34 comments on “Win-Wyn Marquez on being Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2017

  1. Tunay na Buhay: Winwyn Marquez, ikinuwento ang karanasan sa pagsali sa Miss World Philippines 2017

  2. Si Miss Haiti sa video … siya yung nag first runner-up sa Miss U, lola ay Pinay.

  3. Sana palarin si WinWyn dito, maganda ang performance nya nung BBP 2015 ewan ko bakit di siya nanalo ng crown kahit minor pageant lang? maybe kasi Rival network.

  4. Being a niece of a former Miss International would surely be a great publicity for the pageant she’s joinning.

      • @ Fabian Reyes : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        That’s even better! Then if she places, it will or should be on SHEER MERIT and NOT by association or name recall. Were you the one who also said that name recall was important for the MWP derby?

  5. I hope Wyn Wyn goes to Instituto Cervantes and takes a crash course in Spanish. It would certainly come in handy for when she competes internationally.

  6. While facially Win-wyn looks not that extraordinary (she registers better in photos rather than on screen — where her chin and mouth looks kinda off), her articulateness, elegance, positive attitude, preparedness, passion to win and humility will do her very well in any competition.

    Definitely and improvement of the race coming from Alma and Joey. Lol.

    Rooting for this girl.

    World Peace.

    • Joey is very articulate . I do remember how impressed I was watching him talk on tv when he was just starting . I think Wynwyn got it from her dad.
      I agree though …she is an improvement both physically and intellectually from her mom .. and even from Melanie ( I know fans out there will roast me for saying this)

      • @ Fabian Reyes : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Interesting. Not really in the mood for a roast right now, but please tell us how Teresita is PHYSICALLY better than Mimilanie. Never mind the long torso (niece) and “long-legged”(aunt).

      • She is an improvement from her mom intellectually. Not physically.
        When her mom was her age, she’s drop dead gorgeous.

  7. buena fortuna, senorita!

    i realized she would have the hardest task of all the winners
    she would have to know about the reinahispano america pageant,
    she would have to explain the philippines participation in the pageant
    she would have to learn a little bit of spanish in a very short time

    in any case, she presents herself as elegant, capable, articulate, intelligent, even humble
    i like this young woman’s chances

    • Tumpak! Mismo! May tama ka!

      At matapos ang kalapastanganan Kay Cat last year, dito muna tayo sa RH at hakutin ang sambayanan at sangkabaklaan sa pagsuporta Kay winwyn!

    • Misses Haiti.. they speak French Creole and English … not Spanish . And one of them managed to win the crown

      • thanks for the info, Fabian.
        this pageant is getting interesting.
        i wonder if haiti being in the island of hispaniola
        shared with dominican republic made them a part
        of the hispano-america realm

  8. Meron po ba talagang MISS MULTINATIONAL? Kasi wala po akong makitang coverage ng pageant. Kahit man lang pictures ng mga past winners o listahan ng mga dating nanalo. Kahit ung picture ng crown wala. All I can find is the Logo of the pageant.

    • wala ka talagang makikita na kahit ano dahil bagong sibol lang ang multinational. speaking of the crown. i think they will show it before or during coronation night.

      • sure ka? so kung noong 2014 pa nagsimula so bakit now lang naghahanap ng ND ang Miss multinational? visit their FB page. and kung nung 2014 pa bakit walang pics ng winners sa google and even sa youtube? kung wala. it means they never started their pageant before.

  9. Ganda ng suot na gown ni Miss World Indonesia. Ngayon na realise ko na kung bakit sya umabot ng Top 3 Miss World. May ichura naman pala si ateng. Ampanget kasi ng hairstyle nilà ni Catriona noong Miss World Finals. Para silang Ninang pareho. Pero nung Miss World Phils farewell walk ganda na ni Catriona.


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