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  1. I just noticed that Mariel is starting to look chinita in this pic. I noticed that Kylie too had a very similar transformation going into Miss Intl. Interesting.

    • Aces eh

      Diba si catriona din ginamit ang hulmahan ni megan bata kaya ayun ligwak

      Anyway kahit ano pa style ni mariel eh alams na

  2. by Pageanthology 101

    CEO claims Gentlemen of PH 2017 ‘Mr. National Universe PH” title as “INVALID”

    Ralf Lao from Tawi-Tawi was handed the ‘Mister National Universe Philippines 2017′ title during the grand finale of Gentlemen of the Philippines on September 9 at the Hotel Rembrandt Grand Ballroom in Quezon City. The title is supposed to earn his right to represent the Philippines at the Mister National Universe competition next year in Thailand but the CEO and Founder of the international competition claimed that the title given by Gentleman Charities Incorporated was invalid.

    Here’s the official statement from Tanya Siri Vijitsomphong, the CEO, and Founder of Mister National Universe Org:

    International Media and Pageant Director,
    I would like to make you aware of events that took place during my recent trip to Manila in support of the Gentleman of the Philippines pageant.
    1. We were told we would have two round trip tickets purchased for us but we found out that only one was purchased and that was a one-way ticket only. We were given a reservation number for our supposed return tickets but that number was fake. I confirmed this with the airline, there were no tickets purchased.
    2. We were also told that our hotel accommodations would be taken care of for us, 3 days two nights, paid for by the organizer. But when we arrived we were told by the hotel that only one night was paid for.
    3. The license given to Gentleman Charities Inc. was for Mister National Universe Republic of the Philippines but when the winner was announced it was announced Mister National Universe Philippines. The license for Mister National Universe Philippines is owned by M Grand Productions. This was a deliberate deception, not a mistake. The Sash awarded said Mister National Universe Philippines, NOT Mister National Universe Republic of the Philippines as it should.
    I feel the above three instances are unprofessional and unacceptable and I officially announce that I have revoked the Mister National Universe Republic of the Philippines license from Gentleman Charities Incorporated. I will work only with professionals.
    In my feeling, this was a nightmare, I think people should be more responsible than this. I understand that it is not easy to produce a pageant. I am also a pageant owner and have produced several. If you don’t have a budget to invite guests then don’t invite them.
    Tanya Siri Vijitsomphong
    CEO Founder Mister National Universe.Org
    Director and Brand Ambassador Hot Magazine Thailand

    “Believe me, I’m not feeling good at all about what happening but at least I tell all the true and my reaction about this. I can’t work with unprofessional people anymore. I’m so sorry Ralf Lao”. – Tanya Siri Vijitsomphong’s statement on her Facebook.

    We are looking forward from hearing Gentlemen of the Philippines’ side of the story.

  3. I super love Classy Ms. Clenci. Wala pa silang nilakabas na new swimsuit photos so inaabangan ko Yan just to aee Kung May transformation na bodies nila.
    Hindi pansinin si Clenci gaano Kase medyo tamad sa social media pero marami ako nababasa na kwento Ng mga pageant personalities na unang meet palang nila Kay clenci in person nag iba perspective nila. You know she has two other gorgeous sisters!?

    Mariel hopefully will break the MI curse. I’m not garapal in asking the pageant gods for a back to back win. Ipasok Lang Sana nila si Mariel Kase maganda talaga Ang face.Takot ko Lang Kay Mariel is that may ilang bwan ba – may pagka firecracker to sa mpag express Ng political opinions nya. Fiesty and admirable for some pero too controversial for others including maybe the Japanese. Between now and her pageant in Tokyo something might irk her and get her on a social media rant again. Ang hirap pag takpan kahit may punto naman sya.

  4. Clenci is pretty. Though she will be dwarfed by glamazons.
    Mariel looked like a teener with this hairstyle, but unlike a beauty queen.

  5. Mariel looks beautiful w her styling. a runner up finish would be great. im expecting a crown fr dear ms.clenci

    • mariel will clap her hands while top 10 finalist are called….I REPEAT SHE WILL CLAP .CLAP AND CLAP

      • everyone is entitled w their own opinion. to each his own 🙂 wag ng mambasag ng trip.

  6. Ms. Clenci can capitalize on early comments comparing her to Parul Shah and Andrea Tovar. Hope that bears much weight with the Thai fans, though. KAYA PLEASE MGA PINOYS, PUSUAN NA SINA POONLERTLARP AT FAHSAI/PAWEE PARA MAHALIN DIN NILA SI CLENCI. At least that is the idea and hope.. 🙂

    And judging by the Pre-Arrival Picks, Ms. de Leon ain’t too bad, actually. Styling will seal the deal. And I think they (her “camp”) already have that in the bag. This is probably the reason why she seems to be in a state of unbridled liberty. FRESH. The “sakang” like freshness. Just look at sushi… 🙂

    • Pwe!!!! pusuan??? eto nababagay sa mga taelandia 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
      Di kami SIPSIP na katulad mo!!!! Kahit pa never manalo ng MGI crown ang Pilipinas, i would be very happy as long as never din manalo ng kahit anung Big4 crown ang taelandia.
      💩para kay Mariya Poopootarp
      💩 para kay Pawiwi Fahsai

  7. Napakinggan ko ang inawit nila sa Gateway para sa mga lolo at lola!

    Jusmio, nakakahiya ang blending nilang dalawa.

    Gusto kong lumubog sa kinauupuan ko sa kahihiyan.

    Parang kumakanta lang sa burol ng patay!!!!!!

    Can’t really help myself falling with these two!!!!!

    • Yung boses ni Clenci is more on Bosa Nova genre while Mariel is for an opera house kaya mismatch talaga silang dalawa. But the bottom line is both can sing and can be harness to a professional level. And that is their unique characteristic kc di lahat ng BQ has a gift for singing.

      • Yeah I agree on their respective genre.

        But OMG, desintunadong Bosa Nova at desintunadong Opera!!!!!

        Sana di na lang kumanta kung di lang din maganda!

        Kaya ka nga kakanta para ipakita ang galing sa pagkanta di ba!

        As in nakakahiya lang!!!!

        Imbes na naaliw ka at + points sana, biglang nadisappoint ka lang…. dahil ang pangit talaga ng kanta nila!

    • nakakaloka kayo! hinde naman singing contest yan para masyado galingan. mabuti pa nga at may kumanta para sa kanila. im sure na apprreciate nila ang effort na ginawa nilang dalwa. kayo ba marunong kumanta? pwe!

  8. Source: Pageanthology101

    ***Organizers of the Miss Globe competition confirmed on Tuesday, September 11, the 44th edition of the pageant will be held in Albania on November 5, 2017. The candidates are set to arrive in the final week of October and will stay in the country for 2 weeks.

    ***Miss United Continents 2017


    • @ Megan Old : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Oh my… more or less sabay sa Earth (November 4)!

      Sino ang mas matimbang?

      Ang Pilota de Tarlac na “only looks pretty when made up” or the presumptive victory of “Pawee” (not the “owner of Missosology”, but a contraction of “Paweensuda”) who seemingly looms larger in the hearts of Filipino pageant fans than the modelesque Poonlertlarp?

    • @ Megan Old : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Oh my… pati United Continents, pinasok na rin TALAGA ni Mr. Itsaragrisil. 🙂

  9. At si Mariel naman monay a fezlak niya, kaya wag sanang ganyan buhok nya don.. semi-finalist is good enough for her na

  10. parang nakulangan ako kay clenci, sana mapaganda pa siya ng todo. kasi pag piyestahan ito ng husto ng mga kapitbahay

  11. I like clenci. Di sya ganong ka “pretty as in pretty” pero classy ang dating nya. Very queenly aura. Maski oagtabihin oa sila ni mariel, mas mukang beauty queen si clenci. We may be looking at our first miss grand international.

  12. May countdown na Yung mga Thai and Indo account sa ig and less than a month na Lang prior to main event Yung MGI. Kelan Ang alis ni Clenci? Siya pala bale ang magse set ng mood ng mga beauty queens this year.

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