27 comments on “Does Cynthia Thomalla have it in her to win Miss World Philippines 2017?

  1. I thInk Wynwyn has a good chance of winning being a GMA artist and with Willie as one of the judges.
    Laura will be in a very difficult position. Unless she comes out really stunning on coronation night , her chances will not be very good
    Still no Cynthia
    And no to Janela
    Still hoping for a Laura win knowing she’s not keen on re-joining BP. I want Wynwyn to rep us at MU MI or MGI.

  2. The crown is between Cynthia and Jona, pero kahit sino pa man rep natin, siguradong placement ang Pinas. Dahil bago ang franchisee!

  3. Ano ba talaga major criteria ng Mess world cooking show? I mean…meron nga ba talagang sinusunod?

  4. In MY mind, anyway. Said Ms. Julia Morley :

    “Second Princess is Miss… Philippines.” (Thomalla?)
    “First Princess is Miss… Poland (Magdalena Bienkowscka. YES! The “Miss Pooo-lund…” to our very own Ms. Kylie Verzosa. Miss Polski organization is sending her to Miss World 2017 for another try!)

    “And… Ms. World 2017 is…. RUSSIA!” (A win by Popova Palina is, imho, acceptable to many)


  5. My words for her: improve her communication skills first. The beauty is there already. One of the best faces in this year’s edition of MWP. But we have to keep in mind that this is Miss World. Your face value will never be a guarantee for a semifinals spot. She can never give Laura and Wynwyn a close fight for the top title IMO.

  6. i like cynthia thomalla, beautifull face nice personality

    but i do not like what they did (photoshop edit) to her hair here 😦

    pro-tip: you can not fix everything with photoshop
    sometimes you just have to discard the photo and start over 🙂

  7. She don’t have a slightest tint of Asian-ness in that photo. Put that photo side by side with a VZ or CO and she could blend easily. Mas Latina pa ichura niya kesa sa mga Amerindian from Peru or Bolivia eh.

  8. Cynthia based on beauty could definitely become a commercial succcess or maybe even a popular lead actress… But a Philippine contestant at Miss World?… Only the most well-rounded individual could surpass the achievements of our past delegates… Hence, Laura Lehman who excells not only in beauty but also in media, academics, sports & philantrophy desserves to represent our country at Miss World.

  9. My beloved queen, u can do it my queen, I believe in you. I was right with my with Queen Rachel and I also have a strong feeling that my queen Cynthia will take home the crown. If any malakas ang laban ng pinas this year sa international pageant, well Queen Rachel obviously is the girl to beat sa miss universe so as Queen Cynthia kung siya ang isasabak sa miss world. Enough said.

  10. nagagandahan ako sa kanya sa mga pics nya. she looks like princess to me. pang miss millennial ang beauty nya. we need a queen and not a princess. pero ma queenly lang nila ng style at make up nya sa finals cge ibigay na sa kanya ang mwp crown. basta ba ramdam ung puso nya when she opens her mouth during Q&A.
    By the way. Apriel smith will compete in Miss Cebu 2017. you will be amazed in her transformation. saw her pic posted by norman. shes more than ready for bbp. saw her reply sa isang commentor sa fb page ni norman. she will join bbp soon!!! 😍

  11. Cynthia vs. laura for mwp but for what mw is looking i think cythia’s overall package is what mw is looking yung mata na nangungusap tapos gandang may class yung freshness ang aura.

  12. the photoshop is quite obvious. we all know she is pretty just as we know that she is petite.

  13. She looks like a Barbie doll in this photo. Glamorous and mesmerizing indeed. Good luck, Thia, in your MWP 2017 journey 🙂

  14. Sir Norman, does Cynthia speak Spanish? If she does bagay din sa kanya ipadala sa HispanoAmerica pageant. Super pretty ang fizlak ni Gabriella pero yong body nya medyo bulky.

    • Gabriela should be the only option to Hispano America . She’s natural beauty smart & speaks several languages including fluency in Spanish which would be extremely important for the first Filipina to compete in that pageant , it would be an epic blunder if the judges to overlooked her.

      Cynthia should be sent to miss world , however this is not cory’s miss world ph we’re we always basically knew who was gonna win, the franchise might as well be a whole new approach
      The other 2 frontrunners Laura & wynwyn are both polished and have the hype backing them so anything can happen…But Cynthia & Gabriela seem be to beautiful inside out.not just skin deep Beauty with purpose diba

    • I’m afraid she doesn’t speak Spanish. Only Gabriela (fluently) and Laura (conversationally) can speak the language.

      • I’m wondering why is Gabriela having a hard time losing weight? I mean, don’t get me wrong.. she looks.. hmm bulky? big? voluptuous? this is her 2nd pageant na, sana naghanda din siya. if she’ll be sent to Reina… lalamunin siya ng mga katawan ng latina.

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