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  1. shes very pretty, nice catwalk skills and her personality is oozing and her advocacy presentation skills, perfection. –

  2. Pang Ms China lang yung beauty nya…..there were so many more deserving and faaaar more beautiful. However I wish her luck.

    Unfortunately for her, the same people hyping her in this post are the very ones who trashed Ms Earth all over social media. They got their karma when one of their own won Ms Earth in a most dubious way. Hence ever since the win of Ong, the pageant has completely lost credibility. Now they are hyping her with multiple accounts to answe their own comments to boot hoping that somehow the damage the caused will be fixed. Of course dahil nsbalitaan na si Ms Drouin at may Halong intsek yun ang pinupush at mas maganda daw as Ms U rep ng Thai. Lol….can this be anymore obvious?!?!

    Ma papansin daw sa streets ng NY…lol alam ng lahat Kung about ang tingin as kanila as USA….. the butt of ridicule and discrimination just for the looks alone. So sad and pathetic to claim otherwise here.

    • Hindi rin….Ang layo. Gemma is full Filipino hence the small oval shaped face, natural lgith tan colour and 3D face that does not need a large bucket of contouring makeup and photoshop to looke less flat.

      This is not the case for Karen who is obviously a chinese mix with very mongoloid features even on the photoshoped and studio pictures above. This is apparent in her candid photos. So trying to associate her with a former Filipna beauty queen is not going to make her more beautiful. People have eyes to see.

      • @Mazza94 — “Full Filipino” ???

        Gemma Cruz’s great grand uncle national hero Jose Rizal was of MIXED blood. Rizal’s side of the family was part CHINESE, MALAY and SPANISH. This means Gemma Cruz is also mixed, not “full Filipino” as you claim.

        Karen REMINDS me of Gemma — I did not say they look identical. And I’m not associating anybody with anyone to make them seem more beautiful. Please don’t put words in my mouth or presume my motives in expressing my opinions.

      • I think Mazza94 was referring to something immediate and easily traceable … like Karen’s mom being 100% Chinese.
        Nowadays people say they are part Spanish and Chinese .. without anything to prove it . The birth records in the Philippines are very limited.

        But I agree on the physical resemblance.

      • @Melanie

        By saying she reminds you of Gemma, you are saying their is a resemblance. However there is none. You chose the pic of Gemma and compared to the photoshopped pic of Karen.

        As for her being admixed, by your own admission her Chinese mix is so little as to be inconsequential. By that standard of purity, no one in the world is pure. Chinese from that area of china are mixed with ‘Malay’ or their ancestors which would make all chinese in Philippines only part chinese making Gemma even less. That is going by your logic. Filipinos are in actual fact less admixed than most people like chinese, Indian, arabs, Mexicans, Thais, Indonesians, Iranians, French, spaniards, Germans, Nigerians, Papuans, even Japanese, etc

        As a general rule of thumb used all over the world, if your admixture is less than half and the other parent is not from another country then you have no business claiming to be mixed. To the eyes of the world you are just and should only claim to be Filipino in the firs instance unless they asked for your history.

  3. Mga inengs pansin nyo ba ang crawler? Mali mali, from grammar to name. Umaygads! parang sinabotahe! Parody Ibasco daw name nya.

  4. Karen is super smart alam naman natin yun. Sakin lang need nya lang i-tone down pagka in your face smart nya. When she uses words minsan parang ang bibigat hindi na ganun ka accessible dating. Her styling needs an overhaul. I mean sometimes she’s in beautiful gowns but for her casual appearances medyo ang lakas maka Ever Gotesco – and I shop at Ever Gotesco!!!! Lam nyo yun? Arghhhhh wag na.

    She has a fighting chance naman pero Ang daming magaganda sa ME, Ang daming legit Ang advocacy. Tama yung observation ni Thomas for me. Like everyone else Kaya naman nya Manalo talaga. Masyado lang napapa dalas wins and placements natin.

    • Laila ,
      I do not think she sounds pompous.
      If u did not grow up speaking the English language , u would end up saying words that are not frequently used.

    • But I can see what you are saying.
      I think it’s because she is a teacher or professor

      • Sa atin walang problema charrrrr!!!! I mean gets kasi natin na some of her terms and the way she expresses herself may be natural for someone as smart and as passionate as her. What about the other pageant fans? I say this only because as an admin of a pageant account nagiging topic to sa mga group chats and mangilan ngilan na nag lalakas loob mag comment na nakaka alienate na.

        I know hindi personality ni Karen pero take a look at an equally smart Nicole Cordoves na Kaya mag adjust depende sa kausap nya or grupo ng taong kasama nya.

    • I concur with your observation, Lai ! The thing is, if she’s naturally smart and intelligent, she should just be her natural self. Mahirap kasi to modify and tone her self down a bit, just to be pleasing to everyone. But, if she can tone it a bit, the better. Her handlers need to experiment on her styling. There are photos na maganda siya, there are some na hindi. But I still believe, she will do very well in the competition 🙂

      • Nicole C knows how to adjust and she can be a jolog too. Sa Miss Q & A, you can see her lighter side even with her comments. 🙂

  5. Di naman kagandahan si Angelia Ong ah! Pero nanalo sya! She is Angelia Ong 2.0 for me. Di na uso ang Janina San Miguel ngayun!

      • Angelia , beautiful ? Yes but so is Karen
        These 2 girls will be noticed on the streets of NY LA and London .. I’m pretty sure abt that.

        Unfortunately , some candidates are way prettier .

  6. Was watching ANC just now and saw this girl named Agatha Uvero, UP’s new UAAP court side reporter..facially, she has the potential to be a beauty queen, not sure tho of her height..maybe she can follow the footsteps of Ateneo’s former court side reporter Laura Lehman..paging Mama J..

  7. I have to say I like what Ms Earth is doing. They just need to add some glitz in the production to make it more pleasing to the eyes to watch.

  8. Ano to parang may nabasa ako sa baba na total package sya.. sino yun mum nya ba yun? Ano uli? Mukha wala sya. Sya ang pinaka sa lahat ng past MEP. Sorry.

  9. Karen is down to earth and w good head on her shoulders.I wont be surprised if she wins.She looks expensive. Fit to be a first lady ang beauty but I would like to suggest she removes the eyebags. There are non surgical ways to do this

  10. Beautiful and probably deserving of a Ms. Earth title.

    HOWEVER, my problem with this pageant is that too many Ms. Philippine candidates have won or nearly won this title in such a relatively short time (compared to Ms. Universe, Ms. World or Ms. International).

    Even if our candidate in any given year is the best among the lot, the credibility, prestige and integrity of the pageant will always be in question. Ms. International is always held in Japan but a Japanese winner comes few and far between.

    Some suggestions:

    > PLEASE hold the pageant outside of the Philippines. Just to give it some global, international, world-class aura.

    > If not, PLEASE at least get an International host or entertainers.

    > Improve the venue and production value. Avoid that “Versace something club house” in some subdivision. Medyo cheap ang dating even if the subdivision is exclusive or for the rich.

    I know that the objective or platform of Ms. Earth is beyond glitz and glamour but if it doesn’t watch out, many similar pageants are cropping up left and right that will easily dislodge Ms. Earth as the premier environment-related pageant.

    World Peace.

  11. I find Karen very refreshing. She’s smart and comes across as sincere. I like her.

    Good luck Karen 😊

  12. ang haba ng eco0 video nya !!! Yung ibang countries 2-3 minutes lang…super informative…one of the best eco videos I’ve watched so far…At ang haba pala ng prepageant activities ng ME? 1 MONTH halos…yung ibang pageant 2 weeks lang…kaya pala sawa sa activities mga girls at super close na sila after the pageant

  13. Miss Earth Russia 2017 Eco-Beauty Video

    Miss Earth Indonesia 2017 Eco Beauty Video

    Miss Earth Sri Lanka 2017 Eco Beauty Video

    Miss Earth Switzerland 2017 Eco Beauty Video

  14. I’m so glad she pointed out the effect of eating meat to our environment! To most environmentalists, it’s a taboo.

  15. sure na si karen na pasok sa top 16. she will be in top 16 for beauty of face, form and figure, intelligence. wla nmang attitude si ateng kya wag ng mashock kung mkapasok ito sa finals. not to mention the sash factor and filipino owned pageant and host country. if laura dunlap made it in 2003 sa dami ng diosang tinalo nya, what’s more si karen na di hamak namang mas maganda, sexy at matalino. anyway i was rooting for other country to win. it is just lahat ng na hype ko nuon e pawang naligwak. now im hyping karen to win.

    • Sultan, kung lahat ng na hype mo noon e pawang naligwak, ikaw ata ang jinx. Now you’re hyping Karen, alam na.. hahaha!

  16. Karen is Miss Earth 2017😚
    Kahit itaya ko pa c angelo reyes😋
    Kung Di manalo c Karen, ibibigay ko na c angelo reyes sa Miss Earth Org. para pagsilbihan c Lukring Shock😗cherette

    • bong700, Karen is not a total package, sorry to say. She may be intelligent and has a strong advocacy but her beauty is not what we call a beauty queen material. I’d rather go for someone who has the 3 essential elements which I’m sure someone would show up in November.

      bong700, it’s obvious you don’t have an eye for beauty.

      • Cherette lng miswa hihihi😶
        Ikaw nman, masyadong seryoso kagaya ni angelo reyes 😋
        Pero kapag nakita ko ang picture mo ay pupurihin ko lahat mula sa pinakailalim na parte ng buhok mo hanggang sa ingrown mo hihihi charette lang 😗
        Magpasalamat po kayo dahil maganda ang sinabi ko kay karen dahil kung sinabi ko ang totoo ay papalakpak pati p*kpek mo hihihi hihihi 🤗

  17. If Miss Earth is presenting its candidates as Heroines for Climate Change, I believe its winners should not be decided on physical beauty alone. By no stretch of imagination can one see beautiful physique as the attribute that brings about climate change. The ideal advocate for climate change should know that the issue has structural and systemic roots on a global scale, and should therefore have the brain power, determination and the will to engage with UN bodies and Paris Treaty Secretariat, and bring the issue to the policy makers of all countries. While local initiatives like tree planting and recycling are laudable, the issue of toxic gas emissions by industrialised countries should be the concern of every candidate. She’s right– while we do not have much share in toxic gas emissions, we bear the brunt of its ill-effects every time typhoons get more and more destructive. Is Karen the right persona to confront Donald Trump who just withdrew its participation from the Paris Treaty– alleging that climate change is a Chinese invention?

    From among the candidates so far, it is only Karen who has the credentials to be that persona.

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