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  1. Karapatan naman talaga ni Rachel i-excercise ang right niya sa freedom of expression – no doubt. Pero ang sa akin lang, teh bawasan mo kasi ang pagbabasa ng negative comments social media at focus sa training. Also, totoo naman na talagang halos walang improvement sa styling and makeup mo kaya madaming hanash ang madla. Kaya sa halip na magbent out ng hinaing, maghire ka na ng stylist at make-up artist na tutulong sa styling mo since you can donyour own merit sa pasarela at physique.

  2. I like Rachel.
    But she should not react in that manner in public.
    She should use these criticisms to inspire her to do better. While most negative comments are hurtful, they also tell her the things that she should work on .. to be the best representative that she can be.
    If she listens rather than complains , the outcome may be favorable to her.
    She was the one chosen among more than 100 million Pinoys . She should feel proud of that … and realize that she is more than likely superior to these critics .. physically and intellectually .

  3. One word Ms Peters – crown. Eye on the prize. Filter the noise and focus on what is important. Winning is everything if you try your darn best. You can’t control other people’s reactions on you but certainly you can control yours. Dedma na lang sa mga bashers or nagmamarunong. Go lang ng go after all life is a beach isn’t it?

    • That’s my view also, don’t react, just focus. She’s wearing one of the prized sashes in the world and being lavished with attention and good wishes. Stop whining and count the blessings.

      • Amen!! Rachel hija, you’re one in a very small handful of candidates that every Miss U fan will be focusing on so tama, ignore the riff raff and set your eyes on the prize like a heat seeking missile. Hindi ka masyadong kagandahan but you have that sash and that body…so werk werk werrrkkkkkkkkkkk it!!

  4. For me tama lang na pamiaan minsan she gives out statements like this para din klaro sa lahat na aware sila sa reklamo ng mga pageant watchers. Nagkakaiba lang sa delivery but if across the board people are asking where you anre and what have you been doing – it’s because buhay ang interes ng mga Tao and we’re not used to having both AQ and KF be this secretive. More pa sa KF now since gusto natin naka bantay tayo lagi – ayaw natin maka lusot little errors of judgement nung time ni MJ.

    Part ng inaabangan natin is not the end result of a transformation but the actual journey getting there. Eto na kumbaga pinaka telenovela natin so to keep us in the dark with their prep, trainings etc … Unconsciously yung bashing na Yan or making shady comments – way natin to provoke to get a reaction or action coming from them.

    Naninibago lang tayo kasi hindi tayo ganun ka involved. Kahit na nag aadmin na ako ng page everytime may update on them parang gold rush. May frenzy kase nga ang dalang nila mag update. Apart from that rare din naman nagpadala samin ng inside scoop. Sometimes we have to stalk gyms, trainers, deaigners, assistant photogs to trace their whereabouts.

    Nasagap ko Lang na pwedeng I share – may basbas ng both camps limited info release.

    1. Takot ba sila gayahin ng mga tupad balai?
    2. Nyork – eh sila sila din nag tretrain eh
    3. I really hope that with this level of secrecy – and end result NGA NGA tayo sa mga smart alec-y comments natin kase Wala na tayo maipintas.

    PS. The Indonesian trolls are the worst! You try to get ride of them but they find ways of getting nastier and nastier. Tipong walang boundaries yung level of trolling nila to the point of sending us edited photos of Rachel with a dog never mind – get the drift? Nagugulat nalang kami minsan naka paskil na statement ni Rachel sa account na naka screenshot comment nya na banas na banas sya. So Hindi ko Rin masisi minsan mapikon. Buti nga may class pa yan sumagot eh. Eh Kung si Ima? Patay na! (Joke 😂)

    • Them Indonesians consider themselves the new kids in the block and of course are literally wetting themselves with the notion that they’re the heir apparent to the Filipinas in the world of beauty pageants. No darlings….you’ve a loooooooong way to go. Teach and train your girls to think and speak in elementary English first….then perhaps you’ve a shot at inheriting our tradition of excellence, mmmmkay??

    • tbf, I don’t think Rachel needs to change much. My concern with KF is that they are too pageant patty and old school (think MJ) and I can’t say I’m convinced much has changed since then.

      Rachel won on her own merits, in large part to her easy breezy attitude, conversational skills, and that body and face.

      If she is not doing much, she is not losing out on much.

      Besides, the new MUO is less and less concerned about pasarela and body and more about the qualities that are Rachel’s strengths to begin with.

  5. Rachel is the winner here. She is capturing all these responses and attention now.

    Besides, Rachel’s upbringing is more Western and not like traditional Filipino culture that focuses on all these subtle sacrifices and silences in the face of pure crab mentality from every corner.

    Even Pia stood up to bullies as Miss Universe on her social media. It’s the strength of a Confidently Beautiful woman of 2017.

    Baka maging Social Media Bullying pa ang platform niyan for Miss U! That will certainly be more marketable to IMG than Beach Bunny and Governor’s GF.

    Go Rachel go! I would say Don’t Mind the Haters, but if playing them to your advantage is your endgame, GET IT!

  6. some of y’all are a little too extra, the girl’s voicing her opinion and she’s got the right to stand up to social media bullies who hide behind their screens and words. You guys all act as if she’s not up to the challenge, if she was weak and meek, she wouldn’t be queen. You queens need to take a step back, and let the girl preach! #sorrynotsorry #clapback

  7. May ganitong moment din si kylie nung unang panahon pero tahimik lang syempre ang mga bashers kasi aces si kylie eh! Kaya alams na kung sinu ang mga bungangerang pinapahagingan ni rachel

  8. Bashing is an occupational hazard for beauty queens, have some perspective and know that other people are going through much worse than getting bad comments on social media. Now be a big girl and pull yourself together.

  9. Gumanda siya kumpara sa coronation lewk niya😍. Tamang cheekbone at cheek fillers lang pala ang katapat. Konti pa at Paulina Vega levels na siya. Lol. Bongga naman ang body👏🏼. Konting improvement lang talaga sa fez at top 3 na yan(pwera na lang kung bulungan ni muma jonah si Shawn na I-Mariam habach ang Philippines this year. Ganon ba ka-powerful si muma jonah🤔?). Di man ako umaasa na mananalo ang Philippines this year dahil super dami ng magaganda at may pang “img sob story”😪. Hello Mexico na nilindol ng bonggang bongga, diva bong? Nakikita ko na na potential winner at may storyline na ang IMG para sa next year if ever manalo si Denise Cornejo. Mygawd talaga! Eyniways, masaya na ako basta umabot lang tayo sa Top 3 at number one☝🏼 parin ang Philippines sa Asia. Ayaw ko muna manalo ang Thailand(keyhit ang ganda talaga) at Indonesia🤢. Nako, nako, nako, at magyayabang talaga ang mga homophobic na nanglalatigo ng mga veki like us ang mga Indonesia yan kung manalo sila. Ayaw ko din muna Thailand kasi may nightmares parin ako sa mga weird na sigaw nila tuwing MU na parang tinatadyakan na bakla sa gay bar lang ang peg ng sigaw. Imagine, kaya niyo ba endure ang one year reign ng mga neighborz kung sakali?

    Yun lemeng po tita Charo. Balik sa pagkakayod ulit para sa iPhone X😹. Ay makapag-promote nga. Charot! Mind over matter talaga ang ravahnan sa mga dugyuting sugar daddy, friend😏!! Mygawd sakit sa panga at tonsils!! Pati ang tight anus ko bezeless narin now!! Uuuhhhhnnnhhhh!!🤗


    Every single donation cunts!


  10. Rachel is only human. Let’s cut her some slack, please. Rachel – just do your thing and get ready to conquer the Universe in Vegas (or wherever MU 2017 is going to be held) for the Philippines 🙂

  11. D naman kasi sya ganun ka gandahan..kaya nga ako, di na ako nag ambiisyon sumali sali sa mga ganyan patimpalak..un lang.

  12. Papaano kasi may mga tao na ang akala nila kasi porke beauty queen na puwede nang pintasan, bastusin, ilampaso, laitin at babuyin. May mga tao na akala niya siya ang pinagpala ng panginoon at kung manlait akala mo siya lang may karapatan. Dito natin nakikita ang pagkatao ng mga Pinoy. Lumaban ka Rachel, ipakita mo sa mga inggitero at inggiterang palaka na handa kang lumaban sa mga taong yan. Ikaw ang isang huwaran. Sabi nga ni Miss Universe Norway 2017 “Beauty queens are tough women who dare to say our opinion and speak up in public. We want to make a difference and make this world more beautiful.”

  13. One of the attributes of social media is giving freedom to speak one’s mind to critique or, at the worst extent, bash somebody whether a public figure or not. A high-profile beauty queen such as Rachel Peters is an easy target of those who follow her activities, preparations and transformation in the forthcoming Miss Universe 2017. People can easily spot if she dons tacky gowns or shoes, is poorly styled, or is photographically murdered in her profiles because what she shows to the public is her physical appearance. But of course, her conduct is also watched.

    Rachel should have been armed with excellent bashing management. She should have anticipated that, when she joined Binibining Pilipinas, there were a lot of fans cheering for their bets who landed runners up, made it in the top 10, or did not even move forward to the semis. And, unfortunately, some of those staunched supporters are the harshest critics of Rachel.

    I myself was not Rachel’s, but Mariel’s, fan. So when Mariel did not win the top crown, I was disappointed. However, as our representative in Miss Universe, I began to follow Rachel’s beauty transformations and provide criticisms when it is needed, but in a subtle way. At least I know how to use freedom in the proper context in the ordinary course of communication or in social media.

    Let’s support Rachel Peters for Miss Universe 2017! #RP4MU

  14. She better pray the next Miss U is held in Pinoy friendly Las Vegas because with her mediocre looks, her only hope of making the semis is through her Philippines sash. IMG is aware which side of their bread is buttered and it’ll be really really ugly if Miss Peters fails to make the cut in a venue half filled with avid and rabid Pinoys.

    • Eto pa ang isa kung makapintas akala mo nanalo na sa patimpalak ng pinakamagandang kambing! Tse!

  15. Diosmio kung maka react ang mga bakla. Rachel may be a beauty queen who is expectedly subjected to all sorts of criticisms but she’s human who sometimes has to let those pent up emotions go. I admire people who shows some vulnerability at times. Yun lang po!

  16. frustrations? as far as i know.. walang wala pa ung ‘frustrations’ na yan compared sa mga dinanas nila Venus, Janine, Ariella, Pia and lalo na si Maxine. Pero hindi ko sila nakitaan ng ganyang outburst or outcry from them. Composed pa rin sila. remember, you joined 2 pageants na wala namang pumilit sayo. Alam mo na dapat ang kalakaran sa ganyan.. na you can’t please everybody so might as well take it as a constructive criticism or brush it off.

    Always remember – the ‘US Queens’ that you were talking about will represent the Philippines – US, too. 🙂

    • But still everyone has the right to react. Nobody is deprived to be more real. Lahat na lang may sasabihin, makapanira lang ng wala sa lugar. Harap ka nga sa salamin, are you better than her?

    • i do not know about the bashing the others have gone through, but i recall from last year that maxine’s was pretty harsh, even cruel. it was even more harrowing as she is such a sweet person.
      but she seemed to have a good head on her shoulders and was able to ignore them. i admired her even more after that

    • Agree mas malala kina janine, ara at maxine buti hindi nagpakamatay mga yan sa mga comments sa kanila. Besides chaka naman talaga mga suot ni Rachel, underwhelming, minsan and so far parang walang pagbabago only mediocre photoshoots..

  17. Dear Ms. Peters,

    Some thoughts:

    > You voluntarily joined the pageant. In fact, more than one pageant. You should have known what you are getting into. Bashing and negative comments (together with the prizes, prestige, entitlement, privilege , opportunities, fame that you are not complaining about) come with the territory.

    Having this childish outburst of yours is disappointing. As they say, f you can’t stand the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen.

    > Yes, there are bashers who are mean and not helpful at all. But what about “bashers” who give feedback for the sake of things that can still be done before the pageant?

    > In one of Jonas’ interview, he said that Janine and Pia were the most bashed girl he has ever handled. Look how far Janine has shown these bashers in the Ms. Universe contest.

    > Who appointed you to be the spokesperson of “us queens?”

    If you can’t handle the bashing BEFORE even joining Ms. Universe, I wonder how you will react to the onslaught of comments in case don’t get a decent placement at all.

    From what I know, “sick and tired” people should heal and rest.

    World Peace.

    • Constructive criticism is different from bashing. Kung maayos lang din kayo sa pananalita, hindi yan magre react. Lahat naman kasi ng mga Queens tinitira na lang. Mabuti pa ang mga magaganda, they kow how to respect sa mga katulad nila.

      • @BayanKo the thing is, who sets the boundaries between bashing and constructive criticism? For a die-hard/avid fan, a simple “mas bagay yata sa kanya pag big curls” MIGHT already be taken as bashing, while a person full of negativity in life MIGHT take as “p***ng ina mukha kang unggoy magresign ka na” as “nagsusuggest lang naman”.

        The point is, whoever you are and whatever you do in life, there will always be someone who will dislike you and say something “negative” about you. Whether you take all those negativities as motivation to better yourself or let all of those get into your head to the point of “self-destruction” or even just a “mild release of steam” is up to you. Composure and attitude are the keys.

        PS. I do not direct the “unggoy statement” to Rachel or anyone else. No one deserves to be called “mukhang unggoy”. Nagconstruct lang ako ng harsh-sounding statement so I can (hopefully) demonstrate my point. Baka kasi mamaya maakusahan pa ako na binabash ko si Rachel, unahan ko na with this disclaimer.

  18. The reason why BPCI is providing them training at Dale Carnegie is to have them emotionally and mentally prepared. Nelda finished the course and she’s very adaptive to social media. Hindi ko Lang Alam kung sabay-sabay sila.

    I’m sure she was being tagged a lot and nababasa niya yon palagi pero wala yon sa kalingkingan sa pinagdaanan ni Pia. And if Pia was able to manage it, why can’t she. BPCI chose her because perhaps they see in her qualities that are common from her predecessors so I hope she can manage it out. And at the end of the day it is still her handler or trainer who will be responsible for the outcome of her performance. So, focus on training so you can have diversion.

    • @ Gemma : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Ms. Ibe is a pilot. And part of pilot training is handling stressful situations such as turbulence, drops in cabin pressure due to an in-flight explosion, and landing a plane in the blackest night. It is not surprising she finished the course. Bear in mind that our Queens are different folks with different strokes.

      Nonetheless, it often may simply be a matter of knowing how to filter the barrage of sensations and information. Any seasoned mother-housewife-career woman has this in the bag!

      And yes, Jeremi, this “baklang nagmamarunong” welcomes any and all chances for further learning. Sarcastic or otherwise. CLASS is easy if focus is maintained on acquiring the lessons. Temper is a waste of time, effort, and money.

      No, I am neither CLASSY nor nice-looking. Baklang pangit, indeed. But not bitter, either. LOVE.

      Anybody for China-style beef ampalaya stir-fry?

    • It’s a 2-way thing. They may have been trained, pero tayo mismo ang ayaw tumigil siraan ang sarili nating candidates. Is it really easier for Pinoys to bash than to support?

  19. In fairness to Rachel she did join a beauty pageant . So she should be prepared to be judged. I don’t get why she seems to be so affected by the haters. She can’t tell people not to say anything bad about her . A better reaction would be just to ignore the negativity. So my advice .. focus on yourself and let people say what they want.

    • Sobrang embarrassing siguro ito.

      Pero kung ako sa kanya lalo Kong gagalingan para ma convert ko Yung bad memories to a good one.

  20. Someone kindly explain to Ms. Peters the Filipino saying : ang pikon ay laging talo.

    CLASS is the still the BEST way to make fools of haters.

    After all, the mind games never end. This is where MENTAL/EMOTIONAL TOUGHNESS is seen.

  21. Haters can stop the queen!!! That’s a sign that your a threat! So it’s all good!! 😀😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️

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