25 comments on “Photo Blog: The Women of Style & Substance in Rachel & Mariel

  1. Mariel slayed this round… Holy Du30! 😀

    Rachel’s body looks nice as always..

    Rhet Eala seems like a nice guy but his design are….
    Hmmmm… no comment.

    Elizabeth… why? Thank god for your brautiful face.

  2. maganda yung gown ni rachel pero nakakasawa. hindi ba’t yung nat’l costume ni maxine eto na tinanggalan ng sleeves?

  3. Where did Rachel get that idea of a gown? From Janicel winning best in gown at BP 2015? That’s painful. Her E.G. presentation at BP 2017 was way better compared to Janicel’s . She should choose solid colors

  4. Rachel is styled to compete in MU 2005 . Whoever is styling her needs to be fired . That hair is dated, the gown screams pageant and that make up is aging her. She deserves better than this!!!! It’s not too late .
    Mariel is glowing . She won’t win MI she will come close.

  5. truth be told, mariel overshadowed everybody else
    rachel, just say no to sleek, slicked back hair..you look so much better with soft wavy curls

  6. And yes I have to agree that Mariel really looks sophisticated in that ensemble. This is Rhett’s dress and I wonder if he’ll be the one dressing Mariel? I forgot who made her gown for BbP.

  7. Isn’t Rachel’s gown the one Pia was supposed to wear in the prelims after the Andrada gown drama?

    • Nope. That was the Silver Andrada she ended up wearing in NY during last year’s Independence Day celeb.

  8. I’m starting to think that ACES & QUEENS has already mastered the MI formula. I hope Mariel keep/maintain this styling because this is so on point. She looks effortlessly regal and classy. As for Clenci, i hope she inproves her overall styling because honestly, she could pull a much sophisticated look and hairstyle but it doesnt show on these pictures. Her greatest advantage is her gift of gab BUT she needs to amp her styling and total look para mag mukha syang pang agaw eksena. Yun tipong pagpasok ng room, paaaaaak eto ang reyna! As for Rachel, i have high hopes for her pero her styling are inconsistent. I wanna see her on pics where yung datingan eh “Bitches, bow down!” She’s a triple threat after all, db?! Sexy, eloquent, gandang Pinay. Itodo niyo na mga besh! I want a crown so bad!

  9. OMG!!! I am not a Mariel fan peo naamoy ko ang b2b may posibility na akong nakikita na maaari itong maganap.
    Rachel and Elizabeth is great too. Pero pang 1st RU plng ang aura. Wala pang winning aura like Mariel.

  10. I like their styling and they look great! Yung top lang siguro ng gown ni Rachel ang needs improvement pero I like the length and style,

  11. Nakuha na nila Yung styling ni Rachel na one sided voluminous hair pero nag experiment nanaman sila on this one. Parang recycled Yung gown from Maxine’s NatCos for MU. Although she still look great here!

    This is the kind of style Mariel should carry to Japan.Isa na Lang and kulang, maitago Lang niya Yung negative emotion from her face. Yung mga half smile na ganyan na as if something happened along the way or something didn’t went out right naaaninag agad lalo na sa mga Hapon!

    Clenci’s wardrobe is I don’t know pero ganito Yung mga damit ni Vilma Santos from her 80’s movie na pinahaba Lang.

  12. I have to give this to mariel! She aced this one in all aspects. Good styling, great gown, flame to the hilt! Who styles Peters and Clenci? From their camp – KF? I’d like to think they are reserving their looks and winning aura when the get to their respective competitions. Seriously and honestly, may kulang parang young dalawa . Walang oomph factor to make proper a second lingering look.

  13. Rachel looks better here than any of the previous photos featured in this blog. A great improvement I must say. Look at that body and posture. Beautiful. However the teeth and the eyes though….

    Mariel look beautiful. Improving by the day.

    Clenci continues to underwhelm. He looks like a Vietnamese boy in drag.

    Sandy Andolong, what have you done to your face?

    World Peace.

  14. mariel looks great! Ang liit na ng frame niya! bagay sakanya. Her overall look is on point! I LOVE IT! I hope she wears something like this sa MI stint niya. ang yayamanin niya, in fairness!!

    Clenci – uhmmm getting ready for MGI in vietnam????? kahit di awardee, sana more effort pa.

    Rachel – hmmm she looks beautiful but she surely can look better! grabe. who styles her? walang pasabog na look lagi, walang “whoah!!! Miss Universe 2017!!!” The gown is okay but I think Rachel needs to trim her bewang. medyo walang curve e.

  15. who styles rachel? since she won bbp-universe, i’ve never seen her look stunning in any event she’s attended. ever. this could have been a great venue for her to showcase how gorgeous of a woman she is. she looks uncomfortable in her gown (is it just me?) and that swept-back hairdo does not flatter her at all. i think big curls suit her best or anything that would make her face considerably smaller.

    mariel, on the one hand, looks on point. clenci… hmm i think it would’ve been better if she chose a different gown.

  16. Mariel looks great.
    No to Clenci.
    I do not think it’s the right kind of gown for Rachel.

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