng issue na yon. missosology writer lang. sounds not good eh. mag gegeneralized pa. unprofessional. tapos ang mga shupit ayon todo effort sa kababaash na naman.

      • Actually, kahit screenshot wala Kaya may merit Yung statement mo. Nag- react siya prematurely. Kuryente ang labas! 👂💣

  6. Di ko pa Rin naintindihan Yung BWAP niya?

    Ano? Magre-raise sila ng fund to donate to JRMMC?

  7. Laura has the goods to be an international beauty queen. It’s just that it’s Miss World. Sana MI na lang or ME kasi bagay din ang packagaing nya doon. Sayang talaga. Sayang.

    • @ Baklah : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      I get the feeling the You Tube author mistook these for NatCos. I think they might simply be formal dresses for the pre-pageant Socials or promenades. And more, there may even have been a deliberate jumble to mislead opponents (bashers).

      Thank you for sharing.

  8. She is the most well-rounded achiever with lots of credentials to boot in this upcoming competition. The Caliber of Phillippine representatives are getting higher and higher. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins.

  9. Ay! Now ko lang na notice na white version ni Jessa Welar si Laura. Magkamukha ang tabas ng face. Gondora!!

  10. Kaloka! Ika nga ni Karen Davila “moi poohu-NAN!” talaga ang MWP this year thanks to tita Arnold na sinacrifice ang budget for her boytoys para sa MWP. Lablablab ko ang new MWP talaga!! 😍😍😍

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