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  1. Laura did a great job from start to end. kalmado lang si ateng. confident enough. well prepared. im glad and sobrang saya na lahat ng ginawa nila kay laura that night is very on point. hairstyle, make up and gown and her manners during Q&A grabe!!! ganda ng tindig while sumasagot and her left hand while holding the mic on her right hand while answering the question. jusko!!! sobrang kabado ako that night. all of them gave a best performance and answers base on their personality. Cynthia ganda ng performance nya she really fit for Miss International. thats the highest title na nakita ko sa kanya during mwp competition.

  2. eto na ako mga bakla…..hahahahha.
    nagkamali ako, letse….

    i’m so sorry to all! I’m now reformed.

  3. Does anyone know if Wynwyn haas any plans to join BP? If she does well at REina HA, she will be a shoe I need for any major Title including MUP BPI or MGIP… provided she has not aged out by then

    • Please let her rest. There are so many beautiful women in the Philippines waiting to be discovered.

    • i think hinde na sya sasali sa bbp. i remember before may nabasa ako na gusto na nila mark at wyn na magsama. magpakasal. but wyn wanted her dream to come true ist and that dream is to have a crown on her head and to represent Philippines in international pageant. and now meron na syang crown. So i think after that shes done na sa pageant. i agree that shes also one to beat that night. and she won one of the crown not bcoz of being GMA artist. pasok talaga sa banga ang performance nya But Q&A na ang basis to determine the winners. ung pagkakasunod sunod from runner ups to winner is perfect. lahat sila maganda ang sagot pero si laura talaga ang may magandang manner sa pagsagot next is wyn and cynthia.

  4. Ang galing talaga ng mga alaga ng Aces and Queens dahil pinalad sila sa gabi ng patimpalak. Sa susunod na sumali kayo sa Miss World Philippines, alam na ninyo, bago kayo sumali siguraduhin ninyo kung saan kayo pupuntang beauty camp. Sa mga ampalaya, huwag na po kayong maubusan ng pag-asa mayroon pang susunod na patimpalak, harinaway hindi ito ang una at huli ng MWP Org.

  5. Sorry to burst our bubbles (Cynthia’s fans), but I don’t think we’ll be seeing her in BBP next year. Yes she’s really really pretty at sobrang kabog talaga ng dibdib ko kagabi kasi akala ko talaga maaagaw nya yung win kay Laura dahil super galing ng performance nya and okay din yung Q&A nya and jusko yung fez nya sobrang ganda talaga. Pero there are two reasons why hindi sya makakasali ng BBP next year

    1. BBP happens around March-April, more or less 7 months from now. By that time Cynthia is still under contract with Arnold Vegafria. And perhaps maextend pa yung contract nya from another org kung mananalo sya sa Miss Eco-Int’l (na super taas ng chance). Kaya automatic hindi sya qualified to join next year.

    2. Yes she may opt to resign now to avoid being under contract with MWP. But that will speak a lot of her character (and to some extent her camp’s as well) kung gagawin nya nga yun. Magmumukha syang sore loser na hindi matanggap yung napanalunan nya. It’s like telling BBP na if ever sumali sya at hindi nya makuha yung top prize eh magreresign na lang sya bigla bigla. Kung kayo yung BBP gugustuhin nyo ba ng ganoong contestant? Magririsk ba kayo tumanggap ng someone na mataas yung chance na magresign just because ayaw nya yung napanalunan nya?

    I love Cynthia and her beauty. I just don’t think BBP 2018 is for her. Pero I think it’s best that she does a Janicel Lubina (na tinapos muna yung contract nya as 1st RU ni Megan bago nya naconsider sumali ng BBP) para maipakita nya sa BBP na committed talaga sya sa whatever commitment meron sya ngayon. Perhaps the 2019 edition will be hers

    • ..kelangan talaga me I thesis defense?! Sa lahat ng pangit ung pangungunahan ang tao..

      • Actually the funny thing is, yan din naisip ko kanina after ko pindutin yung “post comment” button. Sabi ko dami kong sinabi hihi. Peace ^_^

  6. Whether Laura wins or not in the upcoming MW she’s still gonna be the loser. Surely she will be deserving. BUT. If she wins people will think it’s a token for the heartbreak we suffered last year, which is unfair to her. If she doesnt win it will likely be because of the chinese cooking show, which is still unfair to her. So there. That’s why…


    • Aj , if Laura wins the crown convincingly without an MWP person present at the judging table, it’s a win -win for her.

    • The only reason I would not recognize the 3 winners last yr was because of the presence of these national directors. Their win would have been acceptable … regardless of how extremely deserving Cat was of the crown…. knowing that beauty and Q&A are subjective … if those witches were not there.

  7. Need na ang pag-crash course sa Culinary ni Laura, specializing in Chinese and indonesian, para makasabay cya sa 2017 Mess World julia Morley Cooking Show. I-enjoy na lang nya stay. Pre-determined na naman winners, so kebs na. kesohodang wala sa tally-cum fast track ek ek basta gusto ni matandang hulya e pasok sa banga sa ending

  8. Ako lang ba nakapansin na after tawagin ang 4 fast tract winners sa top 15 ay halos mga ‘fillers’ na lang ang quality ng mga tinawag for the remaining 11 spots? Except of course for a few tulad nina Jona Sweett at Janela Cuaton. Madaming magaganda at matatangkad sa likod ha na niligwak sa top 15 na di hamak na mas magaganda at matatangkad kaysa ibang nanalo. Yong isang nakayellow evening gown na parang kuba maglakad kumaway pa in a very akward manner nong pumunta sa gitna after tinawag name nya sa top 15. My gad, parang naligaw lang si ate.

  9. Been rooting for Laura since her Binibini days. She always has it to win a national title. Wishing her the best of luck when she competes for Miss World in China.

    Wyn-wyn, just like Laura is equally beautiful and talented. She just needs to be more spontaneous in Q&A’s because she tends to be poetic which makes her answers appear rehearsed. But, still, she is deserving to win as MWP. Her assignment as our representative to this Latina-dominated pageant will definitely push her A-game further, a good exposure to clinch major international titles in the next few years.

    I agree with almost everyone’s opinion that Cynthia has prettiest face. No doubt. Her Q&A performance sealed her fate though. She can do better in the next few years. Just like Wyn-wyn she can use her exposure to furrher train. I will not be surprised if she becomes a Binibini soon.

    Miss Multinational winner was indeed a surprise. And, it was such a sweet surprise that even her co-candidates reacted delighted for her. She did a very good Q&A performance which made her clinch this title.

    The runners-up were also good. They can rejoin next year or maybe try Binibining Pilipinas. Carbonell just appeared too complacent while the 1st Princess needs to be more confident and self-assured.

    Cuaton and Ortega – I wonder what their next plans are? Ortega seems promising because of her innate charm. I hope they will still consider further training and rejoining.

    Over-all, setting aside technical gaffes of GMA’s coverage of the pageant, MWP 2017 is a success. It did level up as expected from its new franchisee. Good job, Arnold and ALV team!

    • i agree…there is something in gabriella that I liked…I felt sad that she didn’t make it to the winners circle…I want to see her more in the world of pageantry

    • I’m also heartbroken for Gabriela ortega. Hoping she will consider bb pilipinas again
      If her age doesn’t get in the way.that girl is all ❤️ All the winners were deserving & most in top 10 nailed Q&A . Really happy for Laura. She proved that she deserved the title

    • Thank you so much for sharing this video, Will. Really gave us a more solid insight on the girls’ personalities. They are all so sweet and smart! My God! Philippine-beauty pageants have indeed levelled up.

  10. Super expected talaga sina laura, wyn and cynthia. It was really a close fight between laura and cynthia, giving the latter the edge based on performance alone. But after Q&A plus performance, it was laura and wyn’s point of no return. It was a nice turn of events upon putting sophia a crown and zara as a princess since makuda talaga sila. They shone the best during Q&A talaga na napanganga ako sa live. Glyssa was also a nice surprise coming from Bohol and who knew that she can win the ft event for sports with her petite frame. Mwp 2017 production set the bar really high. Pang BB levels without the direction of Mr M, unlike sa previous editions ng MWP. Kudos to MWP team.

  11. What I love about Laura is that she responded spontaneously, probably because she is a courtside reporter who should always be on cue and can fit the interviewee. Megan and Laura have the gift of gab that they express in layman’s term. Yes we will place high this year. I have a gut feel that this is a unanimous win with blessings fr madame Tully
    On the other hand the likes of Catriona and Cordoves have flowery responses which is also admirable.Im all for Cordoves joining mwp .
    For the people who are not fine w the winner circle because their so called bets did not win. This is mwp a battle for the fluid thoughts w no room for nerbyosa and sales pitch

    • Have you watched Stephanie speaking at the MWP2017 press con? Hers is not the fluid of all thoughts…

      • @marvin 1978. oh dear I cant even watch Stef one minute contiously let alone listen to her. I still remember swiping the mobstar w my tweens during my vacation in Phuket even hearing Thailand voiceover host predicting a Philippine win and he was surprised even. anyway Cat will be a bb Pilipinas Universe .I just watch our queens so my blood will not boil.
        The nervosas Im talking about are some of the contestant last night

      • @jackiey12 , I feel the same way about Stefanie . I don’t even bother listen to or look at her. As soon is she is about to speak , I stop the video. I can’t stand her .. even for a few sec.
        I have not accepted her win… knowing her mentor was among the judges.

  12. Savor the moment, mga bakla!

    Hanggang dito na lang tayo!

    Yang ganda at talino ni Laura na yan, bale wala Kay Tandang Hulya yan! #sasayanginSAsanya yan!

    Kung si Catriona na may singing talent at may malakas na BWAP eh waley, Kay Laura pa Kaya?

    • Ang BiG4 Queens puro hafu!

      Year of the Hafu Queens!

      Rachel – half British
      Karen – half Chinese
      Laura – half German
      Mariel – quarter German

      Naumpisahan nanaman ng hafu ang MWP under new franchise holder.

      • Thanks for the correction, @Baklah !

        But for sure they are of German origin kc karamihan naman sa may mga surname with “MAN” suffix are of German origin, e.g. kauffMAN, eigennMAN, neuMAN. The other is “BACH” like Wurtzbach or Sulzbach.

        It’s good to know also that she’s of Jewish origin like Mariel kaya medyo sensitive and girlalu (Mariel) when it comes to Holocaust. Tweet niya “don’t mess with me” because of her ancestors.

        Isn’t it that during world war 2, Manuel L. Quezon accommodated more than a thousand Jews in the Philippines and Yung iba dun nakapangasawa ng Pinay. Yung iba naman na nakatakas sa U.S sila Yung nag-push to establish Israel Kaya most likely ancestor ni Laura yon and she has to be proud of it.

      • So, masama pala ang ancestors ni Laura dahil sa pang-aagaw nila ng lupa sa Palestine.
        Remember, ang Israel ay lupang inagaw sa Palestine hihihi😋cherette

    • Cat had all the elements to win .. except luck.
      I’m still not giving up on Laura . She may gain Julia’s favor and that’s all she needs to get the crown.

      • “Luck favors the prepared” ika nga.

        Cat was very much prepared when she compete back with full support of sambayanang Filipino and mentors….. And the rest is history.

      • Whether Laura wins or not in the upcoming MW she’s still gonna be the loser. Surely she will be deserving. BUT. If she wins people will think it’s a token for the heartbreak we suffered last year, which is unfair to her. If she doesnt win it will likely be because of the chinese cooking show, which is still unfair to her. So there. That’s why…


  13. ganda ni catriona kagabi sa farewell walk nya…sana ganun ang ayos nya nung nakaraang Miss World finals…diosang diosa ang dating

  14. bongga mga prizes….full force ang MWO…lahat ng mga alagad ni Morley present…pak !!!

  15. What’s the obsession ba with humongous crowns???? The design is already an upgrade from previous years but the size? Apaw apaw sa ulo nun Ms Multinational! Di man lang ba sinukat ni Megan after the unveiling of the crown? My gahd! Nagmukha tuloy cheap! I hope they fix those crowns and make them realistically proportioned to an average woman’s head. Kaloka! Anuba!

    • exactly, MW crown is just like Bb Pilipinas crowns in height na mukhang trash baskets. walang dating pag nilagay sa ulo.. walang kulay, dead na dead.. parang walang brilliantes tignan.. generic ika nga.

    • Agree. It’s not the crown , it’s the wearer that counts. No matter how impressive the crown looks , it means nothing if the wearer claps at the international pageant. LOok at all the BP Universe winners between Miriam and Venus , they are all forgotten . I don’t think they are even invited at the annual pageants.

  16. Walang ganang panoorin ang MW. The candidate activities are all for naught as the winner is personally picked by Morley anyway… after a meandering and drawn out final night.

  17. I like Laura when she first joined binibini..But as time passed, she has lost her sparkle..and it has become apparent that she does not have the curves and the facial beauty to match her gift of gab..I still go for Cynthia as she has the mesmerizing beauty we all expect of beauty queens..she has the beauty, and she can communicate her thoughts..that to me what matters..

    • Cynthia can try MUP next year. Her international exposure will hopefully improve her overall persona. Beauty wise, she already has the goods. Perhaps a little experience and she can get any BBP crown next year ❤️

    • its okay as there’s no swimsuit competition in MW, besides we dont need the best girl to rep and get wasted in Miss World. Laura also has gotten too thin. Cynthia will be for sure ready in next year ‘s Bb.

      • Laura has a toned body . Just look at her arms.
        I understand the dislike, Pinoys prefer curves to athletic bodies

    • For me, Laura is the brightest of them all, facially and intellectually . She’s got great comm and leadership skills. She is the only one .. although I can accept Wynwyn as the alternate

  18. There were a lot of pretty candidates who did not make it.
    It goes to show that name recall is very important … favoring previous candidates public personalities or their relatives.

  19. sa mga fans ni laura, dinig ko may video daw sya na mala racist pakinggan. delete niyo na iyon para di masira ang rep natin.

    • I don’t think what she said is racist.
      It’s just the way Pinoys talk when somebody is a little too dark.
      Besides, she is half-Pinoy and half-Jewish. I don’t think racism applies.

      • dinig ko its about sa itim na babae sa club ba at sinabi niyang country na itim at pinagtawanan yata. wells, anyway…

  20. Ang galing Talaga ng dating ni Laura . She was bright and beautiful. No one deserved the crown more than Laura..(..though I would be fine if Wynwyn got it. See you at BP 2019 , Wynwyn .

  21. Congratulations! Feel ko talaga siya mananalo e. basta top 3 picks ko are Laura, Wyn and Cynthia.

    bet ko for MWP si Laura and Wyn. I don’t know may something kay Wyn na feeling ko pwede siya as MWP. alternate is Cynthia.

    Though I was thinking Gabriela is for Reina.. si wyn din naisip ko kasi for sure, kaya niya makipagsabayan sa mga latina doon.. now she needs to learn spanish. fluently sana.

    As for the production number.. level up! Pero reminds me of a BPCI prod.

    sa crowns. as we all thought na wow, taray ng crown. mas maganda sa BPCI… ang tacky din pala tignan. hahaha masyadong malaki! Mutya ng Pilipinas levels! BPCI Levels. mas bago lang ung sakanila. ahahaha nakakaloka. kung mga 2 inches shorter tong mga to.. why not. pwede na sana!

  22. Ay!! Ang laki pala ng mga crown! Mygawd parang baranggayan levels lang ang laki. Sayang ganda pa naman nung design ng MWP crown, nagmukha lang cheap dahil sa size. Di ba nila kayang gumawa ng standard size man lang? Lol. Half ng average height ng woman’s face na 7″ dapat so 3″-3.5″ ang standard. Eyniways, money at decision ni tita Arnold yan. Bongga!! 🤣😄

  23. Everyone is deserving of their titles except for Multinational. It’s still a BEAUTy pageant, she looks so out of place there. What happened that she even edge out the runners up?

  24. ALRIGHT 😄
    Napanood ko yung Q&A and ALRIGHT na napa ALRIGHT ako lagi hijiji😋
    Deserving lahat ng nanalo at nasayangan ako kay reyes naku ha ALRIGHT at may kamag-anak pala ang bugok na lola Angela reyes at Di na ako nag taka bakit naBlagz c reyes kc ang trainor pala sa q&a ay c lola Angela hijihi
    Puwes patrain cya kay Ms. Ana Winter nx tym para sure win ..ALRIGHT hijihi jawzKuh poh tawa ako ng
    Tawa dito ALRIGHT bwihihihi 🤗

  25. The ideal representative to Miss World has to be an excellent spokesperson. Laura has a differential advantage over the rest because her academic credentials can easily give her gift of multilingual gab more depth and substance. I’m sure the judges saw this distinctive competence. Congratulations!

  26. Nagpalit lang sina Laura (from BBP) and Rachel (from MWP). And lahat ng Big 4 representative natin galing BBP – Laura (2014), Rachel (2017), Mariel (2013 &2017) and Karen (2016). Anyway, bakit wala kong narinig na nagBoo kay Julia? Hahaha.

  27. copycat pageant pa ng ms earth ang sasalihan ni cynthia. sayang ang ganda nya sa eco. anyway join na lng xa uli ng binibini after her stint sa eco.

      • @ Star : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Dito lang sa bandang atin hindi gaanong kilala ang Eco-International, po. It is relatively well-known in Europe and Africa. Mister International titleholders like Pedro Mendes and reigning Paul Iskandar have sit in the Panel of Judges. And Miss Earth fans HATE/ABHOR/DEMONIZE it. 🙂

  28. Cynthia Thomalia ang stand out grabe ang ganda, congrats Laura and Wyn pero i have a feeling na mag reresign si Cynthia as Miss Eco sayang siya pag napadala sa unknown minor pageant, pang BIG4 pageants yung aura niya,sali ka next year ng BBP or MPE gurl.

  29. Oh asan na si JANELA JOY KWAH-TUN???? Overhyped talaga siya. Like what I said before, she needs two-three more years of experience and perhaps 2-3 inches additional height. Congrats Laura and the rest.

    • ok lang daw, may BBP or MPE pa naman since MW title lang naman ang pinaglalabanan talaga ng.mga frontrunners the rest titles are super mega minor pageants.

      • Girl, overhyped ksi talaga lola Janela mo. I have nothing against her in fact i want her to join perhaps in the next 2-3 years. She already has that X-factor, what she lacks is the confidence. That stance that makes a beauty titlist stand out. Saka if she grew another inch or two, mas bongga ang pagbabalik niya. Thomalla deserves a bigger pageant but an exposure at Ms Earth copycat will improve her experience and she can join BBP and win MUP. Kulang pa sya sa comm skills, sa ganda pak na pak na.

    • I think Janela deserved to be in the winning circle more than Miss Multinational and the 2
      Runners up .
      I think the judges were disappointed that she used the famous ‘ think before u click’. Her answer to me was better than some of the winners.
      And In fairness to Janela, most pageant contestants even at barangay level try to ‘Americanize’ their names and cities of origin.

      Addendum: I don’t see the hype about Tomalla’s facial beauty . It’s way too strong for Me

      • Fabian, c matumalia ang nag-answer ng think b4 u click at napa”errrrk” talaga ako hihihi.. C janela nman yung nagsabi ng. ..naalala ko tuloy c janina dahil sa ..my family. ..my family hihihi yun na kaya nablagz ang bakla at masyadong kumaliwa yung sagot jihihi. 😋

      • Hihihi sorrry huh may Alzheimer na yata ako
        Still , I think Jona and Janela deserve better placements .

    • Bakit ka naman galit? kundi naman siniraan ang ibang candidates okay lang manghype sa favored rep mo diba?

  30. The crowns are hideously huge . What’s wrong with Pinot crown makers ? Hydrocephalic ang models?

  31. oh asan na si janela? ni runner up man lang di umabot…si sya napansin masyado ng mga judges na sangkatutak sa dami…at di pa nakatulong ang speaking skills nya halatang kinakabahan at minsan mali pa grammar ng english nya…haaaay. …better luck next time…train pa teh

  32. akala ko cynthia will win..dami kc nyang special awards at ang ganda ng aura nya sa stage compared to laura that I think is a little bit dry (she’s too skinny and the hair didn’t help)…wyn also shined though di ko bet gown nya. After the Q&A , solid and high impact yung sagot ni wyn at laura…cynthia’s answer is also good but not a memorable one. The battle is just between the 3 of them. Congratulations to ALV for a wonderful production…bongga at mukhang pinaghandaan…ang daming judges ! mga 20 ata sila…tlgang super majority votes ang kelangan ng mga candidates to win

    • Sure ka ba na majority ang votes ng judges ay kay laura hihihi.
      Baka merong madam Julia sa miss world Philippines eh cno fa nga vah mga vahkz kungdi c hihihi. ..alams nyo nah divah hihihi😃
      Hello ang congratulations to Mama J. and cyemfree ang fairy godmother ng A&Q c wet flower Basana esteMark Besana hihihi 😄

  33. okay, we got a downgrade from Catriona this year but then im not expecting for a pinay to win anyway in Miss World. Julia will continue to use us because there are people likes to be used. Buti na lang si Thomalia di nanalo para makajoin uli sya sa Bb. Iyong picture ni Laura na naka usli ang ngipin paki delete na bago pagpiyestahan ng kapitbahay. Wyn wyn i dont expect her to win, runners up lang iyan.. Territorial ang mga latino unless gusto nilang mapromote pageant nila. iyong rep sa Multinational.. juzmio..

  34. Ohhhh😄
    C Laura pala nanalo hihihi
    Congratulations 😋
    To my wyn2, blessing din yan at makapagtravel ka sa Bolivia at itokhang ang mga kamag-anak ni Senator hihihi.
    See u in the next pageant after 2 years dahil wyn na win ka pa rin doon hihihi.
    Ang Asin pala pakihanda para magkalasa naman bwihihihi🤗
    What happened to janela, ireview ko na lang sa utube video hihihi.

    • Bong700, Laura deserved the crown . Wait ka na Lang sa Sanya. She will deliver to your satisfaction and beyond hi hihihi

      • Actually OK lng kung c laura nanalo BUT capital ang but ha kaya alam na ni mama j ang gagawin.
        Good luck at support pa rin ako 4 d felifens 😗

  35. Oh kill me or burn me but this pageant is just a waste of time and money. No way the new miss Iworld Philippines can penetrate the the highly politicized Miss World . If Catriona the most deserving to win the Miss World how much more Laura ? Wyn wyn she’s just t overhype she will not make it to Hispano China chi chi pageant..Thomalia maybe have a chance but oh well …

    • Why not just appoint the next MU or the next MW ? Why even bother hold a contest?
      Just get rid of what makes these worth following.

  36. I LOOOOVVEEEE the winner!! 😍 Pero that thigh high slit na may ruffle effect reminds me of a swollen vagina. 🤣 Super ganda naman in Laura kaya di na masyado notice. Lol. Eyniwaysss, ang liliiit nung 3 winners. I heard na naka 7″ na platform heels yung win win at chynthia so same height lang sila or 1 inch taller dun sa multinational winner na parang 4’11″/5′ lang.

  37. Congratulations is in order for Ms. Laura Victoria Lehman, our new Miss World Philippines 2017!

    Laura looks like a mannequin in that red number. She is a deserving successor of Catriona. I hoped that Madam Julia had seen a winning aura in her, so she could give the blue crown down to Laura’s head in the forthcoming Miss World 2017 pageant in China.

    Kudos to Mr. Arnold Vegafria’s team for the successful coronation run. I couldn’t say less to the beautiful gowns the girls have won last night. Gaganda!

  38. If there’s an international pageant for Miss Multimational, I’m gonna say the chances of making it into the semi final round are very very very small.
    She’s cute and pretty. But that’s all.
    Janela and Jona … or even Reyes would have been a much better rep.
    I wonder why she got the crown. could it be that her humility and ‘innocence’ had won the judges?
    At least , these girls can still join BP. I hope Wynwyn joins next yr too.

    • Suko na kay wyn. Tanggapin nyo nang hindi sya pang bbp.
      I find sophia very charming so it might help her sail throughout the pageant.
      Is sophia acesAndQueens or Kf?

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