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  1. She’s definitely in the TOP 5…
    Only reason why she may not win is that we just won 4 years ago and its still a relatively new pageant. But still, she is currently the best among this year’s reps of that pageant.

    • we just won 4 years ago? eh India nga nanalo ng 2016 pero kakapanalo lang nila ng 2014 Asha and Sirinidhi..

      • Iba yun teh… Indian ancestry kasi ang ilan sa official org… Not to mention, si Mutya Datul with her sanskrit name… halatang may ninunong Indian.

  2. As much as I wanted Chanel to win but would Miss Supra Org really allow that? 2013/14 two asians back to back and 2016 is india. i dont think MSO will let another asian back to back that soon. I hope she’ll win though.

  3. She has that body to die for. With her pleasing personality, I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins. Good luck, Chanel 🙂

  4. I so love Chanaenae’s bubbly personality, i hope she takes home the crown! This picture was already posted in the fb and ig pages of Ms Supranational and already gaining traction both with positive and negative comments. Sino pa ba ang maninira sa isang Pinay beauty queen kundi ang mga insecure na Indogs! Ang hharsh ng mga comments and i just feel so sad that these Indonesians will never stop bashing us! Partida wala pa sila major crown pero grabe kung mk tira at lait sa atin!!!!!! Kumukulo talaga dugo ko sa mga punyetang yan!!!! While these bickering is a two way thing, Filipinos lately arent that active in attacking their queens and that is a good thing. Pinoys are only defending our queens and very rare that we start the fight. These indogs on the other hand, puro lait! Hay sana matapos din to one day #WishfulThinking

    • Ateng, change would come from each one of us.

      Hanggat may mga “meme” na naglipana sa social media na ang theme eh “expectation vs reality” or “before and after” or “who nailed it better” na puro double meaning ang laman Hindi matatapos ang bangayan na yan.

      Pangalawa kahit na dine-defend lang ang candidate I don’t think ma a-uplift or mamo-motivate Yung candidate to do better Kung and kalalabasan eh kahihiyan sa kanya when face to face at the international stage.

      Pangatlo, this is a beauty pageant. Hindi usapang pang ekonomiya or pangkabuhayan or national threat na kailangang ipagpilitan natin and mga opinyon natin sa iba.

      Magkaron Lang ng parehong photo shoot, may malisya na. Magkaroon Lang ng halos parehong style na gown, okrayan kaagad.

      Yung mga commenters ganun din, ipa-private nila Yung profile nila para di sila mapintasan. Yung iba naman gagawa ng avatar account tapos dun mangbu-bully. Hindi talaga matatapos pero ano man ang ginagawa natin online masked or unmasked has repercussion because we all have an “electronic footprint”.

  5. To the Olive Tree : remember to keep it SIMPLE, REAL, DOWN-TO-EARTH, SENSIBLE, CANDID, and FUN. This ain’t MU; being cerebral is NOT to the taste of the Europeans! 🙂

    • Hello, Andrew!

      I was just wondering if you read the book “The Lexus and the Olive Tree” by Thomas Friedman?

      Coz the Olive tree in the book symbolizes identity thus it catches my attention with the label.

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