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  1. May laban c Peter kahit bukas na ms.universe Go na, kulang sa kanya yung astig yung Kaya niya lamunin yung santolan at hindut ng buhay๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ‘‘

  2. Philippine contingents:

    MU winner
    MW winner
    MI top 15
    Supra winner
    MIntercon top 15 if she loses weight
    MGI winner
    MGlobe runner up or winner

  3. MU – clapper
    MI- clapper
    ME- clapper pero dahil home court baka bigyan ng place
    MW- top 20

    Hanggang minor crown lng tayu this year ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. i agree.. thailand and indonesia are coming strong this year and obviously they know how to work their angles kaya bongga ang promo pics nila. may advantage naman kasi cuz they’re a models by profession. as for rachel, she should avoid tipping her head low kasi medyo mahaba yung middle portion ng face nya. kaya na fo focus yung attention natin sa middle ng face nya. she should try tilting her head a bit up for balance and work on communicating thru her eyes. pero alam natin lahat the moment rachel opens her mouth, thats when she speeds up miles ahead from her asian sisters. as for styling, di bagay sa kanya yung mga pa girl na slip on dresses. tailored outfits suit her more with emphasis sa shoulder, back and especially her best asset, legs na super bongga..

  5. Mukhang thailand na mananalo o mauungasan tyo this time. Wala ako maramdaman!! May gawd. Unahin nalang q&a!

  6. Sana may paandar naman sya kahit konti para ma-maintain naman natin ang winning streak…

    A diplomatic speech video uniting the Filipino people perhaps?

    • Strategy nila yan manahimik para iwas bashers

      Gigil na gigil na ang mga aces minions haha

      • Hindi naman mawawala bashers…
        Kailangan mapaggusapan regularly to make her relevant.. again MU is a giant PR campaign for their sponsors hence yung pinaka maiingay na representative sa social-media na may ipinaglalaban ang tiyak pasok sa TOP15 and maybe even TOP5… You just have to be politicaly neutral but always visible… Pag nakakalimutan ng tao… nawawala ang recall, nawawalan ng media mileage…

  7. Beautiful face great body excellent comm skills and very kind and humble demeanor.
    She will not be ignored.
    She does not have to appear too greedy for the crown . She is doing just fine with her relaxed hopeful attitude.

      • Si mariel hindi na yan umaasa sa crown. Alam naman niya mga pagkukulang niya at kagagahan niyang nagawa

      • don’t u think ‘gigil’ ang being ‘atat’ should be a good thing? pia and kylie won because they have laser focus on what they wanted.

      • Huwawww hiyang-hiya naman si Mariel sa imaginary katinuan at kagandahan ng mga trollalang bayot na merong severe acute addiction to anything Duterte. ๐Ÿ˜ค

  8. Peters will win Miss Universe 2017 – demi leigh nel peters. Beahahaha.
    Sorry to say pero feeling ko Rachel will suffer the same fate as Nina Ricci back in 2000.

  9. Peters will win Miss Universe 2017 – demi leigh nel peters. Beahahaha.
    Sorry to say pero feeling ko Rachel will suffer the same fate as Nina Ricci back in 2000.

  10. Bakit wala masyadong paandar ang camp nya? I understand iba ang strategy nila compared sa kabilang camp panay ang travel nya at punta sa Siargao.

  11. Off topic: sa kaka browse ko lage sa pageant IG stories, it came down to my nerves na masaya ako sa placement ni Nicole C. During MGI, not bec she placed 1st runner up but because nung nakita ko ung transformation ni ariska, sobrang ibang iba na ung fez nya, iba na din yung awra nya. I know na part dn cguro sa sponsorship eh yung mga cosmetic chuvaness pero I know na may liberty nmn ang winner to say NO. Since the birth of MGI, sa lahat ng winners, kay ariska ko nakita ung halatang pagbabago sa mukha. #sorrykungmayfansmansiariskadito

  12. parang may kulang ako na hinahanap from her… is it the grit to win thats lacking? parang di ko pa napi feel yung fire in her eyes.. i don’t know how they(kf or bbp?) are handling her media presence but parang limitado..parang ganito din yung ginawa nila kay mj before na a few days before the pageant, nag labas ng sultry swimsuit pic but unlike mj, ramdam ko yung gigil nya to clinch the crown. i hope my observations are wrong..

  13. Simply gorgeous!

    She just needs to learn to smize though. I agree that her eyes lack that spark. She should take lessons from Pia whose mastery of smizing famously caught the enthusiastic thumbs up of Tyra Banks no less. Once Rachel has got that down pat, she can most likely leave the judges and audience spellbound hands down.

    As for Miss Universe Thailand, sorry but I find her somewhat overhyped. She reminds me of a bit more glammed up Lou Parker during Miss Universe 1994. I have this gut feeling that she might even end up as a Ruth Ocumarez awardee just like Peru’s Laura Spoya and India’s Urvashi Rautela during Miss Universe 2015.

      • oo nga taon-taon na lang kesyo thailand, indo vietnam, india raw ang strongest asian bet, pero come coronation night, philippines naman palagi ang last asian standing..

        expectation/prediction – indonesia, thailand, vietnam…
        reality – PHILIPPINES! ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. The perfect Pocahontas, I love it. Also, Norman, can you make a clarification as to why the BWAP fast track in MWP 2017 was seemingly removed?

    • sorry, I think Maxine Medina suits the Pocahontas type of beauty more than Rachel

  16. I love it!! This is is it We are creating the TRENDS not just following the what is there. I am happy we are taking advantage the attention. We must set the new look new trend of World’s MUSE! So far Rachel is on the right track. Go gurl

  17. What gorgeous pics of Rachel. Her look has been filipinised just like what they did for Megan, Pia, etc. A great representative of Pinay beauty.

    You hit the nail on the head Norman, when you talk about setting the rules. We are THE pageant powerhouse at this point in time. It is not enough to standout but actually set trends and set the rules. Our reps have already redefined beauty according to our standards, set the trends on what is THE LOOK basing on reps sent by our neighbours, Latinas, others, etc. It is now time to stamp our presence by setting the rules and in doing so, create our legacy.

    Go Rachel! Go team Philippines!!!

  18. Ganda per blah. Dead eyes. It hurts me to say this pero wala variety mga shots ni Rachel. Kinda boring. Really.

  19. Has there been a Miss Universe with a bangs? I think Rachel would look good with a bangs. It will give her different facial proportion.

    • Yan din gusto ko.. big hair… Farah Faucet bangs…

      Pag straight hair naman with symetrical bangs maganda parin but its too modelesque… pang Asia’s next top model winner ang peg.

  20. I’d still prefer big voluminous curls for Rachel to neutralize her prominent facial bone structure.

  21. seriously though, rachel has the angular features within the oval face shape that could take
    a super glammed up look. big-ish hair (some wavy curls) and dramatic colors
    like burgundy lips sort of a 1930’s flapper/art deco look

  22. to be honest.. it’s been hmm 4 or 4 months? pero wala pa ring something from the batch… though may nakita na akong transformation from Mariel. she lost weigh na. i don’t know if they are secretly planning/training or what.. wala masyadong charity events, appearances.. even with their sponsors wala. sana sobrang busy lang sila sa pag pprepare.

    With these photos. she is beautiful. no doubt. but may changes ba? nag level up ba? i can’t see kasi. lalo na her eyes, blanko.. walang message or emotions or parang kulang sa pasabog. it’s almost pageant season na pero anyare na sakanila?

    • kay katarina ako kinakabahan. she mostly spend her time doing her work as a speaker related in her advocacy. this is great and a good advantage for intercon. pero for body transformation waley pa. kakauwi lang nya and sa dec pa competition right? so i hope stop na muna sya sa pagsasalita. she proved her worth na in terms of credentials and focus na nila si kat for training and for possible transformation. kay mariel nag sstart na sya. i have no problem sa comm skills nya. ang gusto ko makita is ung make up transformation nya and styling. nakukulangan ako sa light ng mata nya. spark kung baga. kay clenci wala masyado appearance coz before the end of the mond she will fly to vietnam na so they will save anything for send off nalang. gusto kong look kay clenci sa MGI finals is ung look nya sa isang photoshoot wearing a white gown at naka baba ang buhok nya. lakas ng dating sakin. kay nelda ibe. i think her body is enough na. ang ganda ganda nya ngayon. saw her at wowowin. kay rachel. sa totoo lang ok na sakin ang body nya. make up and styling nalang ang problem and little improvement for her performance. Dahil malakas talaga si SA and Thailand.

      • I agree with you. though i saw some photos of Katarina wearing 2pc swimsuit.. mukhang nagka korte na siya kahit papaano. again, all of them, the main problem (?) or kailangan i focus is make up and styling. with rachel, she really needs a very very very good stylist. nakakaloka ang wardrobes niya. decent but not MUP worthy. same goes to Clenci and Ibe. they need to know their perfect look!

        Grabe, I will not be surprised if SA or TH will win MU.. when MUT was crowned, ang dating niya sakin noon is like Pia winning MUP title. worth the hype. ganda and she can speak english fluently ha!

        SA is super pretty. lakas maka rolene din ng vibe.. tipong ay.. mananalo ito.. good thing she’s going to MU!

    • Totoo! Parang matamlay at watak-watak sila. Although never know Kung kasama sa game plan yon o dahil natabunan lang ng MWP events.

      But I agree na parang walang sparkle or crave to win si girl. Parang chillax Lang!

      Although to be fair maganda pasarela niya dun sa wedding video and Tama Lang Yun pacing. When it comes to glamshot, naaaninag sa mata na may lack of enthusiasm kahit na pa pensive mood Yung concept ng pictorial. Body wise, integrated na sa system niya Yung right diet Kaya talagang maganda katawan even before she joined the pageant.

      Overall, may edge pa rin siya over Asian girls pero we may never know dahil maraming uhaw sa korona.

      • true. watak watak. i don’t think natabunan lang ng MWP events kasi before MWP starts, matamlay na talaga sila. right?

        Chillax Chillax… hang out with boyfie, focus sa business..

        her pasarela is good. but again, siguro nga kasi sa concept ng photoshoot.. pero walang something. parang lakad lakad lang.. walang convincing power na “look at me.. i’m your queen..” yung ganon.

        Yes we may have an edge but TH is in it to win this year’s MUP.

  23. She looks better and softer here. Beautiful. I hope the momentum to improve each day towards the competition will continue.

    World Peace.

  24. Right now she can definitely cruise to the semis. She might be able to make it to top 10 with that banging body.

  25. Love these shots! Kulang pa San pasabog pero gets naman na nila yan. Antay nalang ako Ng malupet na bikini shots pa.

  26. We are Miss Indonesia/China of Miss World in Miss Universe kaya malaki ang chance natin with Rachel๐Ÿค—
    Sa interview at Q&A na lang magkakatalo and I’m confident that Rachel can deliver๐Ÿ˜‹

  27. I’m loving these shots of Rachel (with yes, the relatively subdued aura of hers). At first glance, I thought top photo was that of Bianca G :-). I think we need to start making noise (albeit slowly and surely) and drum up support for Rachel. Good luck, girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. It’s not a natural Photo, (Photoshop), Hindi ko ma appreciate if may transformation ba?

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