30 comments on “Laura Lehmann: Her 1st thoughts as Miss World Philippines 2017

  1. Malakas ang laban! So far no crowned local rep of other countries has surpassed the well-rounded beauty and credentials of Laura Lehman… Hopefully, no Chinese and Indonesian cuisine could change that.

    Laura Lehman for the Win!!!
    Miss World 2017!

  2. To live up to the credo of “beauty with a purpose”, one has to be audaciously beautiful. I can see from Laura the persona of someone who is not only confident of herself, but also self-assured that she can transform beauty from being a mere noun into an action word. Again, my congratulations!

  3. I prioritize ang pag eenroll agad agad s culinary!!! Chinese and Indonesian Cusine. Deadma n s lhat ng fast tracks eklaboo n yan! D nmn mktotohanan. Mgpganda k n lng at magp-sweet kay Hulya. Tutal cya lng nman tlg ang nag iisang judge kya nga Mess World Julia Morley Cooking Show da bah?!! 😁

  4. Congratulations, Laura ! MWP did make a credible choice of crowning you to succeed Catriona. Here’s hoping that, thru you, MW can bring back the questionable credibility that it lost last year leading to the fiasco. Good luck, Laura. It will be interesting to find out how MWO plays its cards now leading to the finals. It all remains to be seen.

  5. Nagpalit man ng head, MWP still follows the winning formula in choosing a mixed filipina to represent Philippines. Kawawa si Wynwyn, kahit tumambling sa stage hindi ka mananalo kasi hindi ka mestisa #CongratsLauraLehmann for winning MWP #AllTeaNoShade

  6. Don’t like Laura but I’m not mad she won. She’s a deserving winner. Best wishes, hopefully she won’t get f*cked over by miss world like Catriona. However, seeing how Julia Morley was kissing the filipino org’s ass Laura might do well.

  7. Best of luck ! She’s a smart girl and is a good rep. Even if loses in China it doesn’t matter coz MW is not a credible pageant. It’s a jole

  8. Congrats Laura! If objective pa rin talaga ang Miss World sa pagpili ng winners, malakas talaga laban ni Laura! Haaaaays.

  9. Tumigil nga kayo wag tayong maglokohan!

    Miss World 2017 INDONESIA
    1st Princess CHINA
    2nd Princess RUSSIA

  10. she should gain more weight…she’s too skinny to the point na dry syang tingnan….

  11. After-Party pic pero wla man lang nag ayos pagkalagay ng korona sa ulo nya..we’ve seen how Pia was retouched and all right after the crowning commotion.

  12. Miss World 2017 in China or Mess World 2017 in China? Nalilito ako. Anong beauty contest magaganap sa China?

  13. To be truly beautiful is to have the willpower and competence to fight the world’s ugliness in all its forms (personal, social, economic, political) and in all battlefields (orphanages, hospitals, home-for-the-aged, slums, rehabilitation centres, refugee camps). The spokesperson of the credo of “beauty with a purpose” should therefore have excellent communication skills backed up by good academic and/ or professional credentials, and a high resolve to “get the feet wet” in some impoverished communities. I believe Laura possesses these attributes.

    • …but above it all, there is Julia Morley, the host country and the Indonesian ND 😚

      • I think if Julia likes her , everyone will follow.. unless China has a strong candidate.

      • @themisadventuresofglenn. You also forget the ties that PR had in last year’s judging panel.

        We raised no issue in 2013 because there was no Pinoy in the panel. Heck, when the beautiful Hilarie didn’t advance beyond the Top 10 or when Val failed to crack the Top 25, we raised no issue either – again because there was no Pinoy in the panel. But, when you know that you have an excellent queen who was passed over due to questionable judging especially versus who she was up against (and do I even need to bring up Miss World’s shady history of biased judging?), that’s the last straw.

        One need only look at Cat in the presence of the full MW 2016 court in the Philippines, both in motion and in videos to see what the fans mean.

      • Julia can put a bunch of ND on the judging panel for as long as she will also put an “accounting firm” who will be held accountable for the result and to which she cannot meddle also. MU uses Ernst & Young, ME uses Sycip Gorres & Velayo which is also an arm of Ernst & Young.

        Ginagamit ni Julia Yung mga hurado to absorb the blame for her wicked plan. She uses Madam Liliana to sponsor the dresses for the Top Model and knowing that there is a “word war” between PigNoys and Indognesian, it would appear as though Liliana was the culprit but underneath Julia has a hidden agenda. Thanks to social media Liliana was enlightened that leads to Indonesia not hosting the pageant. Julia’s salvation as in the past was China and previously South Africa. And evidently those two countries has no placement if they are not hosting.

        Perez Hilton freaked out when Pia was declared 1st Runner up at MU leading him to ask the other judges who they voted. But at MW no judge questioned Stephanie’s victory but how can you question a victory when there was no judging done to begin with and the winner was already pre-determined and the judges are just dummy of the show who heaven knows might have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

    • Wow it’s like superwoman on steroids.
      But I agree, Laura has got it all. She can get us the crown that barely got away last yr.

    • @ Lilliana judging,

      of course, why would there be a question when Megan was a frontrunner anyway? Natasha was not a frontrunner but was politically favored by Julia because of sponsorship. It’s just like this, “hmmm… well, im tired of judging and my hometown girl dont place?? it’s about time to do hocus pocus”… Do you guys really think the links of Hillarie & Catriona can be defeated by to Indonesians???? Are you really serious that i have to ask this? Goodness… Q&A alone they can’t beat the two how much more with beauty, poise and the whole shebang. puhlesse… When Catriona won, all indonesians are so threatened that they also predicted that Philippines is about to get another MW crown. Now? they feel superior because they have Lilliana as a judge plus Julia. We know it’s not really the whole judges but it’s JULIA alone.

      • For sure doggie will win, already written on Lola’s book, Laura will be included in Lola’s top 3, she will not totally waste our own Laura, she will not dissappoint the new Philippines franchise ,but still she will not give the blue crown, the doggies is the new Lola’s fav after onion ring..

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