15 comments on “Elizabeth Clenci | In the name of Peace

  1. I am confident she will do well internationally. I am also sure hindi tayo mapapahiya sa kanya as a Philippine representative. She has class.

  2. I love Elizabeth…

    I think she has the greatest chance of winning among her batchmates…

    Her sister Sarah Nicole may look prettier the Elizabeth based on local standards… Elizabeth looks far more exotic based on International standards. She woud surely be a hit to all those Caucasian sponsors. 🙂

    • i think the chances is now going down. Read the post of missso and reply of nawatt. But i hope yaka ni clenci yan and her team.

    • I 2nd d’ motion, “maganda na parang hindi, but malakas kasi ang X factor appeal nya, that’s why we thought that she’s just an average? (for now?)

      Pero mas gumaganda kasi sya everytime she speaks.

  3. i like E. Clenci to bits but I really cant understand theconcept of thisveneers coz I myself endured braces for years bec of bunny teeth

  4. I think she’s more than ready. Liz will give other girls a runnfor their money.

    By the way Sir Norman, she has a sister right? Sarah? Sabay sila sumali before sa BbP right?

    • Yes Angel, prettier than her, and was a semifinalist during their time in Bb Pilipinas, Shamcey Supsup batch.

    • Yes Angel Sarah Nicole Clenci was a semifinalist during Shamcey Supsup- batch 2011 while, she is prettier than Elizabeth

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