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  1. No va a ganar. Es muy bajita y lo más importante, no habla castellano en en concurso donde la lengua española es el centro de arencion. No hay interprete. Que va a hacer? NADA

  2. @Callum Pia and Ariella has got a couple of pics with Wyn and recently sa Wowowin when Wyn guested, her height was the same as Ariella’s. I stand 5’7 and I work as a domestic FA for an airline company. I know Wyn personally and she is an inch taller than me. Her ex is an FA too. His ex stands 5’8 and he is an inch taller than Wyn while Wyn and I have the same height. Hindi po pwede dayain ang height namin.

  3. Im pretty sure that winwyn will be the “small but terrible” thing during this pageant. She will rock Bolivia and all the Inca gods

  4. Mr. Edwin Uy said that his idea for the NatCos is to veer away from the formulaic and all-too-familiar “terno” and “baro’t saya”. And if I may, I suggest the incorporation of elements evocative of the Philippines Eagle in emulation of the shamans who don ceremonial wing tip feathers of the Andean Condor and the Harpy Eagle (both protected species, I assume. ME would be FURIOUS. Hehehe) as they perform rituals to summon rain, place curses on thieves, bless warriors and hunters, and make two people fall in love.

  5. Mangangabog to si Wynwyn. Opening pa lang may mga sayaw sayaw na e. Mapapansin agad xa run. Isama mo pa x-factor at pasarela.

  6. I love her in the black cropped modern mestiza gown… She looked like a winner with that ensemble… Gorgeous! I love that she became more mature in her views about the world. She is now full of wisdom and humility that comes with experience. She could be an underdog based on comskills but she will definitely give the other reps a very stiff competition. What I love most about her is that she’s kind… As Megan’s mom said “You can never go wrong with kindness. “. 🙂

  7. She looks gorgeous! Her look is perfect for the RHA! I have high hopes for her. I feel that she will rock Bolivia come pre pageant activities! ❤

  8. Bagay ang styling. Sabi nga, hindi porket uso sumabay. I wish her all the luck, hope she wins. She deserves to win. My prayers are with you Wynwyn. God bless, break a leg dear!!!

  9. I have to agree the styling is a bit too80s or 90s. Maybe that’s the in thing now. I trust her styling team from both Aces and Queens and MWP. One thing sure Wynwyn will give it hercall in Bolivia with her I can get it I can win it all fighting form. Good luck to you Wyneyn!

  10. Feel ko unpopular opinion to, pero the from the first time that I saw the first picture up to now, i can’t help but be reminded of 1990s-2000s -ish kind of pageant make up (well im really not sure kung accurate yung time interval coz bata pa ako nyan. Im only basing my observation from other pictures claimed to be from that time interval). But yeah, feel ko nagmukha syang luma. parang super unnatural nya tingnan with that picture only

    • She really look a like of “Sovietskaya Bacud”…. I really do not know if you guys remember this “witty” and Kontesera, 1994 Bb Pilipinas semifinalist, and 1996 1st runner up during the time of Aileen Damiles

      • oo teh..yung she’s got the look contestant ng eat bulaga at lumaban sa Miss Intercontinental…nanalo syang 2nd runner up

    • I think it was done by Fanny Serrano but I will agree with your observation.

      By which back on the days Hindi pa uso ang concealer and bronzer but rather limited to cake foundation and make up pallette.

      May isa pa siyang make up artist and so far ok naman. I think concept Lang nung photoshoot Kaya ganyan Yung make up.

    • If she grows a couple more inches, sure! She’s passably pretty (as in she wouldn’t be accorded the attention she’s been getting if she’s not the daughter and niece of weallknowho) naman so a minor crown like Reina H, a tiny blip in the world of beauty pageants, is perfect for her. Anything more would be shooting-for-the-moon delusional.

      • Wow! It’s as if you’re perfect! She stands 5’7 according to Miss World Philippines. You know what that means? She stands the same as Ara Arrida, Janine Tugonon and the other ladies that represented us previously. MJ Lastimosa is 5’6 dear but she was able to join Miss Universe. Gloria Diaz herself is short. It’s not in the height dear. Look at the beautiful Bianca Manalo, she’s 5’11 and she didn’t place. Pia Wurtzbach was the shortest at Miss Universe 2015 and according to Gaffud she’s 5’7 but she took home the crown. Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012 is only 5’5 yet she won. Wyn is a great speaker, a talented lady, her body is perfect and she’s well educated, double degree and she’s taking up her master’s pa. San ka pa? Your head though is just full of air, you base everything on height.

      • @hplarnosyaj wag po maniwala sa mga height info na yan. Maski sa BBP dati mukhang dinadaya ang height eh. Recently lang naging realistic sa height info ang BBP. Dati 5’7 ang pinakamaliit. Pero now, ang daming 5’5 1/2. Dont tell me na naubos lang yung mga matatangkad na sumasali. Hahaha

        Ps. Sa MU nga mismo eh, 5’9 daw si MJ. Hahaha
        Pps. Dont get me wrong. I love Wyn. Kayang kaya nyang makipagsabayan regardless of height.

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