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  1. Its pageant time, internationally! Thailand, Indonesia, I think are aiming to snatch from us Asia’s home for world’s beauty queens! They have georgeous candidates! Our bets should be well-prepared! Be noticed at once upon arriving to their countries of competition! They should make nice and good noise!

  2. Go go go Jonas ata yan proven and tested! On the side note, bakit wala si Angelo Reyes? Di ka nanaman sumama sa training nila day! Hahahahaha

  3. Any word if Miss Intercontinental is a go this year? If it is when and where? Saying naman kung hindi maka compete si Katarina. If the pageant us not happening this year then Katarina should join MWP 2018.

    • It has been moved by 12 weeks according to Katarina, so that should fall somewhere between late December to early January

    • They already announce that it’s gonna be in Sri Lanka (again!) On December 6.

      Therefore, Asia Continental Queen again is Sri Lanka and come finals night, they will zoom the camera when it’s our candidates turn!

  4. Chanel should join MWP … win or lose at MSupra.
    The other ones who should join are Christi Mccgary and Nicole C. These girls can really talk.

  5. I would have to say that all four is not my cup of tea. Pero keri lang naman, di rin sila ung tipong ka-bashbash. Chanel lang pala medyo kulang talaga sa fez, kailangan ng perfect styling para gumanda.

    • Keri lang, Bes! Si Srindi nga di kagandahan pero nanalo. Hahataw Yan si Chanel sa rampahan unless ibahin ng MS Yung format ng show.

      • Fabie dear, they are under WBO and most of their staff are Polish headed by Gerhard Lipinski.

      • Actually gusto ko styling ni Chanel during the Binibini opening dance. Bagay sa kanya ung moss green na dress saka hair and make up. She can place higher than her predecessors (yvethe-joanna).

  6. Wynwyn Laura and Chanel are likely to do well.
    As for Mariel, It will depend on how she looks and sounds during the competition. Her smile right now still looks very childish and her tone – the way she says things- is a little too ‘masculine’ for MI.
    But who knows, she might just surprise us.

  7. I have really high hopes for Wynwyn. I don’t know lakas ng feeling ko na kakabog ito sa RHA! sana lang makapag aral siya ng todo ng spanish kasi ang weird naman di ba kung konti lang ang naiintindihan mo.. all throughout the show eh wala ka naiintindihan lol

    • Laura Lehmann in an interview mentioned that Wyn has a tutor na sa Spanish. Wyn is a kind soul, very approachable. Busy ang babaeng ‘to kakatrain. Whether it’s a beaucon training, fitness training, make up training and meron pang photoshoots and fitting ng wardrobe. Kaloka! Wyn will do well. The fire in her is very similar to whPia’s. They both have that eye on the title and crown.

  8. I love Wynwyn’s costume…

    A huge gold neo-classical Payoneta with a radial design would also look good with that whole ensemble. While a gold print of Muslim batic or tinalak patterns on the lower third of her solid black high waist skirt that fadez at the top and shimering gold at the bottom.. With 2 Beautiful golden fans, she could show some singkil fan dance moves with hints of Tango…

    She would surely look dazzling on stage while showcasing the amalgam of cultures that we assimilated with our Spanish heritage.

    • I suggest using custom made silk flowers like black vanda orchids frosted on the edges with anything glittery instead of those cheap flower paillettes sticking out of her ruffled sleeves.

      • Filipiniana yan panigurado ate or ano ba tawag talaga sa na invent ni Imelda Marcos, Maria Clara, Phil. Terno or Filipiniana basta yon. Pero feeling ko bongga ang kay Wynwyn dahil sila Tita Fanny at Rene Salud ang in charge chariceeeeeeeeeeee

  9. I hope Wyn Marquez can convert her Spanish language handicap into a differentiating point for her. In a sea of Latinas, I believe an Oriental beauty archetype would be a point of interest. With her showbiz background, I have the hunch she can snatch the crown.

    I’m sure Laura’s credentials make her one of the frontrunners in this year’s MW edition– beauty-and-brains-and-brawn! Undoubtedly, she can be a very good spokesperson of MW’s beauty with a purpose.

    Olive’s sunshiny personality will definitely glow in wintry Poland, the way Mutya Datul wowed them in Minsk. I have the feeling she can easily duplicate Mutya’s feat.

    Another cruelly bashed candidate, but still standing unscathed, I hope Mariel can bring home the crown. A b2b win will be a tall order, but miracles do happen. And for a good purpose.

    • No doubt with laura Lehman’s credentials, potentials,etc…but Mess World Cooking Show is the one I doubt + host country + generous sponsor= Wasted Philippine rep.

  10. La Paz, Bolivia is one of the highest altitude Capital city in the world ( over 3,500 meters). Altitude sickness is so annoying, can sometimes be fatal.
    I hope Teresita is well aware of this and can start taking Diamox 48 hours prior to her arrival in La Paz. Been in Sucre, Bolivia this year… and seen tourists having trouble adjusting to the altitude. Drink a lot of Coca tea as well.
    Good luck!

    • The native Bolivians, those with Indian blood, resemble Filipinos. Another uncanny similarity is that a common attire is similar to our polo barongs. I hope Wyn’s showbiz discipline and training can make her capture the interest of the locals. With her determination, a crown cannot be far fetched.

      • @ scorg,
        Yes native Bolivians do resemble Pinoys…. I think a little shorter. I’m not sure about the attire, but they do LOVE their parades/Fiestas, and their dogs…almost every might they have one in town., becomes annoying sometimes because of the noise.
        Bolivia is one of the cheapest Country in SA, I hope Teresita can visit the Salt flats in Uyuni – one of the most uniquely beautiful sites I’ve ever seen. Cheap flights from La Paz to Uyuni, bus takes forever…
        Good luck!

  11. o sya jonas…galingan training ng apat na yan…kelangan nilang magperform at mag shine sa respective pageants nila

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